2012 US Presidential Election Prediction

Date Posted: August 31, 2012 

Based on information obtained from his birth certificate, President Obama’s birth details are:

President Barack Obama

Birth Date: August 4, 1961
Birth Time: 7:24 PM (AHST)
Birth Place: Honolulu, Hawaii  (21.31N; 157.8W)

And birth details for Governor Romney are:

Governor Romney

Birth Date: March 12, 1947
Birth Time: 9:51 AM (EST)
Birth Place: Detroit, MI (42.31N; 83.03W)

This analysis is based on the sidereal (fixed) zodiac system with Placidus house division, and the method of interpretation is mostly according to Vedic astrology.

Incumbent President Barack Obama  

President Barack Obama was born under Capricorn ascendant (rising sign). In his natal chart he has an exalted Taurus Moon in the fourth house (the house of success, mother, home and family life), and Saturn, being in Capricorn, rules the first house.  However, Saturn also occupies the twelfth house, the house of separation and migration. This is reflected in two facts:  his fortune is not at the place of his birth but far away from it, and in his childhood his family (his mother- the fourth house exalted Moon) moved to Indonesia where he lived for a few years. Jupiter joins Saturn in Capricorn and the twelfth house. Being retrograde at the time of his birth, Jupiter becomes exalted in Capricorn.  The brilliance of an exalted Jupiter is further strengthened by transmission of Jupiter’s power of knowledge to the oratory Mercury in the sixth house.  The presence of both Jupiter and Saturn in the twelfth house provides President Obama life experiences that will transform him into a spiritual and philosophical person later in his life. His two lovely daughters and his wife Michelle are the manifestation of Venus in the fifth house (the house of children) and the exalted Moon (the ruler of the 7th house – the house of spouse) in the fourth house, respectively.  

President Obama’s Sidereal Natal Chart

Against the backdrop of a wonderful, family-oriented, private, and academic type of personality, Senator Obama’s birth chart clearly shows a presence of another force that propels him toward public life.  This force is the manifestation of four major planets in the seventh house of his natal chart: Uranus, Rahu (North lunar node), Pluto, and Mars. All four planets are malefic and occupy the sidereal zodiac sign Leo.  Typically, malefic planets in the seventh house indicate challenges when it comes to dealing with one’s superiors, one’s spouse, and large groups of people (the “masses”).  However, in President Obama’s ninefold natal chart, all of these planets occupy prominent and auspicious houses.  

President Obama’s Ninefold Natal Chart 

This placement seems to provide him with the creative energy necessary to overcome the usual challenges associated with malefic planets in the seventh house.  In addition, Pluto occupies the first, Mars the fifth, Uranus the ninth, and Rahu the tenth house in his ninefold natal chart.  Pluto is the planet of transformation and change. In Obama’s case, not only has his personality been evolving, but this personality also serves as a vehicle for Pluto’s transforming energy. This will manifest itself in the transformation of society, nations, and the world.  Along with Pluto, the warrior Mars, and diplomatic and shrewd Uranus form trines in the ninefold natal chart while the Karmic Rahu is positioned in the tenth house to deliver the results for Pluto’s evolutionary transformation.  Also, note that his ninefold natal ascendant is Leo—the sign in which all these planets reside in the seventh house of his natal chart. This is why Senator Obama’s chart confirms that this man has the potential to become the leader of the most powerful country in the world. And indeed he did become the President of the USA by winning the 2008 election.

Governor Mitt Romney  

Governor Romney was born under Taurus ascendant (rising sign). Taurus signifies a hardworking, self-centered person with the only goal of amassing wealth and enjoying a material life. The ascendant ruler Capricorn Venus, a very auspicious planet (being the ruler of the first house only) for this chart, in the tenth house, positively aspected by the sixth house benefic Jupiter seems to confirm his outstanding professional success as a businessman as well as a politician.  The conjunction of Scorpio resident Jupiter and Moon in the sixth house is extremely powerful from the standpoint of both professional achievement and strong family background. The second, third and the sixth house ruler Aquarius Mercury in the 11th house, the house of fame, prestige, success and success in dealing with the masses, joins the 5th house ruler Aquarius Sun and the 7th house ruler Aquarius Mars in the 11th house to insure strong bonds between Governer Romney and his children, wife, siblings, and parents.

