2008 US Presidential Election Prediction

Date Posted: August 31, 2008 

Based on the recorded information obtained from his birth certificate, Senator Obama’s birth details are as follows:

Senator Barack Obama

Birth Date: August 4, 1961
Birth Time: 7:24 PM (AHST)
Birth Place: Honolulu, Hawaii  (21.31 N; 157.8 W)

Senator McCain’s exact birth time is unavailable and is therefore estimated to be about 9 AM (EST).

Senator John McCain

Birth Date: August 29, 1936
Birth Time: 9:00 AM (EST)
Birth Place: Cocosolo, Panama (9.385 N;  79.86 W)

This analysis is based on the sidereal (fixed) zodiac system and the method of interpretation is mostly according to Vedic astrology.  

Senator Barack Obama

Senator Barack Obama was born under Capricorn ascendant (rising sign). In his natal chart he has an exalted Taurus Moon in the fourth house (the house of success, mother, home and family life), and Saturn, being in Capricorn, rules the first house.  However, Saturn also occupies the twelfth house, the house of separation and migration, and this is reflected in two facts:  his fortune is not at the place of his birth but far away from it, and in his childhood his family (his mother- the fourth house exalted Moon) moved to Indonesia where he lived for few years. Jupiter joins Saturn in Capricorn and the twelfth house. Being retrograde at the time of his birth, Jupiter becomes exalted in Capricorn.  The brilliance of the exalted Jupiter is further strengthened by transmission of Jupiter’s power of knowledge to the oratory Mercury in the sixth house.  The presence of both Jupiter and Saturn in the twelfth house provides Senator Obama life experiences that transform him to a spiritual and philosophical person later in his life. His two lovely daughters and his wife Michelle are the manifestation of Venus in the fifth house (the house of children) and the exalted Moon (the ruler of the 7th house – the house of spouse) in the fourth house, respectively.

Senator Obama’s Sidereal Natal Chart

Against the backdrop of a wonderful family-oriented private and academic type of personality, Senator Obama’s birth chart clearly shows a presence of another force or undercurrent that propels him toward public life.  This force is the manifestation of four major planets in the seventh house of his natal chart: Uranus, Rahu (North lunar node), Pluto, and Mars. All four planets are malefic and occupy the sidereal zodiac sign Leo.  Typically, malefic planets in the seventh house indicate challenges when it comes to dealing with one’s superiors, one’s spouse, and large groups of people (the “masses”).  However, within Senator Obama’s ninefold natal chart, all of these planets occupy prominent and auspicious houses. 

Senator Obama’s Ninefold Natal Chart

This fact seems to provide him with a creative energy to successfully overcome the usual challenges associated with malefic planets in the seventh house.  In addition, Pluto occupies the first, Mars the fifth, Uranus the ninth, and Rahu the tenth house in his ninefold natal chart.  Pluto is the planet of transformation and change. In Obama’s case, not only has his personality been evolving, but this personality also serves as a vehicle for Pluto’s transforming energy. This will manifest itself in the transformation of society, nations, and the world.  Along with Pluto, the warrior Mars, and diplomatic and shrewd Uranus form trines in the ninefold natal chart while the Karmic Rahu is positioned in the tenth house to deliver the results for Pluto’s evolutionary transformation.  Also, note that his ninefold natal ascendant is Leo—the sign in which all these planets reside in the seventh house of his natal chart. This is why Senator Obama’s chart confirms that this man has the potential to become the leader of the most powerful country in the world.

Senator John McCain

Based on the Senator McCain’s estimated birth time of 9:00 AM he was born under Virgo ascendant (rising sign). The ascendant ruler Mercury in the twelfth house aspected by the sixth house ruler Saturn seems to confirm his confinement experience as a POW during the Vietnam war.  The exalted Virgo Mercury makes him eternally optimistic. The placement of the eleventh house Moon in the fourth house confirms that he is blessed with a caring and loving mother, and she was responsible in shaping his life from his early years. Uranus in the seventh and Mars in the tenth house in his natal chart form a very challenging and powerful square. This square is responsible for all the up and downs in his political and public life careers.  This square has also given him the strength to fight for worthy causes for people (the seventh house). While Jupiter in the second house reflects his birth in a well to do and large family with a happy childhood, the lunar nodes forming squares with the Mercury in his natal chart sometimes manifests in the awkwardness he has had when dealing with people. 

Senator McCain’s Sidereal Natal Chart  

Both Mars and Pluto in the tenth house of his natal chart mean the strong possibility of military service and a career in politics. The fact that the Scorpio Rahu is in the third house –the house of courage, adventure and achievement – and the third house ruler being Mars, makes him a successful politician and a popular senator.

Senator McCain’s Ninefold Natal Chart

Interestingly, Senator McCain and Senator Obama share the same ninefold natal ascendant— Leo.  Additional similarities between the ninefold natal charts of both Senators include Pluto, the planet of politics and transformation, in the ascendant, and Mars, the planet of leadership, courage and independence in the fifth house.  But McCain’s pursuit of presidential power is reflected in a Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the ninefold ascendant, and a Saturn-Rahu conjunction in the ninefold eleventh house. As pointed out earlier, Pluto, Uranus, Rahu, Mars, and Saturn are planets of politics and leaderships and they are interrelated with each other either through conjunctions, trines, sextiles or oppositions.  McCain’s chart confirms that he has a potential of becoming a leader of the most advanced and powerful country in the world.

