Neptune: Deception or Reality?

May 31, 2009

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were discovered in last few centuries–in the 18th century, Uranus, in the 19th century, Neptune, and in the 20th century, Pluto. Dane Rudhyar calls them ambassadors of the Galaxy. They act as catalysts for transmitting the influence of the cosmic power from beyond our solar system. In light of a dramatic increase in the speed of human evolution in last few centuries, these planets represent the process of repolarization and universalization of consciousness. As a result, human beings have become increasingly receptive and ready for experiencing the cosmic energies. These planets may be considered as “transformers” for the release of intense cosmic energies for human beings to receive. Before their discovery they represented latent possibilities of transforming human consciousness, but after their discovery they have become an integral part of the human consciousness. With the awareness of their existence, their influence on the humanity as a whole has become so pronounced that it resulted in the accelerated growth of human evolution as well as of our collective mind.

Following is a list of adjectives and nouns that, in general, describe characteristics of Neptune

Divine, intuitive, dreamy, psychic, magical, extremely sensitive, highly emotional, moody, mentally weak, clairvoyant, spirit, inspirational, imaginative, secretive,  cynical, quiet, nervous, possessed, compassionate, inexpressive, feminine, worrisome, lazy, dramatic

Spiritual experiences, hypnotism, mesmerism, misunderstanding, confusion, illusion, fear, unconditional love, non-attachment

Drugs, poison, gas plants, aviation, voyages by sea, water, liquor, fisheries, modern hospitals, asylums, sanitariums, prisons, chemical plants, modern ammunitions, modern art, miracles

Insanity, mental disorder, leprosy, allergy

Magicians, astrologers, psychics, spiritual teachers, contemporary philosophers, poets, musicians, artist, singers, spies, writers, socialists

It must be recognized that what follows is very general information about Neptune in a natal chart and should only be considered as a starting point for analyzing a chart. Consideration of disposition of all other planets with respect to the houses and the zodiac signs and their inter-relationships through mutual aspects and angles are essential before arriving at a final conclusion.  

Also, in what follows, unless it is explicitly stated, the reference to the masculine gender also includes the feminine gender;  for example the reference to “he” and “him”, also implicitly include “she” and “her”.

 House Disposition

First House:    Neptune in the first house makes the person extremely sensitive to his surroundings and emotions.  His physical appearance is very fragile.  He always seems nervous, and is likely to be a pessimist.  But he tends to become a source of inspiration for others due to his powerful inner strength.  He is likely to be a dreamy but he is usually closer to reality than a normal person can be.  In the company of unfavorable planets like Mars, Saturn, or Rahu in the first house he is likely to become weak by inflicting himself with a mental disease.  

Second House: The person is likely to get in a deep financial trouble since Neptune is a worst planet for handling finance. He may assume undue responsibilities and cause financial problems to others.  

Third House:  Neptune in this house makes the person more inclined to spiritual and mystical matters.  He has a wonderful gift of imagination, inspiration, and intuition.  He is extremely sensitive and compassionate.  With Mercury in the third house, his mental faculties become extraordinarily powerful. Neptune enhances the positive qualities of the third house Venus, Mercury, or Moon to an unimaginable level. With unfavorable planets (like Mars, Rahu, or Ketu) in the third house he becomes mentally very weak.  Neptune is also responsible for long travel, and visit or migration to far away places.    

Fourth House:: The fourth house Neptune tends to cause concerns, misunderstanding and anxieties in family matters.  In general, Neptune is favorable to this house only when it is in      conjunction with either Moon, Jupiter or Venus.

Fifth House:   The fifth house Neptune blesses the person with the gift of intuition, divine power, and the extra sensory perception.  As a result, he can feel the events before they happen.  He is very likely to have spiritual experiences in life.  He has a potential of becoming a successful magician, and an expert in hypnotism and mystical power. Spiritually he is already advanced.  He has a very fertile imagination.  With Venus in the fifth house he is likely to make a great deal of progress in the areas of art, music, literature, and writing.  Feelings of Neptune are not of material world but of spiritual world.  This is a very important distinction between Neptune and Venus. Venetian love requires other person (or body) to participate in the process; but Neptunian love doesn’t need the presence of other person.  Neptunian feelings are extreme and real!  With Mercury in the fifth house, he may have a sharpest mind and uncanny ability to solve any mind boggling mystery;  while with Moon in the fifth house, he is likely to achieve the extraordinarily awake state, the ultimate of the spiritual world. 

Sixth House:   Neptune in the sixth house makes a perfectly normal person unnecessarily worry about his health.  Usually such people are scared of any disease.  Along with Moon in the sixth house, Neptune makes matter worse by making the person mentally extremely weak and unsteady.  Also, it could cause the person a neuro-disorder and insomnia.  He is likely to suffer from betrayal and deceit. 

