Righteous and Eternally Optimistic Jupiter

April 5, 2014

While Mercury is curious about learning, Jupiter is always about acquiring knowledge and becoming an expert and authority in the field of his interest. In addition to acquiring knowledge, Jupiter loves to share it with others.  In that sense Jupiter is truly a teacher or Guru. Another important characteristic of Jupiter is righteousness. When one does the right thing (both ethically and morally) that’s the working of Jupiter. Remember the saying, “Good always (or eventually) triumphs over Evil”, that’s Jupiter’s doing!  Thus Jupiter means optimism.  Jupiter’s philosophy of life: “if you hang in there long enough you will always achieve what you desire.” Jupiter never gives up, Jupiter’s optimism is eternal.

Jupiter is the largest planet of our solar system.  It completes its orbit around the Sun approximately once every 12 years. 

Jupiter is law abiding, moral and ethical. Jupiter is a philosopher as well as philanthropist. Being a broad and fair-minded Jupiter makes an excellent judge.  Jupiter is a planet of expansion, loves to indulge in food, and the tendency of becoming an overweight person may be attributed to ill-placed Jupiter in the person’s chart. Jupiter means material progress. The economic growth and expansion of wealth both at individual and collective level are the unique Jupiterian characteristics that reflect material progress.

Because Jupiter loves to teach and share his knowledge and experience, the advisors, counselors, writers, professors, scientists, reformers, philosophers and philanthropists are likely to have a well placed Jupiter in their natal charts. When it comes to fairness no planet is more important than Jupiter.  Being a planet of expansion in nature, it showers an individual with material prosperity. However, Jupiter is truly a non-materialistic person who never goes after material things. But because Jupiter always wishes well to everybody, material things chase Jupiter (the law of attractions). Jupiterian can be a monk or an industrialist, and it does so much for others.

Among the twelve zodiac signs Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces.  Jupiter becomes exalted in Cancer and weak in Capricorn. While the fire and water signs are far more suitable for  Jupiter than others, being a naturally benefic planet, it always bestows positive results and blessings to individuals regardless of the zodiac sign it resides in. Among the planets, in general, his friends are Sun, Moon and Mars. Because Jupiter tends to be a righteous in nature, Mercury, Venus, Rahu and Ketu are usually incompatible with Jupiter’s righteousness and Saturn tends to be neutral. Of course, depending on the placing in the birth chart (especially the interaction between the planets through their respective house dispositions) even a naturally incompatible planet can become friendly with Jupiter. Among the modern planets depending on the placing of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto they can be either complementary or opposites. Yellow is Jupiter’s color, and it rules Thursdays.  For those who have dominant and positive Jupiter in their birth charts are likely to experience more positive things happening in their lives on Thursdays, and yellow is their lucky color. Jupiter’s stone is yellow sapphire.

Following is a list of adjectives and nouns that describe the Jupiter’s characteristics:

Masculine, modest, righteous, just, noble, honest, sincere, law abiding, moral, virtuous, progressive, prosperous, peace loving, respected, generous, optimist, auspicious, religious, unselfish, happy, spiritual, self esteemed, quiet

Good conduct, reputation, faith, high ideals, wisdom, knowledge, education, teaching, philosophy, long term perspective, expansion  

Schools, colleges, universities, educational institutes, research institutes, charitable nonprofit institutions, temples, churches, mosques, synagogues, courts, assembly halls  

Preacher, religious leader, teacher, student, a true learner, professor, philosopher, novelist, guru  

Wealth, money, fortune, social prestige, fame, popularity, recognition, success, respect, family life, happiness from children  

Thursdays, yellow color, body fat   

When poorly placed either due to association with unfavorable planets or disposition in an adverse zodiac sign or in an detrimental house in the birth chart the darker side of Jupiter may get displayed with the following qualities: overly liberal, extravagant, carelessness, false prestige, overly optimistic, fake, phony and cheater.

Influence of Jupiter due to House Disposition    

By occupying a certain house in his or her natal chart, the influence of Jupiter on an individual is summarized below.  However, it must be remembered that a specific inference and subsequent astrological interpretation will depend on several other factors such as disposition of other planets with respect to Jupiter, and their relationship among each other through house ownership and aspects.

