2000 US Presidential Election Prediction

Date Posted: November 3, 2000 

Recent updates (November 9, 18, 26, December 4, 9, and 16) are towards the bottom of this page.

Based on the following (unconfirmed) birth information,

Governor George W. Bush

Birth Date: July 6, 1946

Birth Time: 7:26 AM (EDT)

Birth Place: New Haven, CT  (41.3 N; 72.93 W)

Vice President Al Gore

Birth Date: March 31, 1948

Birth Time: 12:53 PM (EST)

Birth Place:  Washington D.C. (38.9 N; 77 W)

(and assuming they have no personal objection in analyzing their charts,) the analysis is as follow:

Applying bird’s eye view it seems to me that Vice President’s birth time is likely to be off by about half an hour to hour since for what he has achieved in his life thus far doesn’t even closely reflect in the birth chart based on the above time. There is not a single planet on or near cusp of any house. And therefore, the horoscope or chart reduces to that of an average person. My guess is his birth time is probably somewhere around 1:30 to 1:50 PM.  Based on this assumption I have used 1:40 PM to be his approximate birth time.

Since most of the readers are probably not very interested in astrological jargon I have kept astrological details to minimum. For those who are interested in these details may directly contact me via e-mail.  This analysis is based on sidereal (fixed) zodiac system and the method of interpretation is mostly according to Vedic astrology.

Governor George Bush

Governor is born under Cancer ascendant (rising sign) with Mercury and Pluto right on the ascendant cusp. Moon, the ruler of the ascendant (first house) is in Virgo in the third house thus exchanges house with Mercury. Moon is in conjunction with auspicious Jupiter.  Same time Uranus and Rahu are in conjunction in the eleventh house, the house of fame, money, PRship, representative of masses.  In addition, both Jupiter and Moon are in auspicious trine with eleventh house Uranus and Rahu. This trine and Uranus, Rahu and Moon, Jupiter conjunctions virtually assures Governor that he has a potential to become a world leader, especially when the planetary cycles which provide the positive influence of Uranus, Rahu, Moon, and Jupiter are in operation. 

In governor’s ninefold birth chart with Scorpio ascendant, there are 6 planets in the tenth house, the house of profession, action, and achievements. These are: Rahu, Mars, Uranus (within in 3 degrees), and Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter (Moon and Saturn with in 3 degrees).  This confirms that politics is the destiny of this man.  Note the planets Uranus, Rahu, Moon, and Jupiter all coming together in the tenth house of his ninefold birth chart virtually assures him that he would be a very successful politician.  And he certainly has a potential of becoming the ultimate politician and the world leader, the president of the United states.

According to Vedic astrology, since all of the planets in the Governor’s birth chart reside on one side of the the lunar nodes, this chart may be affected by Kal-Surp-Yog (meaning a possibility of being a bit unlucky in achieving what the person deserves or the final victory may be denied).  However, in my opinion, this is really not true since the planet Uranus is at 26 1/4 degrees of Taurus (just before and not after the ascending lunar node Rahu) while Rahu is at 26 1/2 degrees of Taurus.

On the election day (November 7) evening the planets that influence Governor’s day are: Saturn, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Rahu, and Mars.  Note all of these planets reside in the tenth house of his ninefold natal chart.  In his progressive chart for that day Saturn and Jupiter are in the seventh house, Moon in the fifth house, Rahu in the eighth house, Mars in the eleventh, and Uranus in the third. In the corresponding ninefold progressive chart Saturn is in the fourth, Jupiter and Rahu in the seventh, Mars in the fifth, Uranus in the ninth, and Moon in the tenth.

While Uranus and Jupiter are favorably placed for Governor on that evening, Saturn and Rahu are not, and Moon and Mars are sort of neutral.

Now lets look at Vice President Gore’s birth chart.

Vice President Al Gore

Vice President is also born under Cancer ascendant but with fiery Mars and prudent Saturn near the ascendant cusp. Moon, the ruler of the ascendant (first house) is in Sagittarius but in the the fifth house in conjunction with auspicious Jupiter.  It’s interesting that both of these men’s birth chart have the same ascendant, both have Jupiter-Moon conjunctions.

