2002 Predictions

December 31, 2001

Wishing all of you a very Happy and Prosperous 2002

Astrologically speaking and based on my own interpretation of planetary configurations of mostly the major planets, for the world as a whole, the first half of 2002, in general, is going to be extremely challenging, very frustrating and trying, and perhaps it’s the beginning of the end of the current era, the way we behave and respond to our surroundings and our expectations. The Uranus’s re-entry (January 24) in the sidereal Aquarius is going to responsible for a lot of political, social, economical and even religious changes that will occur in the first half, and will occur very suddenly. However, the second half of the year is extremely promising and on the evolutionary scale the world as a whole will be taking a quantum leap in its progress towards a general well being.