2005 Predictions

December 31, 2004

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2005

The year 2005 begins with Pluto’s entry in sidereal zodiac sign Sagittarius (January 28). This is the most important planetary event of this year and probably of this decade. It first occurs on January 28. Pluto stays in Sagittarius till May 28, and then with its retrograde motion returns to Scorpio and stays in Scorpio till November 28. After November 28, 2005 it will remain in Sagittarius for the following 14 to15 years (till February 2020).  Although it’s going to be in Sagittarius for about 4 months before it returns to Scorpio, Pluto being the planet of transformation will certainly affect the matters related to Sagittarius in a big way. The drastic changes in our collective moral and religious perceptions are certainly going to be manifested in the way we never experienced before by Pluto’s transit in Sagittarius. This era (next 15 years) will be remembered as the period of religious revolution.  The way we have been used to deal with religions will no longer be our norms.  Although it’s very likely that some of the world religions will either become obsolete or transformed into other forms the religious or moral codes will be greatly influenced by our collective spiritual experiences. And in that sense a subtle but most effective transformation of world religions during this unique era of 15 years is likely to take us to a level where the norms solely based on spiritual experiences will dictate and guide our lives with new level of understanding. 

In scientific and technological areas lot of drastic changes and emerging new ideas will find their way into innovations and discoveries.  The scientific and technological growth rate will rise at a very rapid pace.  However, it will be the first time the scientific and technological research will be more focused in areas that will bridge the gap between the science and morality. The likely areas of research will be in biotechnology, medicine, spiritual healing, and life-force related activities. A new wave of philosophers with their new perspectives on living, in general, will certainly transform our world in next 20 years to a new set of living. 

The events that are going to be responsible due to other planetary configurations are:

1.     Religious turmoil all across the globe that could get manifested through violence, suicide bombings, killings of innocents, as well as natural and man-made calamities are likely to occur during January 11-28, March 9-19 and May 15-31 periods.

2.     Religious revolution and transformation, especially in the United States of America is likely to begin take its root during May 22-31 and will be likely to establish itself in some form by November 13-24.

3.     Man-made and natural calamities and accidents are likely to occur during Jan 11-28, Feb 10-15, March 9-19, April 24- May 9, May 21-26, Aug 28 – Sept 1, Sept 19-23, and October 21-29 periods.  The man-made accidents will manifest in the form of violence, suicide bombings, direct clashes, and perhaps chemical and biological warfare. The affected areas of the world likely to include: Middle-East (Iraq, Palestine and Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia), Russia and former soviet union countries, and the United States of America.

4.     Although the entire year will test the character of president Bush, the periods that will likely to be significantly challenging for Bush administration are:  Feb 10 – 15, April 24 – May 9, Aug 28 – Sept 1, and Sept 14 -28. 

5.    For the world financial markets April 24 through May 9 period may prove to be a disaster one. 

Date posted:  December 31, 2005

Looking back:  . 

The chart below shows some of the popular indexes of US markets.  It’s interesting to note that the market bottom for 2005 did occur during April 24 – May 9 period.