The important configurations in Vice President’s chart are the Rahu-Saturn, Ketu-Saturn, Mars-Saturn, and Mars-Ketu squares. These squares have been testing him pretty much all his life. So things never really come easy for him. But he has to work hard for them. But because of auspicious aspect of Sagittarius Jupiter looking after the first house, the first house Saturn and Mars, even both have a totally opposite characteristics, have provided him the strength required to successfully dodge through his life. The Mars Saturn conjunction near the first house cusp virtually assures the man that he would be dealing with problems of contradictory nature and be able to find solutions to those problems. 

Another important planetary position in his horoscope is eleventh house Uranus (same as that in Governor’s birth chart).  Uranus being the planet of USA is so appropriately placed in the eleventh house of his birth chart, and further it’s positive strength is confirmed by it’s placement in the ninth house of his ninefold birth chart.

The ninth house Pisces Sun is in direct opposition with the third house Virgo Neptune.  This Neptune adds a bit of deceptiveness to Vice President’s personality.  Third house Neptune is very positive for vision, ideas, and inspiration.  I’m pretty sure this Neptune keeps this Man going by providing the tremendous power to the opposite Sun to carry out or execute his plans with confidence despite the oppositions raised by those four squares between lunar nodes and Saturn and Mars as mentioned earlier.

In Vice President’s ninefold birth chart with Capricorn ascendant, Saturn and Venus are in conjunction in the ascendant, thus making that Saturn very powerful and positive for him. A powerful and auspicious Moon in the seventh house virtually assures him success in dealing with people.  This Moon also means his wife may also play very important role in his life. Despite his busy political schedule he would always find time for her.

Jupiter in the fifth house in both of his natal and ninefold natal chart pretty much describe his children and his love for them.  It’s the same Jupiter also aspects the ascendant providing the necessary strength for Saturn and Venus.

Thus Jupiter, Moon, Uranus, Saturn, lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu, and Mars are responsible for his political achievements so far in his life and made him a very successful politician.  Also, they also support that he certainly has a potential of becoming the ultimate politician and the world leader, the president of the United states.

On the election day (November 7) evening the planets that influence Vice President’s day are: Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu, and Pluto.  In his progressive chart for that day Saturn is in the fifth house, Mars in the ninth house, Rahu in the sixth house, Sun in the tenth house, and Pluto in the eleventh house. In the corresponding ninefold progressive chart Saturn is in the second, Mars in the third, Sun in the fourth, Rahu in the fifth, and Pluto in the twelfth.

While Rahu and Mars are favorably placed for him on that evening, Saturn is not, and Sun and Pluto are sort of neutral.

From planetary standpoint it seems that neither of them has a better chance over other.  No wonder this race is so close thus far!  And it’s likely to be extremely tight…probably will come down to few thousand votes difference. That very election night Mercury just changes its retrograde course and becomes direct. And that could bring surprise! 

Only thing that may not work for Vice President Gore that night is that he has Saturn in square with lunar nodes in his birth chart, and currently Saturn is in ninefold square with lunar nodes and it’s going to last through November 17.  This square alone may become responsible for not fulfilling Vice President’s wish that night.


Update  November 9, 2000

As predicted, the race has been extremely tight, and has come down to a few thousand votes (actually only about 1700 for Florida, and in thousands for popular votes), and also the election night (November 7) turned out to be a strange and frustrating night for both parties (direct Mercury surprise!).  Although in hindsight the election result delay due Florida vote recount event is not surprising, I didn’t envision that possibility when analyzing their birth charts to predict above.  In my opinion, it’s retrograde Saturn who is the cause of this event.  

The final election outcome still may not favor Vice President if it happens before November 17 due to Saturn and lunar node squares in his progressive ninefold chart as explained earlier in my November 3 predictionHowever, should the election outcome remains in limbo beyond November 17, the final outcome is likely to favor Vice President. At this point it’s very difficult to predict the timing of this outcome.