First House:    Typical characteristics of a person with Jupiter in the first house of his natal chart are:  happy, optimist, matured, quiet, law abiding, social, sportsman, and generous. He may look a bit chubby, and is likely to have prominent two middle teeth.  He has an analytical mind; he is self confident, and a good judge of character. He is lucky, and popularity and fame follow him.  He may be a linguist.

Second House: The second house Jupiter generally indicates the person was born in a large and a well to do family.  Continuous flux of incoming money virtually assures a sound financial condition in his life.  He may have a tendency to overeat.  

Third House:  The person is loving and caring.  He is studious, loves reading, and usually receives a good education.  

Fourth House:  General tendency for this Jupiter is to create and maintain happy surroundings against all odds.  He generally has a good family life.  He is likely to be closely attached to his mother. 

Fifth House:    This is a good house to have Jupiter in.  With analytical and research mind, the person has a little trouble finishing higher education.  Being a scholar and linguist, his natural inclination is to pursue a career in the field of education. Professors, teachers, linguists, scientist, psychologists, philosophers, writers, and editors probably has Jupiter in the fifth house of their natal charts or some connection between the tenth and fifth house through Jupiter.   

Sixth House:   Jupiter in the sixth house is not exactly well placed except that it supports tenth house, the house of profession, and provides the person with the professional and financial stability.  Also, from a financial standpoint, the sixth house Jupiter is positive for the maternal uncle and his family.  On the down side, the sixth house Jupiter may cause him frequent indigestion. With Mars in the sixth house, he is likely to have stomach related surgical operation.  He may become an anemic.

Seventh House: The seventh house Jupiter is good for marriage and financial stability.

Eighth House: Jupiter in the eighth house is supposed to indicate that the person will have a financial windfall at least a few times in his life.  However, in my opinion, that can only happen when the fifth and eleventh houses are unaffected by the malicious planets.  In addition, the placing of Venus and Moon in the natal chart must strengthen Jupiter’s position.

Ninth House:  This is an excellent house for realizing all good things that Jupiter can offer.     By definition, the person is lucky!  He will earn respect and reputation through his deeds.  He is intelligent, has a craving for knowledge, and is likely to achieve a high position in the field of education.  He is a self starter.  He is very likely to be interested in religion and spiritual matters. He is brilliant.  He may become a writer, a philosopher, or a social or political figure. 

Tenth House: Tenth house Jupiter means a person’s work place is more likely to be in schools, colleges, universities, religious institutes, or educational departments.  He may be a teacher, a professor, a preacher, or the like.  He has a social prestige; and being famous and likable he is well respected in the society. 

Eleventh House: The person is a true friend, a perfect gentleman, honest, loving, and amiable.  He is very social and well respected.  He is wealthy.  He probably realizes most of his wishes in his life.

Twelfth House: Twelfth house Jupiter provides a good foundation for spiritual life.  The person is least interested in acquiring material possessions. He is very kind, loving, human, forgiving, and generous.  He seeks knowledge to understand life and to be free from the life drudgeries.  He is probably a philosopher, a hermit, and lives a very austere life.

Influence of Jupiter due to zodiac sign disposition

While Jupiter enjoys being in the Fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) or the Water (cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) signs, it certainly becomes a bit uncomfortable in the Earth (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) signs.  As mentioned earlier, it rules Sagittarius (fire) and Pisces (water), and it becomes exalted in Cancer.  The following is a brief description, which includes how a person’s unique quality of presenting to others and being understood by others can be influenced by Jupiter’s zodiac sign in his birth chart.  Note that the influence of the relative position of other planets in the birth chart with respect to Jupiter will affect the final analysis of the chart, and therefore, it’s dangerous to conclude astrological analysis solely based on Jupiter’s position in the birth chart.


