2020 US Presidential Election Prediction

Date Posted: October 4, 2020

Based on information obtained from Astro-data Bank (Astro.Com) with Rodden rating AA, President Trump’s birth details are:  

Birth Date: June 14, 1946
Birth Time: 10:54 AM (EDT)
Birth Place: Jamaica, New York  (40N41, 73W48)  

For Vice President Joe Biden, based on information obtained from Astro-data Bank (Astro.com) with Rodden rating A (data source from memory), Mr. Biden’s birth details are:

Birth Date: November 20, 1942
Birth Time: 8:30 AM (Wartime 4 hr W))
Birth Place: Scranton, PA (41N25, 75W40)

The analysis is based on the sidereal zodiac system with Placidus house division, and the method of interpretation is mostly according to Vedic astrology.  

President Donald  J  Trump

President Trump was fittingly born under Leo ascendant (rising sign) as a very independent minded person with heavy chips on his shoulders, lot of fire and a charismatic personality. As shown in his sidereal natal chart below, the ascendant ruler, Taurus Sun, occupies the tenth house, the house of profession, business, politics, fame and prestige, and thus making him a person whose entire life revolves around the sole purpose of accumulating wealth.  The tenth house cusp ruler, Cancer Venus, occupies the 11th house, potentially assuring him success in any business endeavors he might pursue.  

Sidereal Natal Chart of President Trump

Sidereal Natal Chart of President Trump

In addition, the most striking planetary configuration in his birth chart is the placement of the lunar nodes, Rahu (the north lunar node) and Ketu (the south lunar node).  Mr. Trump was born just a few hours prior to the beginning of a total lunar eclipse.  If he were born during the eclipse period, the story would be entirely different and I wouldn’t be writing about him.  And also, he was born during late morning hours when the Moon was not visible, minimizing the direct influence of the eclipse. 

Nonetheless, he was born close to the eclipse.  As a result, the first house ruler Sun conjuncts Rahu in the tenth house and the 12th house ruler Moon conjuncts Ketu in the fourth house.  Since the materialistic Rahu loves the tenth house, Rahu in the tenth house with a very powerful Sun (being the ruler of the first house, yogakaraka planet) makes him an extraordinarily egoist and wealthy professional.  Furthermore, the Taurus Uranus is with in three degrees with Rahu in the tenth house, providing him with the possibility of becoming and making him the leader of the USA since Uranus very closely matches the characteristics of the USA.  

It’s interesting to note the presence of Rahu-Uranus conjunction in President Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Barack Obama’s natal charts. Thus, Rahu-Uranus conjunction may be used as one of the litmus-tests to confirm a potential of becoming the president of the USA.  Therefore, it’s not surprising (despite totally unexpected) that Donald Trump became the President of the USA in 2016.

In my opinion, typically, the axis along which the lunar nodes lie in a natal chart, defines the axis of the major challenges in life for that person.  Thus, for Trump that axis lies through the 4th-10th house. It is clearly evident from his life experiences that most of the ups and downs that he experienced in his life dealt with the 4th house (real estate, home, house, construction) and the 10th house (profession, business, politics, etc.,).  Also, Sun (showmanship) being in Taurus ruled by Venus (celebrity) in the 10th house and the 10th house ruler Venus in the 11th house (fame) makes him a famous celebrity.  However, according to Vedic astrology, if the first house ruler conjuncts Rahu, then typically person has a character flaw, and invariably this flaw eventually brings the person down.  In President Trump’s case the first house ruler Sun conjuncts Rahu in the 10th house with in three degrees, and therefore despite Rahu’s favorable position in the tenth house and in Taurus sign, the possibility exists that President Trump might likely to do himself in and bring himself down.

Other important planetary configurations in his natal chart include the placement of Virgo (material wealth) Jupiter (5th, 8th and the 9th house ruler) in the second house making him a person born in a large, rich and well to do family, and blessed with wonderful children and lucky!   The 4th house ruler, Leo Mars in the 12th house means he is stubborn and loves being confrontational.

The placement of Rahu and Sun in his ninefold natal chart (below) in the cardinal fourth house on the 4th-10th axis confirms the dominance of Sun and Rahu in his natal chart.

President Trump’s Ninefold Natal Chart


In addition, Uranus occupies the third, Pluto seventh and Venus second house in his ninefold natal chart.  Uranus being the unconventional planet of change occupying the adventurous and dynamic third house aptly confirms its tenth house strength in his natal chart.  And since Uranus exhibits the characteristics of the USA, Trump’s chart seems to closely tied with the destiny of the USA.  No wonder he could successfully tap into the psyche of this country and people. 

