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Monthly Astrological Insights for August 2021

Date Posted: July 31, 2021

Although in August, the undesirable energy of the explosive and deadly Uranus-Saturn square is slowly fading away, the manifestation of energy of the Pluto-Uranus ninefold square will certainly be felt during August 8 – October 4 period, and it’s not pretty for the world, especially for the United States. The continuation of the spreading of the Delta variant is likely to intensify, a new wave of violence in the Middle-East, especially in the Israeli-Palestinian region and in the United States are very likely. In addition, a significant rise in the natural calamities (heat waves and wild fires, severe storms, unprecedented flooding, tornados, hurricanes and typhoons, etc.,) and manmade calamities (senseless killings and shootings, social unrest and violence) are more likely.

Furthermore, the energies of Uranus-Mars (Aug 2-5) and Rahu/Ketu-Mars (Aug 9-11) squares may become responsible for an outbreak of fire related disasters and political tensions among leading nations.

Other important point to note is the retrograde motion of four major planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto, and all in zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius ruled by Saturn indicate a general slowdown in most of the areas of world material expansion activities. It sure looks like a slow but sure path of the collective material contraction that the world is witnessing since the Pluto entered the sidereal Capricorn in December 2019/January 2020. Perhaps the silver lining in what’s going around the world would make us take a pause and reflect on the priorities we have for our way of living.


Retrograde Jupiter (June 20 – October 18)

On June 20, Jupiter turned retrograde in sidereal Aquarius.  With its retrograde motion it will return to the sidereal Capricorn on September 15.  It will continue to be retrograde in Capricorn until October 18.

While it’s in Aquarius, it’s the time for academia, social reformers, philosophers, philanthropists, people involved in social justice and morality related fields might want to step back a little and reflect on what has been achieved or done so far. When it’s in Capricorn, entrepreneurs, business people, CEO’s of big companies, money managers, etc., should consider in taking a pause in their activities and review their goals and agendas.

For those who have a well placed Jupiter in their birth charts and if Jupiter’s period is currently in operation likely to feel a slight deceleration in their progress.  Remember it’s only temporary!  Need to put more energy in to whatever you do to achieve the same result that you would when it’s direct. Especially those born with Capricorn, Libra, Leo, Gemini and Aries as a ninefold (Navamansha) ascendant are likely to do well while Jupiter in Aquarius, and those who are born with Sagittarius, Virgo, Cancer, Taurus and Pisces as a ninefold (Navamansha) ascendant would experience favorable period when Jupiter in Capricorn. 

On the world scene, particularly in religious world, “Confusion” will dominate and their agendas are likely to get stalled. The world economy may experience a slower growth.


Jupiter’s transit in the sidereal Aquarius (Phase 1: April 5 – Sept 15; Phase 2: Nov 20, 2021 – April 13, 2022 )

On April 5, Jupiter left (sidereal) Capricorn and temporarily entered the next zodiac sign, Aquarius.  Jupiter’s transit from one zodiac sign to the next occurs, on average, once a year. This time, the first phase of Jupiter’s transit in Aquarius will last until Sept 15, 2021. Then with its retrograde motion it will return to Capricorn and stay in Capricorn till November 20, 2021. And then on November 20, 2021, it reenters Aquarius and starts its second phase and that will last until April 13, 2022.

Aquarius being the air sign Jupiter’s manifestation in Aquarius will certainly  be reflected in emergence of new philosophies, philosophical debates, and as a result, perhaps new norms and new way of living.  For the entire world, in general, it’s going to be an auspicious time from the spirituality advancement point of view. In addition, Aquarius being a fixed sign, the resulting philosophical influences will likely to be long lasting.  Also, academia, social reformers, social justice, morality, universal brotherhood and to some extent religions are likely to be positively influenced by Jupiter’s transit in Aquarius.

While in Capricorn (September 15 – November 20), being a cardinal and earth sign ruled by Saturn, Jupiter in Capricorn has a tendency to enhance material prosperity of those who have well placed and well connected Saturn and Jupiter in their birth charts while others likely to experience their prosperity diminish. In general, transit of Jupiter in Capricorn is positive from material prosperity standpoint. It must be noted that despite Jupiter’s positive influence on world material prosperity, influence of other planets should be taken into consideration to assess the net effect for an individual based on his or her natal chart. In general, the Capricorn Jupiter is known to be responsible for world economic expansion.

For individuals, for those who have dominant Jupiter in their birth charts and have Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Leo, or Libra as their natal ninefold (Navamansa) ascendant are likely to experience a very positive period beginning April 5 thru September 15, and then Nov 20, 2021 thru April 13, 2022.


About President Joe Biden and his challenges…….

Currently President Joe Biden’s Dasa cycles are: Jupiter major, Rahu intermediate and Mercury as sub cycle lasting till September 8, 2021.  The planets in the Nakshatras (constellations) ruled by Jupiter are: Jupiter and Mercury; in the Nakshatras ruled by Rahu are: Mars and Ketu; and in the Nakshatras ruled by Mercury: none. Thus, the activation of energies of Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Ketu are expected to be reflected in President’s activities and actions. 

