2004 US Presidential Election Prediction

Date Posted: August 31, 2004 

Based on the following birth information obtained from Astrodata Bank,

President George W. Bush

Birth Date: July 6, 1946
Birth Time: 7:26 AM (EDT)
Birth Place: New Haven, CT  (41.3 N; 72.93 W)

Senator John Kerry

Birth Date: December 11, 1943
Birth Time: 8:03 AM (MWT)
Birth Place:  Denver, Colorado (39.74 N; 105 W)

the analysis is as follow:

This analysis is based on sidereal (fixed) zodiac system and the method of interpretation is mostly according to Vedic astrology.

President George Bush

Incumbent President Bush is born under Cancer ascendant (rising sign) with Mercury and Pluto right on the ascendant cusp. Moon, the ruler of the ascendant (first house) is in Virgo in the third house thus exchanges house with Mercury. Moon is in conjunction with auspicious Jupiter.  Same time Uranus and Rahu are in conjunction in the eleventh house, the house of fame, money and representative of masses.  In addition, both Jupiter and Moon are in auspicious trine with eleventh house Uranus and Rahu. This trine and Uranus-Rahu and Moon-Jupiter conjunctions virtually assured President Bush that he has a potential to become a world leader, especially when the planetary cycles that provide the positive influence of Uranus, Rahu, Moon, and Jupiter are in operation. 

In his ninefold birth chart with Scorpio ascendant, there are 6 planets in the tenth house, the house of profession, action, and achievements. These are: Rahu, Mars, Uranus (within in 3 degrees of each other), and Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter (Moon and Saturn are with in 3 degrees of each other).  This confirms that politics is the destiny of this man.  Note the planets Uranus, Rahu, Moon, and Jupiter, all coming together in the tenth house of his ninefold birth chart, virtually assure him that he would be a very successful politician.  And he certainly became the ultimate politician and the world leader, the president of the United states.

According to Vedic astrology, since all of the planets in his birth chart reside on one side of the the lunar nodes, this chart may be affected by Kal-Surp-Yog (meaning a possibility of being a bit unlucky in achieving what the person deserves or the final victory may be denied).  However, in my opinion, this is really not true since the planet Uranus is at 26 1/4 degrees of Taurus (just before and not after the ascending lunar node Rahu) while Rahu is at 26 1/2 degrees of Taurus. However, precisely this conjunction of Rahu and Uranus also makes him the most unpopular (and perhaps deeply hated) president in the world politics.

On the election day (November 2) evening the planets that influence president Bush’s day are: Saturn, Pluto, Ketu, Mercury, Sun, and Venus.  Note all of these planets make conjunctions or trines with each other in his ninefold natal chart.  In his progressive chart for that day Saturn is in the ninth house, Pluto and Mercury in the first, Ketu with Sun in the twelfth, and Venus in the eleventh. In the corresponding ninefold progressive chart Saturn is in the tenth, Ketu in the second, Sun and Pluto in the fifth, and Venus in the sixth.

While Saturn, Pluto are favorably placed for president Bush that evening, other planets: Sun, Mercury, Ketu and Venus are sort of neutral.

Now lets look at senator John Kerry’s birth chart.

Senator John Kerry

Senator is born with Scorpio ascendant, the Sun (the ruler of the ninth house) on the ascendant cusp and the exalted Taurus Moon on the descendant (the seventh house) cusp. Senator was born on the auspicious day of full Moon thus, making the Sun-Moon opposition as the most important, powerful and favorable aspect.  Libra Venus on the eleventh house (the house of fame, money and representative of masses) cusp is in her own sign. Rahu-Pluto conjunction (less than 45′ away from each other) in Cancer occurs in the eighth house. The fiery planets Mars and Uranus in the sixth house (Vietnam war) make trines with Ketu and sextiles with both Rahu and Pluto. Auspicious Neptune is in the ninth house.

