Influence of planets on Individuals for June 2014

Date Posted: May 31, 2014

Although it’s very difficult to predict the influence of planets on a given individual without referring to his or her birth chart the following is intended only as a general guideline.  For confirmation, however, you must refer to your birth chart. Based on the assessment of planetary strengths or weaknesses in your birth chart, placement of planets in your current progressive regular and ninefold charts, and the current operating planetary cycles the following may or may not be applicable.  

Retrograde Mercury (June 7 – July 2) 

On June 7, the planet Mercury becomes retrograde in sidereal Gemini. It will stay retrograde in Gemini until July 2. Typically retrograde Mercury means anxieties, communication breakdowns, unexpected delays, frustrations, missing deadlines, unforeseen obstacles and disappointment in daily chores. Retrograde Mercury in Gemini means more frustrating periods for people in media, communications, accountants, editors, publishers and diplomats. This is the time not to start a new project or a venture, but rather reflect on what’s been done so far.  Also, this is the best time to cleanup that closet and do other chores that you have been postponing due to lack of time.

In addition, if you have dominating Mercury in your birth chart and if Mercury is currently your operating planet, then you are more likely to experience the pronounced effects of retrograde Mercury during this period with respect to matters signified by the house it’s transiting in your progressive chart.

Jupiter’s transit in the sidereal zodiac sign Cancer (June 19)

One of the annual events of 2014 is the Jupiter’s ingress (entry) in the exalted sidereal Cancer.  On June 19, Jupiter leaves (sidereal) Gemini and enters the next zodiac sign, Cancer.  Jupiter’s transit from one zodiac sign to the next occurs, on average, once a year. Cancer being cardinal and water sign ruled by friendly Moon and is considered to be the the exalted  sign for Jupiter to reside in, Cancer Jupiter is likely to bring more peace all around the world for next twelve months or so. 

The Cancer Jupiter has a tendency to enhance spiritual growth of those who have well placed and connected Jupiter and Moon in their birth charts.  Thus, transit of Jupiter in Cancer is very auspicious.  For one thing human spirit and compassion around the world is likely to be expand. (It must be noted that despite Jupiter’s positive influence on world spirituality, effects of other planets should also be taken into account to assess the net result or effect). In addition, the influence of philosophers, healers, spiritual leaders and in general, who are somehow involved in serving humanity will shape the future direction of our social evolution through the philosophical and spiritual debate. In general, the Cancer Jupiter is known to be responsible for world spiritual expansion. So from that perspective expect some positive spiritual changes during this period and welcome the Jupiter’s entry in Cancer.

On individual levels, for those who have dominant Jupiter in their birth charts and have Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn and Scorpio as their natal ninefold ascendant are likely to experience a very positive twelve months period beginning June 19, 2014.

Retrograde Saturn (March 3 – July 21)

Saturn became retrograde on March 3 and is going to stay retrograde till July 21, 2014 in sidereal Libra.  For those who have a well placed Saturn in their birth charts and if Saturn’s period is currently in operation, then they are likely to experience slow progress. Best way to deal with retrograde Saturn is to put more energy in to whatever you do to work towards your goal.

On the world scene, generally, the projects that deal with expansion are likely to either stay on hold or experience sluggish progress.  In religious world, things are likely to move at frustratingly slow rate.  In the political arena what may seem like progress will turn out to be a disaster.

Uranus-Rahu (and Ketu) ninefold square(s) (June 6-13)

Uranus-Rahu (and Ketu) ninefold squares are going to be very unfavorable for those who have such squares in their natal charts.  Expect sudden loss of money, power, demotions at work place and/or tarnished reputation in professional and social fields. If you have such squares in your birth chart, and if any one of these planets is presently influencing you through the current progressive cycle then you need be very careful. The best thing to do is not to make any new commitment, and totally avoid taking any business or monetary risk. Remember the time when you felt financially very secured, happy with family, and suddenly the landscape turned against you and everything disappears. Well, if not exactly this way but something like this has a good potential to happen (again) …be careful!

On a collective level, United States and particularly the President Obama and his administration should take extra precaution in dealing with foreign matters. Terrorist activities are very likely to occur in the United States besides the volatile region of the Middle-East (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Israel and Palestine). 

Pluto-Mars Square (June 10-16)

This square may cause great turmoil in lives of individuals who have Pluto-Mars square in their natal charts.  Depending on the positions of these planets the matters related to the respective houses are likely to be affected.  The severity of the manifestation would be proportional to the strength of this square in the natal chart.  The sudden or drastic change in profession or at work place are common manifestations of this square.   

On collective level or on world scene, natural and man-made calamities can not be ruled out.

Neptune-Saturn ninefold square (June 10-23)

If you have a Neptune-Saturn square in your birth chart, and if any one of these two planets influencing you now through your current progressive chart, then during this period you might want to consider postponing your plans of expansion or any new venture, and just stay in a defensive mode.  This square has a tendency to ruin your plans in a very deceptive manner, and usually, there is very little you can do about it once the process begins.

On a collective level, countries like China and Russia may face some difficult time during this period.

Pluto-Uranus ninefold trine (June 11-23)

Uranus-Pluto trine is going to be very favorable for those who have these planets favorably placed in their natal charts.  Expect monetary as well as power gains, promotions and improved prestige in professional and social fields.  The ideas that you always wanted to pursue but somehow could never get started….now is the time to follow that dream. You will distinctly notice and feel the positive energy flowing through you during this period.  It’s time to jump in and enjoy this period.

On a collective level, this is an extraordinary time for technological discoveries and inventions.  Expect some new important technological breakthroughs during January. For the United States, in general, this month is going to be remarkable and successful month.

Rahu-Jupiter (and Ketu-Jupiter) square(s) (June 19-26)

Jupiter-Rahu (and Ketu) squares are going to be very unfavorable for those who have such squares in their natal charts.  Insecure feeling, loss of direction in life, general unhappiness, difficulty in keeping the faith in God are some of the symptoms of these squares.  If you have such squares in your birth chart, and if any one of these planets is presently influencing you through the current progressive cycle then you need to look at the things with a different attitude. The best thing to do is to stay the course of present action without making any new commitment. Remember the time when you felt the life is not fair and not worth living, very unsure to yourself, and unhappy with family.. Well, that’s how you going to feel this time. Keep your faith strong!

On a collective level, religions around the world will find difficulty in carrying out their activities and in general, keeping people happy. Loss of a well known religious figurehead is likely.

Mars-Uranus opposition (June 21-26)

Watch-out for these 5-6 days of this month for sudden and undesirable happenings in your life if you have such opposition or square in your birth chart.  It could be a sudden loss of money, unfortunate accident, or a bad news. Only thing I suppose you could do is be prepared and avoid taking in new risk during this period.

On a collective level, natural and man-made calamities are likely, especially in the United States of America.

Uranus-Saturn quincunx (June 23 – August 15)

The Saturn-Uranus quincunx transit is very undesirable for you if you have such quincunx or square in your birth chart. In addition, if the planet Uranus or Saturn is affecting your life via your current progressive chart, then you might want to consider taking extra precautions in the areas which are affected by the houses of your natal chart in which these planets reside. You should avoid taking any kind of risk at any cost during this period.  Such quincunx can make things very miserable and difficult for you. Staying low key is certainly the way to go.  Avoid any new ventures and postpone the matters that you want to begin till this period is passed. 

On a collective level, the United States of America, Russia or China may experience social or political turmoil at home as well as tensions rising among them.