With Libra as his ninefold (Navamansh) ascendant, the favorable Jupiter continues to be in the 5th house of his Gochar (transit) chart till September 15, 2021; Mercury in the 10th till Aug 8th, 11th till Aug 26 and then in the 12th house. Mars in the 11th house for the rest of  month, and Ketu in the 1st house.

Given Gochar chart dispositions of the above planets, Jupiter will be favorable for him till Aug 19 to be successful in achieving his goals: humanitarian needs such as continued Covid-19 nationwide vaccinations efforts, global vaccine drive, infrastructure bill, voting right bill etc. After Aug 19, Jupiter will be neutral. Mercury continues to be positive for him up to Aug 26 in getting things done. His popularity is likely to continue on rise.

In addition, the 11th house Gochar Mars will be favorable for him in achieving his major goals after a significant effort and fight in congress in getting some important bills passed. The lunar node Ketu would be neutral in having few obstacles in governing the country.

However, the continuation of the opposition of the transiting Uranus to his natal Mars will likely to be reflected in domestic challenges that will test his ability to govern.  It may continue to be a painful experience for him, especially the energy of the transiting Uranus opposing his natal Mars is likely to force him to be more confrontational, the act that he always like to avoid.

Overall, August may turn out to be a bit better than July but still a fairly mixed month with success in dealing with ongoing issues on one hand but facing the new challenges requiring him to be more confrontational with unknown outcome on the other.

Global Insights……..

The important challenging planetary configurations for August include: Rahu-Jupiter (Aug 23-31) ninefold opposition; Saturn-Mars (Aug 12-14) quincunx; Uranus-Saturn (Aug 27 – Sept 10) ninefold quincunx; Rahu/Ketu-Mars (Aug 9-11) square and Pluto-Uranus (Aug 8 – Oct 4) ninefold square.

The Rahu-Jupiter (Aug 23-31) ninefold opposition means slow down in religious and social progress, humanitarian efforts and charity work.  The morality, in general, is likely to take a backseat and religious scandals may come to the surface during this period.

The Saturn-Mars (Aug 12-14) quincunx may become responsible for a short term but very intensive friction between India and Pakistan. Terrorism and violence, especially in Middle East will be on rise. Outbreak of an undesirable happening, and strong occurrences of both natural and man-made calamities all around the world are real possibilities.

The Uranus-Saturn (Aug 27 – Sept 10) ninefold quincunx may become responsible for social or political turmoil in the USA, Russia and or China as well as tensions rising among them. 

The manifestation of the Rahu/Ketu-Mars (Aug 9-11) square may be reflected in both natural and man-made calamities causing destruction and loss of lives during these days.

The Pluto-Uranus (Aug 8 – Oct 4) ninefold square may become responsible for a unique change in the way the current US administration deals with other nations with respect to its international agenda, and also with its domestic matters. There will be a transformation of a political strategy that might become responsible of a change in the current political agenda, and foreign policy matters of the Biden administration as the planet Pluto with its tremendous energy has a power of irreversibly transforming the field of politics to a new level or setting with a new set of norms. Expect some serious issues that the Biden administration could get tangled with.


The important auspicious planetary configurations for August include Pluto-Saturn (July 29 – Sept 14) ninefold trine and Pluto-Jupiter (Aug 8-14) ninefold sextile.

The Pluto-Saturn (July 29 – Sept 14) ninefold trine  may become responsible fora good period for European and Russian economy. This period is also good for progress in technical fields (new innovations and discoveries) and religious reconciliation.

The manifestation of the Pluto-Jupiter (Aug 8-14) ninefold sextile may be reflected in positive changes in  religious and academic and to some extent social fields. Initial reaction to changes might appear to be a bit confusing and perhaps chaotic, but the majority of us are going to embrace this new wave of changes and are very likely to enjoy it.

The countries that are more likely to be affected during this month are:  United States, Russia, China,  India, Pakistan, Europe and Middle-East (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Palestine-Israel regions).


      Natural and Man-made Calamities……..

      The natural calamities like extreme weather conditions, wildfires, hurricanes, heavy rains, snow storms, air crashes as well as manmade accidents are likely to occur during Aug 2-5, 9-14, 17-31.


      Earthquakes: Based on a new Earthquake prediction model (the work is still in progress), the earthquake(s) of magnitude 6.9 or higher, if occur, are likely to occur on following dates and Times: Earthquake Predictions 2021.  Please note that these hourly predictions refer to the Universal time (GMT).


While man-made calamities may manifest themselves in terrorism, unrest, violence, accidents, and air crashes, the natural calamities are likely to include extreme weather conditions such as severe cold winters, and equally intensive droughts, hurricanes or typhoons, thunderstorms, earthquakes and fires