Being a natural friend of Mars (the ruler of Aries) Jupiter loves Aries. Such people tend to be the leaders, pioneers, and outspoken activists in the fields of religion, social reforms, educational institutes and vocational schools.  They usually are highly opinionated due to their strong beliefs and sometimes exhibit their stubbornness and uncompromising attitudes. They always strive for justice and fairness, but their way of achieving justice and fairness can sometimes be brutal. Jupiter in Aries are very expansionist, and they usually succeed in their endeavors of material accumulation.  In general, they are very open, direct and active in pursuing the activities that reflect their strong belief in righteousness, justice and fairness.


Although both are benefics planets, Jupiter is not a natural friend of Venus (the ruler of Taurus).  Jupiter’s priority in life is always being righteous and just, and in spite of having material prosperity, Jupiter tends to be a non-materialistic.  Venus on the other hand, loves to be materialistic and her major focus in life is to enjoy material things. In light of these opposing tendencies, Jupiter doesn’t quite find Taurus as a favorable sign.  Such people tend to be failures in life when it comes to prosperity.  They tend to advice others on the matters they themselves are not sure of.  They lose their prestige and tend to be extravagant.  Gluttony can become one of their vices.  However, if Jupiter is favorably connected with Venus, Jupiter bestows all the material happiness to the person. 


The ruler of Gemini is Mercury, and Mercury is not a natural friend of Jupiter.  Therefore, placement of Jupiter in Gemini is not very favorable.  However, Gemini being the air sign, the sign of intelligence, is very favorable for Jupiter when it comes to learning and education.  Only difference is Gemini, being the material sign, it opts for applied education with the intention of becoming rich.  While Jupiter, being a non-material in nature, loves education for the sake of learning and understanding the life.  But by occupying the air (intelligence) sign Gemini, Jupiter does get to have the opportunity to quench his thirst of learning and acquiring knowledge.  Typically successful publishers, writers, communicators and diplomats tend to have Gemini Jupiter and favorably placed Mercury.


In Cancer, Jupiter becomes exalted, a perfectly natural sign for Jupiter to have.  Cancer is ruled by Moon, an extremely close friend of Jupiter, and Cancer being the water (spiritual and fruitful)) sign complements Jupiter’s nature so well that Cancer Jupiter people are usually very prominent people in society.  They may not be rich but they become a tremendous source of inspiration and optimism for people around them.  They truly are inspiring teachers, successful preachers, They have a wonderful knack of motivating people and they sincerely help people in finding themselves.  Being a righteous in nature, Jupiter in Cancer, excels in all the activities where justice and fairness is involved.  They give up their entire life to work for a human cause.  They are truly happy people and find happiness in making others happy.


Sun (the ruler of Leo) is a natural friend of Jupiter. Also, being a fire sign,  Jupiter loves Leo. Sun represents King, and Jupiter represents his Guru (the spiritual advisor). A Jupiterian invariably tends to be the right hand of people with well placed Sun. They (Leo Jupiter) guide people with favorably placed Sun in their birth charts.  This sign provides Jupiter with the energy required to propel Jupiter’s righteous spirit. Therefore, those who can not defend themselves are defended by Jupiter against the injustice. The social reformers, well educated people, judges, head of the academic institutes, the founders of charities, well know philanthropists, secretary of states, diplomats, and people with prestige and knowledge…they likely to have Leo Jupiter or Jupiter conjunct Sun in any of the fire signs.  This Jupiter provides the person with wonderful children and happiness from children. On the downside, when Leo Jupiter is poorly placed due to house disposition or due to affiliation with the adverse planets, they tend to be lethargic, lazy and fake.


Being an earth sign ruled by Mercury, Jupiter is not considered well placed in this sign. Jupiter tends to be spiritual and non-materialistic, and therefore feel uncomfortable in this material sign.  However, from the education and intellectual pursuit standpoint, if Mercury is favorably placed with respect to Jupiter in the natal chart, then the person is likely to achieve remarkable success in the field of education, publications, communications, scientific research, and also as a historian. The librarians, editors, journalists, priests, lawyers, ambassadors and philosophers likely to have Virgo Jupiter with well connected Mercury.