Governor Romney’s sidereal natal chart

Finally, the placement of the lunar nodes Rahu (the north node) and Ketu (the south node) along the first and the seventh house axis (Rahu being the first and Ketu being in the seventh) in Romney’s natal chart indicates that electoral success may require more than one attempt. This is clearly reflected in his unsuccessful pursuit of the GOP nomination in 2008.

Governor Romney’s  Ninefold Natal Chart 

Interestingly, the incumbent President Obama and Governor Romney share some important  planetary combinations in their ninefold natal birth charts. Pluto, the planet of politics and transformation, is the key in determining success in a political career. President Obama has Pluto in the first house while Governor Romney has Pluto in the 10th house. In both cases Pluto opposes Neptune in their respective ninefold natal birth charts.

On the evening of election day (November 6), the planet influencing President Obama (as highlighted in red in his progressive chart on that day) is Mercury (the operating planet). Note that in his natal chart Mercury opposes Jupiter, and therefore receives Jupiter’s power of knowledge. On the evening of election day, Mercury will be in the fourth house in Obama’s progressive chart and in the third house in his ninefold progressive chart (not shown). While the fourth house Mercury in his progressive chart is positive for achieving success, the third house Mercury in the ninefold progressive chart is not.  Besides the operating planet Mercury, his auspicious planets (based on his natal chart) Saturn and Venus are respectively favorably placed in the third and the second house of his progressive chart and fifth and the eleventh house of his ninefold progressive chart.

President Obama’a Progressive Chart

(Operating planets are highlighted in red)

For Governor Romney, three planets are operating on the evening of election day (highlighted in red in the progressive chart for that day): Pluto (tenth house), Mercury (ninth house) and Sun (eight house)  In the corresponding ninefold progressive chart (not shown) Pluto is in the sixth, Mercury in the eighth, and Sun in the second house.  Thus, while Pluto is favorably placed on the election day, Mercury is neutral and Sun is unfavorable. Besides the operating planets, his auspicious planets (based on his natal chart) are Venus, Moon and Sun.  While Venus and Moon are respectively favorably placed in the seventh and the fifth house of his progressive chart and fourth and the eleventh house of his ninefold progressive chart, Sun is unfavorably placed in the 8th house.

Governor Romney’s Progressive Chart

(Operating planets are highlighted in red)


The natal charts of each candidate are remarkably similar in strength, but in a head-to-head comparison President Obama’s chart seems to have a slight edge over that of Governor Romney’s chart. This is because President Obama has a cardinal (Capricorn) rising sign and Leo as the ninefold natal ascendant; while Governor Romney has a non-cardinal (Taurus) rising sign and Pisces as the ninefold natal ascendant.  

In their election eve progressive charts President Obama again has a slight edge over Governor Romney because of the unfavorable position of the Sun in Romney’s progressive chart.  

Now let us compare each candidate’s planetary transits on election day.  

On election day transiting Mercury trines Obama’s natal Mercury; transiting Uranus trines his natal Mercury, and the transiting Saturn squares his natal Mercury. What does this mean?

Because Mercury is Obama’s operating planet and both the transiting Mercury and Uranus auspiciously aspect his natal Mercury with trine, Mercury’s position is strengthened in the area of politics. However, the transiting Saturn’s square with Obama’s natal Mercury is not favorable.  

For Governor Romney, Pluto, Sun and Mercury are the (operating) planets likely to influence the Governor on election night. The transiting Pluto unfavorably quincunxes his natal Rahu (Rahu being in the first house of his natal chart) and favorably sextiles natal Mars. The transiting Mercury favorably trines natal Saturn.  

Thus from planetary transit standpoint, none of them has a solid edge over the other. No wonder this race is going to be very close.  

Despite a close race, I wouldn’t be surprised if President Obama ekes out a narrow victory over Governor Romney as overall progressive charts on the election day favor President Obama.  However, I must add that Mercury becomes retrograde in sidereal Scorpio on Nov. 7 and stays retrograde until Nov. 27.  In the event the election outcome is not finalized by election night (a good possibility due to the influence of stationary Mercury), the outcome could remain uncertain until Nov. 27, 2012.