Influence of planets on Individuals for July 2001

Date Posted: June 30, 2001 

Although it’s very difficult to predict the influence of planets on a given individual without referring to his or her birth chart the following is intended only as a general guideline.  For confirmation, however, you must refer to your birth chart. Based on the assessment of planetary strengths or weaknesses in your birth chart, placement of planets in your current progressive regular and ninefold charts, and the current operating planetary cycles the following may or may not be applicable.  

Lunar Eclipse (July 5, 10:00 AM -1:00 PM (EST))

A lunar eclipse is going to occur on July 5.  The eclipse is  going to be visible in most part of Asia (East of Afghanistan), Australia, and Pacific island countries.  This eclipse occurs in the sidereal zodiac sign Gemini.  For those who has Moon-Rahu (lunar node) or Sun-Rahu conjunction in their birth chart are likely to experience emotional breakdown at least during that day. Places like psychiatric wards or asylums may experience inmates activities at their peak during that day. However, in general,  I don’t expect any significant negative thing to happen anywhere in the world since the auspicious Jupiter also residing in the sidereal Gemini will help diminish the negative influence of the Sun, Moon, and Rahu Conjunction.   

Retrograde Mars (May 12 – July 20)

From the planetary influence standpoint, one of the major events of May is the retrograde Mars which on average occurs once every two years.  On May 12, Mars becomes retrograde in the sidereal zodiac sign Sagittarius, via it’s retrograde motion returns to Scorpio on June 11, and stays retrograde till July 20. Astrologically speaking, what does the retrograde Mars mean? And what can we expect from the retrograde Mars?

In general, when a planet turns retrograde, the positive energy offered by that planet is expected to slowly diminish.  In case of Mars, being a planet of total independence, high ego, and less maturity usually make things worse with incredible speed. 

For those of you who have predominant Mars in their birth chart and if it’s influencing you through the current progressive chart, then you are very likely to experience a sudden setback in your professional as well as in other activities.  You may have to repeat things over many times to get it right, or you may have to deal with unfortunate and totally unexpected circumstances, and in general, you may end up in having a very frustrating experience.  In particular, engineers, designers, construction workers, people who work in military, leaders, managers and like are likely to be more affected than others.

At a collective level, expect a political tension building among developed nations.  Destruction of wealth due to natural calamities or man made accidents are also very likely. Other possibilities include a sudden rise in terrorist activities, escalation in a warlike climate between Israelis and Palestinians, and of course increased covert activities among nations.

Uranus’s entry in the sidereal zodiac sign Aquarius (April 4-July 27)

One of the important planetary events of April is the transit of the modern planet Uranus from (sidereal) Capricorn to Aquarius on April 4. It stays in Aquarius till July 27, and then with its retrograde motion will return to Capricorn and will stay in Capricorn till January 24, 2002. After January 2002 it will stay in Aquarius for the following 6 to 7 years.  Although it’s going to be in Aquarius for a short while before it returns to Aquarius next year, Uranus being the planet of change will certainly affect the matters related to Aquarius in a big way. The drastic changes in social perceptions about the way we live is going to be tremendously influenced by Uranus’s transit in Aquarius. In scientific and technological areas expect a lot of drastic changes and emerging new ideas will find their way into innovations and discoveries.  The scientific and technological growth rate will rise at a very rapid pace.  A new wave of philosophers with their new perspectives on living, in general, will certainly transform our world in next 6-7 years to a new level of understanding. 

On individual level for those who have Aquarius ninefold ascendant should get ready for a brand new cycle of change, especially a very pronounced cycle if Uranus is a dominant planet in their birth charts. The changes that might occur would be sudden and would deal with pretty much all aspects of life including marriage, profession, surroundings, common perceptions and beliefs, and the way of living.

Pluto-Mars Conjunction (July 8-August 28)

Pluto-Mars conjunction in sidereal Scorpio will bring a very trying and challenging period for those who have Pluto-Mars conjunction in their birth charts. If that conjunction happens to be in the second, eighth, or twelfth house in the birth chart, and present planetary operating cycle influences you through either Mars or Pluto, you are in a very difficult, miserable, and disappointing period of your life. Avoid taking any kind of risk, stay extremely low key, and possibly avoid dealing with fire. For those who has Pluto-Mars trine and both of these planets are well placed are likely to rip huge benefits depending on their relative position in their birth charts.

On the collective level, expect a high rate of occurrence of natural and man-made calamities, particularly the ones that deal with fire and water all around the world. Rising terrorist activities and warlike climates, and in general, a very high degree of unsteady political climate in the Mid-east area are real possibilities.  Tension between Israel and Palestinians is likely to reach at all time high level. Also, the relationship between India and Pakistan is going to further deteriorate and possibly reach to another low.

Pluto-Saturn opposition (July 26-August 17)

Pluto-Saturn direct opposition occurs on average about once every 35-36 years, although the year it occurs, it may occur at 2-3 separate occasions due to retrograde motion of these planets. For those who have conjunction, square, or opposition of Pluto and Saturn in their horoscope, and for those whose current planetary operating cycle is influenced by either of these planets are likely to experience a severe setback or turmoil in their lives.  Such opposition can become a very strong force to destroy the current setting of your lifestyle and transform it to a totally new setting which may or may not be desirable depending on the strength and positive influence of these planets in the natal chart. In any event it’s going to be a irreversible situation.

On the collective level, expect the outbreak of violence and terrorist activities, natural as well as man-made calamities, and to some extent, war-like climate in some parts of the world. Tension between Israelis and Palestinians is likely to escalate again at a new level. Some European countries, Russia, and China may experience political as well as social turmoil.