Since Venus is a not a natural friend of Jupiter, Libra is not favorable sign for Jupiter to reside. However being an intelligent (air) sign Libra Jupiter can certainly make a remarkable progress in having a prestigious career in academic, judicial, publication and even in artistic field. The people in entertainment industry such as script writers, story writers, producers and directors are likely to have Libra Jupiter in a favorable house.


Scorpio is fixed, water, and a mystic as well as a very secretive sign ruled by Mars.  Jupiter being a friend of Mars and loves water sign, Jupiter’s characteristics and functioning are well supported by this sign.  Since Scorpio loves challenges and beating the odds, Jupiter heavily ventures in this sign to test his righteousness and research skills.  Typically monks, spiritual leaders, meditation practitioner, self-discipline oriented individuals, social reformers, criminal trial lawyers who go to an extreme length to defend who can not defend themselves, and in general those who strongly takes stand against injustice are the people who are likely to have a placed Scorpio Jupiter in their birth charts.  Being in water sign such people likely to successfully achieve their dreams.  On the downside, when Jupiter is not favorably placed in the natal chart, such people can become vicious, secretive and very determined in their attitudes and would not hesitate to harm others in order to drive their agenda.


Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces, and out of these two, Sagittarius is the Mulatrikona (prominent) sign of Jupiter. It’s a sign of human spirit, morality, justice, righteousness, outspokenness and natural affinity towards people of different cultural background. One of the important characteristics of Sagittarius Jupiter is striving for freedom, equality and justice.  Righteousness, independence, fighting for freedom for themselves and others are the principles they live by.  They can be very spiritual, but they are likely to be actively involved in people’s life and not go in seclusion. 

Teachers, priests, advisors, professors, philosophers, counselors, pioneers, explorers, world travelers and social reformers are likely to be born with a well placed Sagittarian Jupiter in their natal charts.  Extravagant, abrasive, unreliable and fake are some of the qualities of a person might be the reflection of an unfavorably placed Jupiter in that person’s natal chart.


Capricorn is a matured cardinal and the earth sign ruled by Saturn.  Saturn is considered to be neutral to Jupiter.  However, both are very important planets and both can be made favorable if one understands their working.  While Saturn deals with the life experiences and gain wisdom by having the direct perception of truth, Capricorn Jupiter ‘s main interest is to acquire knowledge and apply it for humanitarian endeavors.  Both can be spiritual in their own way. Saturn’s main interest is self-knowledge through personal discipline and reflection on life.  And more often a Saturnian tends to remain in seclusion due his introvert nature. But a Capricorn Jupiter exhibit his spirituality by fighting injustice and working towards human rights and humanity.  

Physicians, scientists, industrialists, religious leaders, philanthropists, philosophers are some of the examples of a well placed Capricorn Jupiter in the natal chart.


Aquarius is the most intelligent (air) sign of all the air signs, and Jupiter being a natural teacher and guide to others find Aquarius very suitable for his activity of knowledge sharing. It’s all a humanitarian sign and focuses an individual’s activity towards collective good. The philosophers, social reformers, philanthropists, activists, astrologers, clairvoyants  are usually have Jupiter well connected with either Saturn or Aquarius.  When it comes research, Aquarius is the most suitable sign, and unless Saturn is poorly placed in the chart, Aquarius Jupiter makes tremendous progress with his intelligent pursuits. Scientist, innovators, long term goal oriented researchers usually have Jupiter in Aquarius.


Being a compassionate water sign, Pisces is a perfect sign for Jupiter’s spiritual and humanitarian traits. This is the sign where Jupiter can excel in its spiritual activities. This sign also represents the ultimate Moksha or Nirvana.  Such people are usually kind, compassionate and always care for others. People who work in navy, on ships, Physicians, Philosophers, religious and spiritual leaders and teachers, the one who is unselfish and devote his or her life in serving others (humanity), psychologists, therapists who deal with emotional issues of their clients are all likely to have either Jupiter in Pisces or Pisces as their prominent sign with well placed Jupiter.  The downside of Piscean Jupiter is that they may have tendency to overextend help to others and in the process get disappointed.