The important planetary configurations in Senator’s chart are: the favorable and auspicious Sun-Moon opposition, mystic and very powerful Rahu-Pluto conjunction, favorable Ketu-Uranus, Mars-Ketu, and Uranus-Neptune trines, and desirable Mars-Rahu, Mars-Pluto, Uranus-Rahu, Uranus-Pluto, and Mercury-Venus sextiles.  These configurations certainly provide the senator the potential for becoming the President of the USA. However, the most important challenge for the senator comes from Mercury-Neptune square. Although very auspicious, the ways of Neptune always appear to be deceptive, and as a result, the senator’s speech (mercury) and logic (mercurial power) behind that speech is strongly influenced by this challenging square making him sometimes look like indecisive and complex (hypocrite) on certain political issues. Notice that both Mercury and Neptune are in flexible (or common) signs with their unique characteristics of adapting to any dynamic situation. Senator needs to be aware of this challenge all the time, and especially when Mercury becomes retrograde. However, on a positive note, the Mercury-Neptune challenge is easily overcome by the Pluto-Rahu conjunction which in his ninefold chart occurs in the eleventh house and strengthened by Jupiter’s direct aspect and Uranus’s influence. 

In Senator’s ninefold birth chart with Capricorn ascendant, the axis of his destiny is reflected along the lunar axis with Pluto and Rahu together in the eleventh house and planets Uranus, Jupiter and Ketu in the fifth house. Saturn (the seventh house resident planet in his natal chart), the ruler of the ninefold ascendant, in the tenth house makes his chart politically very powerful. And the most important is the position of Venus in his ninefold chart. Venus (the ruler of the seventh house placed right on the eleventh house cusp in his natal chart) is in the first house of his ninefold chart virtually assures him success in politics. 

On the election day (November 2) evening the planets that influence Senator’s day are: Sun and Venus.  In his progressive chart for that day Sun is in the tenth and Venus is in the ninth house. In the corresponding ninefold progressive chart Sun is in the third, and Venus in the fourth house.  Thus, both planets are favorably placed for him for the election day.


When their (President Bush’s and Senator Kerry’s) natal charts are compared against each other (with out taking in to account the influence of the respective progressive charts), despite their similarity in strength, President Bush’s chart seems to have an edge over that of Senator Kerry’s chart as he has six important planets gathered in the tenth house (the house of action, achievement, and fame)of his ninefold natal chart. 

When compared their progressive charts for the election day both are so close to each other (both have equally favorably placed planets) that it’s a virtual tie.

Now let us take compare their planetary transits for the election day. The respective transits are summarized as follows: 

President Bush:  On election day he hashis Saturn transiting it’s own natal position, and Pluto transiting his natal Ketu and opposing natal Rahu and Uranus. What does it mean? 

Well, typically the return of Saturn causes a change; usually the change is painful, and is considered not positive. However, in my opinion, Saturn being in the ninth house of his progressive chart and in the tenth house of his ninefold progressive chart the negative influence of Saturn’s transit over it’s own natal position is greatly overcome (or nullified) by the positive influence of his progressive Saturn. 

While Saturn’s return brings about a change, the planet Pluto has a tendency to irreversibly transform the present settings to a new level.  Pluto’s transit over natal Ketu and opposite natal Rahu and Uranus has certainly not been positive for Bush in light of what happened (Iraq war situation) over last 1 1/2 to 2 years. This is the third and the last leg of Pluto’s  transit over Ketu and opposing Rahu and Uranus. Pluto being in the first house of his progressive chart…it seems to me that this is a very negative transit for President Bush.

Senator Kerry: The transits that will influence Senator’s fate on the election night are:

Pluto transits his natal Sun. Mercury squares natal Jupiter. Venus squares natal Mercury. Jupiter trines natal Uranus. Sun squares natal nodes and Pluto, and Venus trines her own natal position.  Since Sun, and Venus are the planets that are likely to influence the senator on the election night, the important transits are: Pluto transits his natal Sun, Sun squares natal nodes and Pluto, and Venus trines her own natal position.

While Venus transit is very favorable the Pluto’s transit and Sun squaring Pluto and lunar nodes are very negative for him. 

Thus from planetary transit standpoint, it seems to me that neither of them has a solid edge over the other. No wonder this race is going to be so close!.  And it’s likely to be extremely tight.  However, in the light of the last presidential election and the fact that president Bush survived the critical months of July and August 2004 (by the way he is not yet out of woods and will not be till September 3) when planets were heavily stacked against him creating a strong possibility of an event concerning against his own personal safety, and further, assuming the election outcome gets finalized on the election night (November 2) and doesn’t get dragged on like it did last time in 2000 (which is also a strong possibility and in that case day-by-day predictions will be provided), it wouldn’t be surprising if president Bush manages to eek out win (perhaps illegitimate as his critics might say) this time too. In any event, for better or worse, America’s collective destiny, at this point in time in history, will certainly influence the outcome of this election.