Astrology has been around for a long, long time.  During the ancient period of Greek and Indian civilizations it was extremely popular.  Astrologers were well respected.  Today astrology doesn’t quite enjoy that status for a variety of reasons.  For one, with the advent of scientific progress and development over the last several centuries, for any science to survive, its basis must be tested and verified.  Astrology, unfortunately, over these years has been neglected as a thing of the past and labeled as a satanic practice.  Apparently it is perceived as a negative force that causes one to lose control over his life.  As a result, it has primarily remained in the hands of those who are unable to treat and respect it as a science.  It never had a chance to bloom, and to further develop based on research.  Thus, mostly it remains mired in skepticism with its orthodoxy tinged.  So it’s not surprising that the popularity of astrology has become limited to just a passing interest, and at least on the surface, it has been ridiculed and made fun of, perhaps by the very people who are dying to know what lies ahead in their future.

In my opinion, one of the biggest obstacles keeping astrology from universal acceptance is its very nature of affecting an individual. Assuming it is reasonably perfected as a science for making future predictions, it is very easy for a normal individual to become overwhelmed with it to the extent that the individual loses control of his (or her) life by literally becoming a slave of astrology.

But if the very same individual looks at astrology as a guide or means to understand unique happenings surrounding him in his life, astrology becomes a blessing. It allows a person to enrich and enhance his life by helping uncover his hidden talents and abilities, it further helps him discover who he or she is, and even helps provide meaning to life.


It’s my belief that you can benefit from astrology only when you consider it as a means of personal guidance, a source of second opinion, or a way of confirming things that you already had planned. Do not ever let astrology control your life.

Astro Insight provides answers to almost any question that you might have based on astrology. It provides individuals with useful information relevant to their lives based on the scientific method of Astrology. It requires the individual’s birthplace, birth date, and birth time. From this data the planetary configuration at the time of his (or her) birth in the space surrounding his (or her) birthplace is determined and scientifically interpreted.

If the birth time is unknown, Astro Insight can still help the individual with answer to his (or her) specific question by studying the planetary configuration corresponding to the time the individual consults Astro Insight.

Almost any question concerning your life can be asked, including questions like: personality, education, profession, career, business, money-matters, real estate, relationships, romance, marriage, family-life, children, travel, good times, spiritual trends and religious activities. Since Astro Insight believes in providing you with the useful information, it will not deal with questions regarding death.

Astro Insight can help you in following ways:

Explore Your Hidden Talents: Astro Insight can make you aware of areas that you probably haven’t explored or not explored enough to your advantage in fulfilling your life goals. Pursuing these new avenues can lead to the added rewards and meaning to your life.

Make Better Decisions: If you are faced with a situation that forces you to make a decision, Astro Insight can help. For you it lays out all your options and their probabilities of success with respect to the timing of your decision. Of course, it is always you who make the decision.

Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses: Astro Insight offers you with the information that can lead to a better understanding of your potentials and limitations, and how you can make both work for you. It improves your chances of making the best life choices and setting the right life goals.

Be assured of complete confidentiality. Since this service deals with your personal life, a complete confidentiality is strictly maintained. Unless a third party involvement is insisted, the information provided will always be provided with one-on-one basis.

Of course you can! If enough people are interested, Astro Insight can offer a course in the eastern based Vedic astrology that consists of about fifty hours of instruction time.

Eastern based system of astrology uses fixed zodiac (sidereal zodiac), and therefore, in relation to position of a star the zodiac positions are fixed.

In the Western based system, the zodiac moves according to precession of equinoxes caused due to wobbling of the earth’s polar axis. As a result, the equinoxes and zodiac move. Thus, once about every 72 years, the zero degree of Aries shifts by one degree with respect to a fixed star. The Western based zodiac is also referred as tropical zodiac.

The difference between both systems is the starting point of zodiac. Currently western zodiac is ahead of the eastern zodiac by about 23 degrees and 45 minutes. That’s why the sun sign Aries as per western system corresponds to March 21 through April 21 time period while as per eastern system the same corresponds to the time period of April 15 through May 15.

The basis for astrological predictions for an individual is the particular configuration of the planets as viewed from his (or her) birthplace at the time of his (or her) birth. The form (or format) in which the planetary positions in the space surrounding the place at the time of birth presented is called a horoscope or a birth chart.

There are different types of formats in use today to describe the planetary positions at a particular time in the space surrounding the place where a person is born. But they all convey the same basic information on which an astrologer bases his predictions.

Incidentally, the meaning of the term “horoscope”, as it is being used today, is misleading. For example, the “horoscope” we read in paper today doesn’t mean anything that I just described. What we read in paper today in the horoscope column is a very general prediction provided by an astrologer for all zodiac signs; each corresponding to the zodiac sign occupied by the Sun at the time of birth based on the moving zodiac system. In other countries, particularly in South East Asia, where the fixed zodiac system is popular, the similar predictions are based on the zodiac signs either occupied by the Sun or the Moon (the latter being more popular) at the time of birth. However, regardless of the zodiac system used, it is important to recognize that these predictions are based on the effects of only one planet (either the Sun or the Moon) while the effects of other planets totally ignored. As a result, it’s not surprising that most of the times these columns become the targets of fun and ridicule as they are inadequate in delivering the individual predictions. In other words, you can’t divide the whole world’s population in twelve groups and successfully impose the twelve different predictions on them based solely on the Sun or Moon’s position in their birth charts. for sale in usa high-performance steel ring are positioned between crystal clear glass along with the event returning cover up.exact provides different things in line with customers’ unique demands.absolutely free as well as simple is almost certainly cheap approach.high quality patek philippe rolex replicas podróbki rolex for many years.fake watch for sale servers that modern society about objectives. reddit has always been the most loyal representative of excellence in quality.nowadays replica thom browne that once was meant to just tell you the exact time is your friend helping to express your taste and personality.