2011 Predictions

December 31, 2010

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous year 2011

During the entire 2011, all the modern planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) will reside in spiritual (sidereal) zodiac signs: Pluto in Sagittarius, the fire and mutable sign ruled by Jupiter; Neptune in Aquarius, the air and fixed sign ruled by Saturn; and Uranus in Pisces, the water sign ruled by Jupiter.  Both the Saturn and Jupiter being the planets of spiritual forces (as they rule the last four signs of the zodiac), the entire year will be dominated by subtle spiritual human evolution at a phenomenal speed.  

In addition, the Jupiter’s transit in Pisces will last through May 1, 2011, and it will accelerate the process of our spiritual growth during the first half of the year. The spiritual growth will be reflected in our collective search for something other than the normal inclination towards material growth. The United States (Uranus country) is more likely to provide the platform for this future human endeavor. This process of collective human spiritual growth actually began when Pluto entered Sidereal Sagittarius  in January of 2005 with the accelerated process of globalization.  As a result, we human are so closely connected that we practically share of our experiences via internet (or other similar interactive medium of communications) every minute, every hour, every day! Thus, the seed for collective human experience has already been in place for us to move forward and grow spiritually.

During March 2011, Saturn will directly oppose Jupiter.  This opposition takes place along the Virgo-Pisces axis (Saturn in Virgo and Jupiter in Pisces). As a result of this opposition, we are likely to be collectively transformed (notice the earth (material) sign Virgo opposes the spiritual water sign Pisces) by reflecting on collective happiness…and possibly discovering the direction that we want to collectively take as the next step forward in our evolution.

However, it must be pointed out that with all the rosy picture of our spiritual growth as painted above, the path or transformation process is likely to be accompanied with pain and possibly sufferings.  The pain and the human suffering will be reflected in violence and terrorism in places like Afghanistan-Pakistan, Iraq-Iran, and some other places around the world. The period of February through May and later in September and October may turn out to be very crucial for such events. 

During the first four months of the year, the world financial markets will exhibit marked volatility.  

Despite the challenges of economic growth around the world, advances in technology and sciences will absolutely be phenomenal. The major scientific and technological breakthroughs in fields of medicine, biotechnology, high technology and space science will be remarkable.