As events unfold and more data become available to further confirm the planetary influence as shown in their both birth and progressive ninefold charts, appropriate updates, if required, will be forthcoming. 


Update: November 18, 2000

As predicted earlier, beyond November 17, the election outcome is likely to favor Vice President Gore.  Assuming the outcome is not likely to happen before Monday, November 20 the following analysis deals with period beyond November 19.

Three very important planetary configurations that are now likely to affect the election outcome most are:

Uranus-Saturn ninefold opposition ( November 19 – November 26)

Uranus-Lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu squares (November 25 – December 4)

Although there exist a potential for the post-election drama to continue through the middle of January 2001 (until Saturn remains retrograde), in my opinion, the drama is more likely to be over before December 4.  (If it does continue beyond December 4 then perhaps we are likely to see this drama continue through January of the next year)

For this update I’m only going to consider November 19 – November 26 period.  If necessary the next update will cover November 27 through December 4 period.

By definition, Uranus-Saturn opposition means a direct friction between liberals and conservatives. So the nation (USA) is likely to witness very confusing, dramatic, and unbelievable  week with a series of twists and turns. Additionally, it’s very important week for US politics, economy, and world diplomacy.  Clinton administration is likely to be burdened with far more dealings (crisis(?)) than it can handle. 

Looking at birth chart of Mr. Gore, on November 20, the ninefold progressive Uranus is leaving the 7th house of his ninefold progressive chart, and thus, his political opposition is going to be weakened from that point onward.  As noted earlier, Saturn-Rahu and Saturn-Ketu ninefold squares are now out of his way, and Saturn enters the first house of his ninefold progressive chart on November 24. Thus, it seems that November 20 through November 24 period is more favorable for him than the latter of the week.

As for Governor’s birth chart, as the ninefold progressive Uranus enters the 10th house of his ninefold progresive chart on November 20, and being opposed to Saturn in the fourth house means he is likely to experience sudden changes in his political profession, and since both of these planets have diametrically opposite characteristics, November 20 through November 24 period is not favorable for Governor.

Should the crisis continue beyond November 24, then for Governor, November 25, being only good day of the week for him may bring him a surprise victory. If he misses that day, then planets are likely to favor Mr. Gore again until possibly December 4.  


Update: November 26, 2000, 8:00 PM (CST)

As predicted earlier, during November 20 through November 26,  the nation (USA) witnessed a very confusing, dramatic, and nerve-wrecking  week with a series of twists and turns.  For this update, I will once again only consider the November 27 – December 4 period.  The important planetary configuration that is likely to influence the election outcome most is:

Uranus-Lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu squares (November 25 – December 4)

Although there exists a potential for the post-election drama to continue through the third week of January 2001 (while Saturn remains retrograde), in my opinion, this week is most crucial. This week will most likely set the tone for the eventual outcome of this drama. Expect another suspense filled week with lots of twists and turns! 

As noted earlier, in Vice President Gore’s birth chart, Saturn-Rahu and Saturn-Ketu ninefold squares were out of his way on November 17, and Saturn entered the first house of his ninefold progressive chart on November 24. It seems that November 27 through December 4 period is likely to favor him more than for Governor Bush.

As for the Governor’s birth chart, as predicted previous week, since Uranus entered the 10th house of his ninefold progressive chart on November 20, he has been experiencing sudden changes in his political surrounding and is more likely to be faced with crucial decisions that will require him to put everything on the line (I wouldn’t be surprised if he has begun making some drastic changes in his original list of advisors and potential cabinet ministers). Since the tenth house Uranus is squaring with the lunar nodes in his ninefold progressive charts, the November 27 through December 4 period is going to be extremely challenging, and more likely to be far less favorable for him.

I feel the drama will near its end by December 4 or 5.  However, should the crisis continue beyond December 4, the Governor may expect some relief in his existing situation of negativity, and surely after about December 17 may hope for favorable period; but those details if required will be dealt in the next update.


Update:  December 4, 2000  (5:30 PM CST)

As predicted earlier on November 26, the past week and weekend has been very dramatic and suspense-filled with a series of twists and turns.  Although it was predicted that the November 27- December 4 period favored Vice President Gore more than for Governor Bush, beyond the December 4 the Governor Bush was expected to experience some relief from the negative forces that kept him from becoming the President-elect. 