On the election day (November 4) evening the planets that influence Senator Obama’s day (as highlighted in blue in the progressive chart for that day) are: Uranus, Rahu, Moon and Jupiter.  Note that in his natal chart Moon trines Jupiter, and Uranus and Rahu conjunct with each other in the seventh house of his natal chart.  In his progressive chart for that day, Uranus is in the seventh house, Rahu and Moon in the sixth house, and Jupiter in the fifth house. In the corresponding ninefold progressive chart Uranus is in the tenth, Jupiter in the fourth and Rahu in the twelfth.

Both Senator Obama 

and Senator McCain’s Progressive Chart

  (Operating planets for Mr. Obama are highlighted in Blue 

and those for Mr. McCain in Red)

 Both Senator Obama and 

Senator McCain’s Ninefold Progressive Chart

(Operating planets for Mr. Obama are highlighted in Blue 

and those for Mr. McCain in Red)

Uranus represents a challenging situation for Senator Obama on the election day as it makes an exact opposition to Saturn. But Rahu, Jupiter and Moon are favorably placed for him that evening.

On the evening of election day (November 4) the planets that influence Senator McCain’s day (as highlighted in red in the progressive chart for that day) are: Pluto, Saturn, and Mars.  In his progressive chart for that day Pluto is in the fifth, Saturn is in the first and Mars is in the third house. In the corresponding ninefold progressive chart Pluto is in the tenth, Saturn in the fourth, and Mars in the eleventh house.  Thus, while Mars is favorably placed for him on the election day, Saturn in the first house of his progressive chart and the opposition of Pluto and Saturn in the ninthfold progressive chart certainly pose strong challenges for him to succeed.


The natal charts of each candidate are remarkably similar in strength, but in a head-to-head comparison Senator Obama’s chart seems to have a slight edge over that of Senator McCain’s chart. This is because the placement of Rahu and Uranus in their respective ninefold natal charts favors Senator Obama.

When comparing their progressive charts on election day, both are so close to each other (both have equally favorably placed planets) that it’s a virtual tie.

Now let us compare their planetary transits for the election day. The respective transits are summarized as follows: 

Transits for Senator Obama

On election day transiting Pluto trines his natal Rahu. Rahu opposes natal Sun. What does this mean? 

Because Rahu is Obama’s operating planet and it auspiciously aspects Pluto in a trine, Rahu’s position is strengthened (note both of these planets occupy the seventh house of his natal chart) in the area of politics. But transiting Rahu’s opposition with Obama’s natal Sun is not favorable.  However, the Sun is in the third house of the progressive chart, which minimizes the negative influence of the transiting Rahu’s opposition to his natal Sun. 

Transits for Senator McCain

Since Pluto, Saturn and Mars are the (operating) planets likely to influence the Senator on election night, the important transits are: transiting Pluto conjuncts his natal Rahu, transiting Uranus conjuncts his natal Saturn and transiting Saturn conjuncts his natal Neptune.

While transiting Saturn’s conjunction with McCain’s natal Neptune is auspicious, transiting Pluto’s conjunction with his natal Rahu is not favorable at all since in his natal chart they form a quincunx. The conjunction of transiting Uranus with his natal Saturn is neutral. 

Thus from planetary transit standpoint, it seems to me that neither of them has a solid edge over the other. No wonder this race is going to be so close!  And it’s likely to be extremely tight. 

However, in the light of important planetary configurations on November 4, 2008 as listed below:

Uranus-Saturn direct and ninefold opposition

Pluto-Saturn ninefold opposition

Pluto-Uranus ninefold conjunction

Mars-Neptune direct and ninefold square

Sun-Rahu/Ketu (lunar nodes) squares, the outcome of the election may turnout to be unthinkable.

The Uranus-Saturn exact opposition occurs on the Election Day (which has never happened before). Uranus was discovered around the time the United States was born. Therefore, the characteristics of the US nation, as a whole, are very similar, if not identical to that of Uranus, and the destiny of the US is very much governed by Uranus and to some extent by Saturn.  At the time of the election, Uranus will be in sidereal Aquarius, the sign ruled by Saturn; therefore, these two planets become even more significant in influencing the fate and future of the US on the Election Day, November 4, 2008.  Since some of the characteristics of Uranus include: suddenness, drama, eccentricity and being very forceful, I would not be surprised if the happenings around the Election Day would reflect these characteristics.  In addition, Saturn qualities tend to resemble conservatism while Uranus qualities identify with liberal principles. Therefore, the race is likely to be a very close one with a dramatic finish. It is as if history has been waiting for all these years to witness this truly unique and historic moment of a huge transformation. As a result, our norms of morality will undergo a change to a totally different setting.

Furthermore, by taking into account the Pluto-Saturn ninefold opposition, (chaos, destruction followed by irreversible transformation), and the Pluto-Uranus ninefold conjunction (premature death followed by a new beginning), there is an outside chance that the ultimate winner (the one who gets sworn in as President in January) may not be the one of these two nominees.  In addition, the Mars-Neptune square may become responsible for a disclosure of a political secret and the Sun’s squares with the lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu, may manifest in a tragic event.

Finally, as far as the winner between Senator Obama and Senator McCain is concerned, despite a close race, I would not be surprised if Senator Obama manages to eke out a narrow victory over his rival as planetary transits on the election day slightly favor Senator Obama.