As we enter October, on the very first day three planets transit into their respective next sidereal zodiac sign. Mars enters in sidereal Libra, Mercury in sidereal Virgo and Venus in sidereal Leo.  Because they all enter in the next successive sidereal zodiac sign at the same time, it’s an important planetary event. And the energy of which will be felt by most of us in our personal lives.  Depending on the natal ninefold (Navamansa) ascendant, strength of the planet in the natal chart, and if the planet is active in the transit (Gochar) chart, the energy of that planet will be reflected in the events that unfold as we navigate through October. 

For instance, if Mars is favorable in your natal chart and currently active, and is transiting through the 10th house of your transit chart, it’s going to be a very successful month for you at the work place or in your profession or career.  Similarly the outcomes of energy of Venus and Mercury can be felt depending on their placements in natal chart, active or not in the transit chart, and favorability of the house they transit through.

As a result, for most of us, the month of October is certainly going to be very eventful and perhaps memorable.  For few of us it’s going to be spectacularly rewarding or painfully challenging; and for most of us a noticeable mix of simultaneously challenging and rewarding.

Collectively the most important planetary event for October is the annular solar eclipse (ring of fire) that occurs on October 14. It will be visible in the North, Central and South America.  On world scene, North, Central and South America may experience undesirable happenings during 4 to 6 week period following the eclipse.

On personal level, according to Vedic astrology, this eclipse is likely to be unfavorable for those who have sidereal Libra rising or Libra as moon sign. 

Venus, after turning direct in September, hasn’t yet reached her average speed. Therefore, for those who are affected by the energy of Venus through their transit charts may have to wait till October 20.  Last couple of months, it has been reiterated in this column, that — “It also means the entertainment industry personnel (Hollywood) such as actors, screen writers, directors, producers, etc. may see their strike extended through October 20”.  As it turned out, few days ago the writers/actors etc., has reached agreement with their counterpart industry giants to settle the strike.  It is expected that in next few weeks everybody will go back to work and restore the shows and movie productions.

As far as slow moving planets are concerned, most of them (Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter) are retrograde.  As a result, it’s a period of churning, turmoil, stepping back, introspection and change in all aspect of our personal life but also collective life.  The collective life includes world affairs, politics (high probability of government shutdown in the United States), media industries, religions, war and warlike climate and mass communications. For republican politicians and the Republican Party, October may prove to be very trying and difficult. . … Continue Reading.


Astro Insight provides individuals with useful information relevant to their lives based on the inferential based scientific method of Vedic astrology. It requires the individual’s birthplace, birth date, and birth time. From this data the planetary configuration at the time of his birth in the space surrounding his birthplace is determined and interpreted. If the birth information is unknown, Astro Insight can still help the individual with answer to his specific question by studying the planetary configuration corresponding to the time the individual consults Astro Insight.

The following highlights the type of information you receive from Astro Insight:

Almost any question concerning your life can be asked, including questions like: personality, education, profession, career, business, money-matters, real estate, relationships, romance, marriage, family-life, children, travel, good times, spiritual trends and religious activities. Since Astro Insight believes in providing you with the useful information, it will not deal with questions regarding death, gambling pertaining to stock market, lottery, and race predictions.

 Astro Insight can make you aware of areas that you probably haven’t explored or not explored enough to your advantage in fulfilling your life goals. Pursuing these new avenues can lead to the added rewards and meaning to your life.

If you are faced with a situation that forces you to make a decision, Astro Insight can help. It can layout all your options and their probabilities of success with respect to the timing of your decision. Of course, it is always you who makes the decision.

Astro Insight offers you with the information that can lead to a better understanding of your potentials and limitations, and how you can make both work for you. It improves your chances of making the best life choices and setting the right life goals.

Since this service deals with your personal life, a complete confidentiality is strictly maintained. Unless a third party involvement is insisted, the information provided will always be one-on-one basis.

If enough people are interested, Astro Insight will offer a course in the Vedic astrology that consists of about eighty hours of instruction time.

Jagdish C. Maheshri

Jagdish C. Maheshri, Ph.D. is a chemical engineer who has been pursuing his interest in astrology in general, and Vedic astrology in particular since 1966. He has analyzed and interpreted thousands of charts and has been researching astrology as a science for nearly forty five years. He discovered a method by which he can accurately time a prediction, the unique Ninefold Progression technique, which can be applied to both the natal and progressive horoscope charts of an individual. He has explained the technique and its application in detail in his book, “It’s all in Timing”.

He believes that the very nature in which astrology affects an individual has kept it from being universally accepted. Because it is very easy for a normal individual to become overwhelmed with astrology to the extent that the individual loses control of his or her life by literally becoming a slave of astrology. But when used as guidance, astrology becomes a blessing. It allows a person to enrich and enhance his life by helping uncover his hidden talents and abilities, it further helps him discover who he or she is, and even helps provide meaning to life.

As a professional astrologer with over forty years of practice, he has convincingly explained the nature of rapid evolutionary human growth, especially in the area of technical fields in last couple of centuries through the influence of planetary motions on our collective human conscious.

According to him, astrology never solves your problems. It’s you who solve them! But you can benefit from astrology when you consider it as a means of personal guidance, a source of second opinion, or a way of confirming things that you already have some idea about. It certainly can be treated as a science of preventive maintenance through the insight it provides us to understand our weaknesses, strengths, capabilities and limitations; and the dynamic nature of our life. Having some guidance about our natural aptitudes, capabilities, and limitations, astrology certainly provides an opportunity to improve our chances of making best life choices and set right life goals. With the help of knowledge of favorable as well as not-so-favorable periods an individual can use that knowledge to his or her advantage to achieve most in life.

Since 2010 Mr. Maheshri has been serving as NCGR Research Director. He is a practicing contemporary Vedic astrologer. He has published and presented papers at Baltimore and Philadelphia NCGR conferences on earthquake models. In 2012 he spoke at the United Astrology Conference. Recently he spoke at the Oriental Heritage conference in New Delhi and won the outstanding global astrologer award. He is a recipient of Catherine & Ernest 2016 research grant. He teaches (online) Vedic astrology, authored several articles, appeared on radio shows, and hosts this website. His current research interests include natural and man-made calamities, political global events, world economical expansion, and spiritual human evolution.

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