Today a Tallahassee Florida court ruled against Vice President Gore who was asking the court for ruling to hand count disputed ballots in two to three Florida counties.  Earlier Today, the US supreme court asked the Florida supreme court to clarify why they allowed to extend original certification deadline and ballot hand counting.  These events clearly suggest that the Vice President Gore has exhausted most of his efforts to overturn earlier ruling on Florida presidential certification. Astrologically sometimes today, the negative influence of the Uranus-lunar nodes squares for the Governor ended today.  And his path to become the next president of the United States now seems more straight forward and the drama nearing its end.

From this point onward, according to the Governor’s progressive chart, his tenth house (the house of profession) is trouble free as it (the tenth house) is no longer influenced by Uranus. Also, the influence of Saturn through his current planetary cycle, being in the third house of his ninefold progressive chart, doesn’t adversely affect the tenth house. 

As for the Vice President Gore, the tenth house of his ninefold progressive chart is also trouble free.  Saturn being in the first house, and also being the influential planet through his current planetary cycle aspects the tenth house of his ninefold progressive chart. This means the Vice president is less likely to give up his legal maneuvering to pursue his quest for the White House.

At this point, the comparison of both horoscopes suggests that both are having almost equally favorable or unfavorable times. Perhaps planets might favor the Governor slightly more than for the Vice President Gore. In my opinion, unless Vice President concedes, the crisis might get dragged on through yet another very eventful, anxiety-filled, and possibly dramatic week.  

Although very unlikely, should the election outcome for the White House still remains in limbo by December 11 another update will be forthcoming.


Update: December 9, 2000, 2:30 PM  (CST)

The rapid current development for Presidential election 2000 to determine the final winner of the Florida’s 25 electorates made me go back to Birth charts of both candidates to see if I could gain any further insight to the election outcome.  As predicted in my previous update, the week of December 4 has been eventful, anxiety-filled, and dramatic.  But looking further, it seems, the same trend is likely to continue for quite some time before we see the final outcome.

Based on the happenings of the last 32 days, it seems that most likely this drama has been influenced most by the retrograde Saturn.  If that’s true, (I hope not) the potential of continuation of this drama well into the third or perhaps the fourth week of January (while Saturn remains retrograde) becomes a real probability. Saturn becomes direct on January 25, and in that case, we may very well have the house speaker as an acting president for a short time in January (until January 25-26).

As I noted earlier, the birth charts of both candidates are so similar and their current planetary cycles that provide the analysis is so close that it is extremely difficult to predict the precise final outcome. However, to a fair degree of certainty the favorable and unfavorable days for each of them can be determined and compared to predict a probable outcome for a given day.  

Based on their current progressive and ninefold progressive charts the near term (about a week’s period) outlook is as follow:

Governor Bush:  Saturn being the only influencing planet is in the seventh house of his progressive chart, and in the third house of his ninefold progressive chart.

Vice President Gore: Until December 29the influencing planets for him are: Saturn, Pluto, Sun, and Mars.  Saturn is in the fifth house of his progressive chart, and in the first house of his ninefold chart. Pluto and Sun are sort of neutral while Mars, at least until December 12 is not favorable.

Saturday (December 9),  favors Gore, while Sunday and Monday favor Bush.  

Tuesday (December 12): neutral.

Wednesday (December 13) through Friday (December 15) period: favors Gore.


Epilogue:  December 16On Tuesday night (December 12) the US Supreme Court decision gave the victory to the Governor Bush as country’s next president. The day as per prediction was neutral to both Gore and Bush.  Looking back (refer to November 26 update) it seems thatsince December 4, as Saturn in his ninefold progressive chart moved from the fourth house to the third, the severe opposition of Uranus and Saturn in his ninefold progressive chart ended and the Tallahassee Florida court ruled against Vice President Gore who was asking the court for ruling to hand count disputed ballots in two to three Florida counties. Since then Governor was pretty much out of the wood.