Seventh House: Not a good situation from marriage standpoint!  The person is likely to have a rough and bumpy ride in his married life.  Even at the time of his wedding, Neptune puts its mark with some strange happening.  Based on the study of a several horoscopes, I noticed that Neptune alone in the seventh house in a fire sign doesn’t quite promise marriage.  But in a water sign with a favorable influence from either Venus, Jupiter, or Moon, he is likely to have a normal happy marriage. 

Eighth House: Neptune in the eighth house may create a situation of a mysterious death or disappearance.  In association with an evil planet in the eighth house, out of desperation, the person may try to kill himself.   By mistake he may poison himself. Financially he needs to watch out for unexpected and sudden losses. 

Ninth House:  This is probably the most ideal house to have Neptune in.  The auspicious ninth house Neptune elevates the person’s spiritual capabilities to a very high level.  His dreams are lively and meaningful.  His senses are extremely aware, and his intuition power is at its best.  He travels around the world, visits many places, and meets a lot of people.  With an unfavorable planet in the ninth house he becomes a fake. 

Tenth House:  The person changes his job very frequently.  He moves a lot too!. Generally, he is likely to be a lazy and coward.  With Venus in the tenth house he should consider pursuing a career as a magician, a psychiatric, or a psychic.  In association with  Saturn or Mars in the tenth house, he is likely to lose big in his business, experience a downfall in his profession, or have to deal with social scandals and political setbacks. 

Eleventh House: This Neptune causes unnecessary delays in financial matters that mostly result in a loss.  The person is likely to have overconfidence in his friends who would cheat on him.  He tends to surround himself with wrong people. 

Twelfth House:  The twelfth house Neptune makes one worrisome, mentally tensed, and nervous. The person is very likely to be a pessimist.  He is likely to work for or deal with a spy agency or social institution. In conjunction with Mars he is likely to experience unnecessary situations in his life that are totally uncalled for.  Physical abuse, being framed for a crime he didn’t commit, fine, and prison confinement are a few possibilities.  With Saturn in the twelfth house, the situation is likely to stay the same with one exception.   If that Saturn receives a favorable support from Jupiter; he is likely to experience a remarkable spiritual progress in his life.  Also, he is likely to become a philosopher, or a humanist.

Zodiac Sign Disposition

Aries:           Emotional, sensitive, energetic, mystical experiences, sympathetic. When afflicted– dangerous, murderous,  sadist, terrorist.

Taurus:        Kind, affectionate, savings, enjoys nature, acquires real estate property. When afflicted–disappointment in married life, enemies, cheating, tragedy.

Gemini:        Extraordinary intelligence, intuition, visionary, logical, inspirational, ingenuity, loves to travel, mechanic, mathematician.  If afflicted–vacillation, indecisive, restless, fraud, cheat.

Cancer:       Kind, sympathetic, affectionate, intuitive, fond of happy domestic environment, spiritual.  If afflicted–fearful and weak.

Leo:             Active sense and powerful feelings, loves company, fond of society, magnanimous, educational pursuit, artist, poet.  When afflicted–disappointment in love affairs, coward, fickle-minded, unreliable.

Virgo:          Very intelligent, intuition, inspiration, devotional, spiritual, clerk, nurse, engineer,  mathematician, accountant, medicine, public health. If afflicted–overly emotional, always under delusion that they have some health issues when they are perfectly normal.

Libra:           Spiritual, musician, arts, painting. dance, poetry, enjoys life, fertile imagination, charming, attracted by opposite sex.  When afflicted–never law abiding, illegitimate relationships, unreliable.

Scorpio:      Extreme emotions and feelings. Energetic, enthusiastic, scientific, research in occult sciences. When afflicted–alcoholic, drugs

Sagittarius:   Devotion, inspiration, spiritual, visions, long travel, physic experiences, clairvoyance. If afflicted–restless, fake, overly egoistic.

Capricorn:    Contemplation, businessman, serious, problem solver, naturally inclined towards mysticism and occult, researcher, psychic, interest in arts and music.  When not properly placed–failure, loss of money, frustration.

Aquarius:     Intuitive, perceptive, optimist, idealist, sympathetic, intelligent, good friends.  When afflicted–loss, discredit, disgrace, difficulty, and disappointments.

Pisces:         Natural thinker, fertile imagination, inspirational faculty, deep interest in mysticism and paranormal things, universal brotherhood, and very spiritual. When afflicted–secret enemies, fraud, deception, possessed, imprisoned, asylum, drugs and alcohol.