2008 Predictions

December 31, 2007

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2008

The significant (regular) planetary configurations (both positives and negatives ones) for the year 2008 are: 

1.  Pluto-Ketu trine and Pluto-Rahu sextile (January 3 – 25)

2.  Uranus-Jupiter sextile (March 16 – June 2)

3.  Pluto-Saturn trine (April 10 – May 12)

4.  Neptune-Ketu opposition and Neptune-Rahu conjunction (April 15 – May 14)

5.  Uranus-Saturn opposition (Oct 27 – Nov 14)

6. Neptune-Saturn quincunx (Nov 26 – Jan 8)

The important ninefold planetary configurations for 2008 are:

1. Uranus-Rahu opposition and Uranus-Ketu conjunction (Feb 17 -23)

2. Uranus-Saturn conjunction (Apr 30 – June 8)

3.Uranua-Rahu/Ketu squares (May 26 – June 3)

4. Pluto-Rahu/Ketu squares (July 28 – Aug 14)

5. Pluto-Uranus conjunction (Oct 21 – Nov 3)

6. Pluto-Saturn opposition (Nov 5 – 16)

7.Neptune-Rahu/Ketu squares (Dec 9 – 17)

8. Saturn-Rahu opposition and Saturn-Ketu conjunction (Dec 15 – 23)

During 2008, Neptune briefly leaves sidereal Capricorn and transits through sidereal Aquarius (April 11 – July 13). Aquarius being the sign of intellect and to some extent spiritual and since during the same time Jupiter will be anchored in its own auspicious sign– the sidereal Sagittarius, this period of about 3-4 months is going to be very inspirational for the intellects, philosophers, writers, philanthropists, social reformers, and moral leaders.

Neptune-Rahu conjunction (April 15 – May 14) is likely to be responsible for unstable political situation in Russia as well as in China with renewed interest in covert activities and political deception. These activities may intensify to bring about drastic political changes.

Uranus-Saturn opposition (Oct 27 – Nov 14) is certainly not positive for the United States. It will certainly reflect in surprises for presidential election in the United States.  Increased friction between USA and Russia, USA and China, and USA and European Union will be very likely.

In general, the year 2008 will be dominated by the spiritual forces shaping the future of the world.  International issues will predominantly deal with religion, morality, and general well being of human race.  The world will become closer and instantaneous communications will make it feel like a borderless world.

Financial markets will reflect economical growth all around the world, advances in technology and sciences will continue to be phenomenal, and at the same time, suicide bombings, and terrorism in the middle-east is likely to continue. Oil prices will continue to be very volatile. 

As far as Pakistan is concerned, until the end of January the political instability and the turmoil will continue with increased violence and more killings.  The presidential election is likely to be postponed until after January. The stability or rather less violent atmosphere in Pakistan is not likely until April 10.  Even after April 10,the political stability will be short lived and the violence and terrorism will return in July since Mars will be in conjunction with Saturn during the entire July. The negative impact of Saturn-Mars conjunction in sidereal Leo is likely to continue through most of the year.

Both man-made and natural calamities are very likely to occur during Feb 17 -23, Apr 14 – June 8, July 28 – Aug 14, Oct 27 – Nov 16, and Dec 9 – 17.