Vice President Joe Biden  

The vice president Joe Biden was born under Scorpio ascendant (rising sign). Scorpio is a fixed (passionate, very steady and laser focused) and  water (emotional, compassionate and fruitful) sign ruled by fiery Mars.  Typically Scorpio is least understood sign because it represents a combination of two opposite elements (water and fire of fiery Mars).  The most notable Scorpion born leaders, in the beginning of their career are easily misunderstood, but once understood they become the role model of the societies. In addition, he was fittingly  born under “Ashwini” Nakshatra. The symbols for this Nakshatra are: a head of horse, physical power and leadership.  

The first house ruler, Libra Mars, resides in the 11th house making him a successful person  (politician) who is possessive, hardworking, fortunate and blessed with ample opportunities.  The tenth house ruler, Scorpio Sun is in close conjunction (one degree) with Scorpio Venus (the ruler of the 7th (masses) and the 12th (public service) houses) occupying the 12th house confirms that this person’s destiny belongs in serving public (an important 12th house characteristics).  Notice that both the Sun and Venus fall in Scorpio ruled by Mars (a political leader) confirms the his profession deals with power, leadership and public (12th house).  

In addition, the 10th house resident Virgo Neptune inspires him to serve people with compassion and empathy, a unique serving style.  Furthermore, the political planet Saturn resides in the 7th house (ruled by Venus) is well connected to the 10th house. And the 6th house resident Taurus Uranus provides an extraordinary strength and support for the 10th house activities.

The ninth house ruler, Aries Moon occupying the 5th house (creativity, children, love for art) provides him with intelligence, patience, stamina to become a well know politician.  It also indicates his artistic interests and love for his children and family.  

Vice President Joe Biden’s sidereal natal chart 


Although Vice president’s natal chart all the required qualities to become a successful political leader, it doesn’t quite confirm that he could potentially become the leader of the world when his natal chart is compared against the past presidents of the United States.  However, this analysis is not complete until we look at his ninefold (Navamansa) natal chart.  Let us look at his ninefold natal chart.

  Vice President Joe Biden’s  Ninefold Natal Chart

Vice President Joe Biden's  Ninefold Natal Chart

As shown in his ninefold natal chart, one can not help but notice three distinct group of planets:

  1. Mars, Uranus and Neptune in the 6th house
  2. The north lunar node, Rahu, Saturn, Moon and Mercury in the 9th house
  3. Venus and Sun in the 11th house

Note that the 6th house (being in trine with 10th house) fully supports the 10th house activities.  Since the political planets Mars and Uranus are well connected with the 10th house in his natal chart, the ninefold chart confirms the full power of Mars and Uranus required to become a world leader.  In addition, Neptune’s strength in the 10th house in his natal chart is enhanced with Neptune occupying the 6th house of his ninefold natal chart.

In the next group of planets, Moon has the excellent placement in the 9th house confirming the strength of Moon from luck and success standpoint, and also the compassionate side of his character.  The power of the political planet Saturn also gets magnified due to its excellent placement in the 9th house of the ninefold chart.  While Rahu doesn’t directly relates to the 10th house, being the planet of karmic force also gets exemplified by occupying the favorable houses in both the natal and ninefold charts. Similarly Mercury acquires favorable placements in the ninefold natal chart.

The last group, which is the most important group is that of Venus and Sun.  Both have the excellent placement in the 11th house (the house of success) confirming the political success as they directly deal with the 10th house of his natal chart.

Thus the ninefold natal chart analysis, does confirm the fact that Vice president has a potential for becoming the world leader.

Election Day Analysis

  Election Day Analysis for President Trump


On the election day evening (November 3, 8 PM ET), the planets influencing Mr. Trump as operating planets (as highlighted in bold in his Gochar (transit) chart below for that day) are Venus, Saturn and Mercury.  In president Trumps’s natal chart Saturn and Venus conjunct in the eleventh house (the house of success). While Venus rules the tenth of his natal chart (profession, business, politics, showmanship, etc.,), Saturn rules the sixth (adversaries) and the seventh house (the house of spouse and professional or business partner) of his natal chart. And in his natal chart Gemini Mercury resides in the 11th house too.

On the evening of election day, Venus will be (as shown below) in the fourth house in Mr. Trump’s Gochar (transit) chart. Please note that the Roman numerals in the chart correspond to their respective houses. While the fourth house Venus in his Gochar chart is favorable for him, the twelfth house Venus in the ninefold Gochar chart (not shown here) is not favorable. Saturn in the eighth house of his Gochar chart (shown below) and also in the eighth house of his ninefold Gochar chart (not shown here) is certainly very challenging for him. Similarly Mercury in the 5th house of his Gochar chart is unfavorable as it indicates the fear of the election outcome, and being stationary the outcome of the election may get prolonged at least until November 11 when Mercury acquires its average speed of one longitudinal geocentric degree. 

Gochar (Transit) Chart of President Trump for the Election Day

(November 3, 2020, 8 PM ET)  

Gochar (Transit) Chart of President Trump for the Election Day (November 3, 2020, 8 PM ET)

When one considers the relationship between the transiting planets and the natal planets, the election day also happens to be the time of the lunar nodes return (which happens once every 18 1/2 years on average), as the transiting Rahu conjucts natal Rahu (and Ketu conjuncts natal Ketu). In addition since in his natal chart Rahu-Sun and Rahu-Uranus all in conjunction with in less than three degrees, it’s going to be a very historic night not only for him but for the country as well.  Because as reflected in his natal chart Rahu-Uranus conjunction in the 10th house very closely ties his destiny with the destiny of the USA. Thus, the return of Rahu will certainly likely to bring the final blow to his karmic connection to this country’s destiny. Should he survive and win the election, it would certainly be due the Rahu-Uranus conjunction, as it might mean the country has not yet finished working out its Karma with Trump as president.

Election Day Analysis for Vice President Joe Biden

For vice president Biden, the operating planets for the election night are: Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Ketu.  In his natal chart, Jupiter being the ruler of the second and fifth house occupies the 8th house. Since the first, seventh and tenth houses generally deals with politics as profession, Jupiter doesn’t quite as significant here except for his family well being. Mars in his natal chart, being the ruler of the first house is certainly significant for the professional success standpoint.  However, Mars being retrograde the election outcome may get prolonged or uncertain till Mars becomes direct around November 14. The lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu, lie along the favorable 9th-3rd house axes, and are considered positive from the luck standpoint. Therefore, Ketu is favorable for him. Mercury being the ruler of 8th and the 11th houses residing in the 12th house is not very important from the 10th house (the house of profession) matters.

As noticed in his natal chart, among Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Ketu. Mars is the most significant planet followed by Ketu and then distant third is Mercury. They are shown in bold in the Gochar chart below. On the election day, Mars looks to be favorably placed in the sixth house of his Gochar (transit) chart, Ketu with neutral placement.  While Jupiter is favorably and Mercury unfavorably placed in his Gochar (transit) chart, being insignificant are not considered here.

Gochar (Transit) Chart of Joe Biden for the Election Day

(November 3, 2020, 8 PM ET) 

Gochar (Transit) Chart of Joe Biden for the Election Day 

When relationship between the transiting planets and the natal planets is considered, the transiting Mars quincunxes the natal Mars which is not so favorable.  Among the auspicious transiting planets (for his natal chart his auspicious planets are Sun and Moon) Sun being in the first house of his Gochar (transit) is not so favorable from health standpoint but favorable from professional success standpoint. Moon is always favorable for him being the planet of luck and blessings. 


The natal charts of both candidates are similar in strength.  Both are dominated by powerful nodes, for Trump in the cardinal houses and for Biden along the 3rd-9th house axis.  While for Mr. Trump the tenth house is most predominant with Rahu in conjunction with the first house ruler Sun and the powerful Rahu-Uranus conjunction, Vice president Biden draws his strength from well placed Mars in the 11th house, Uranus in the sixth house, Sun and Venus in the 12th house and Saturn in the 7th house. Especially in his corresponding ninefold (Navamansa) natal chart the placement of these planets is striking.

When compared their Gochar charts for the election night, Vice president appears to have a slight edge over Mr. Trump due to the favorable placement of his operating planet Mars.

Now let us compare each candidate’s planetary transits with respect to their natal charts for the election day.  

On the election day, as mentioned earlier,  the transiting Rahu conjuncts his natal Rahu (Rahu return), and the natal Sun and Uranus with in three degrees. Although Rahu is not an operating planet for him, because in his natal chart, Rahu conjuncts Uranus, it’s like his “Karma” conjuncts nation’s destiny for better or worse. In addition, the transiting Saturn exactly opposes his natal Venus indicating his issues with females in politics; Rahu opposes his natal Moon (mind) causing him to be in a disturbing mood and therefore, may behave irrationally.

For vice president Joe Biden, the transiting retrograde Mars quincunxes his natal Mars. It’s not favorable for him, and therefore, if the election outcome is going to be decided on the election night, it’s not a promising night for him.  However, if the final outcome is delayed, it certainly becomes promising for him for winning the election standpoint.

In my opinion, the race is going to be close and most likely (based on the planetary configuration of the transiting planets on the eletion night) the outcome will not be realized on that night but will be postponed for at least a week or more till the Mercury acquires its average speed (Nov 11) and Mars become direct (Nov 14).

Despite a close race, I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe Biden ekes out a narrow victory if not a convincing one over Mr. Trump as overall Gichar (transit) charts and the transits on the election day slightly favor Joe Biden.  However, should president Trump survive and win the election, a very remote possibility,  it would certainly be due the Rahu-Uranus conjunction, as it might mean the country has not yet finished working out its Karma with Trump as president.