Influence of planets on Individuals for October 2005

Date Posted: September 30, 2005

Although it’s very difficult to predict the influence of planets on a given individual without referring to his or her birth chart the following is intended only as a general guideline.  For confirmation, however, you must refer to your birth chart. Based on the assessment of planetary strengths or weaknesses in your birth chart, placement of planets in your current progressive regular and ninefold charts, and the current operating planetary cycles the following may or may not be applicable.  

Retrograde Mars (October 2 – December 10)

From the planetary influence standpoint, one of the major events in October is the retrograde Mars which on average occurs once every two years.  On October 2, Mars becomes retrograde in the sidereal zodiac sign Aries and stays retrograde till December 10 in Aries. Astrologically speaking, what does the retrograde Mars mean? And what can we expect from the retrograde Mars?

In general, when a planet turns retrograde, the positive energy offered by that planet is expected to slowly diminish.  In case of Mars, being a planet of total independence, high ego, and less maturity usually make things worse with incredible speed. 

For those of you who have predominant and not well placed Mars in their birth chart and if it’s influencing you through the current progressive chart, then you are very likely to experience a sudden setback in your professional as well as in other activities.  You may have to repeat things over many times to get it right, or you may have to deal with unfortunate and totally unexpected circumstances, and in general, you may end up in having a very frustrating experience.  In particular, engineers, designers, construction workers, people who work in military, leaders, managers and like are likely to be more affected than others.

At a collective level, expect a political tension building among developed nations.  Destruction of wealth due to natural calamities or man made accidents are also very likely. Other possibilities include a sudden rise in terrorist activities, escalation in a warlike climate and of course increased covert activities among developed nations.

Total Solar Eclipse (October 3)

A total solar eclipse occurs on October 3 approximately during the hours of 8:00 to 13:00 GMT.  This eclipse will be visible in continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia,  and the east-coast of South America. 

This eclipse is important since the Sun and Moon will be within 3-4 degrees from Ketu, the Southern or descending node in the sidereal zodiac sign Virgo. Consequently this eclipse, according to Vedic astrology, is likely to be unfavorable for those who have sidereal Virgo rising or Virgo as moon sign. 

For those who have the lunar nodes in conjunction with either Sun, Moon should watch-out.  It’s not a good day!  Take extra precaution and avoid any sort of outdoor activity requiring you to get out of house.

On world scene, the middle east (especially Israel, Palestine, Iraq, and perhaps Saudi Arabia) countries are likely to experience violence.

Partial Lunar Eclipse (October 17)

A partial lunar eclipse occurs on October 17 during the hours of 10:00  to 15:00 (GMT) and it will be visible in the western part of North America,  Pacific Island countries, Pacific-rim countries and Eastern Asia.  It’s not a strong eclipse, and therefore, it’s not expected to influence the world events in significantly negative way. 

Mars-Pluto Quincunx (Oct 7 – 18)

This twelve-day period is likely to be very frustrating for those who have Mars-Pluto opposition, quincunx, square, or conjunction in their natal charts. Typically this quincunx is very unfavorable from the point of view that one might face situations that are beyond his/her control. Unexpected problems are likely to occur with astonishing speed and without any notice.  For those who have such quincunx, opposition or conjunction in their birth chart, and if they have any one of these planets influencing them through their current progressive cycle need to be on guard. Stay very low key, do not make any new commitment, and avoid taking any sort of risk. Also, experiences like a sudden incident of fire, or an accident involving explosive material are very possible. 

On the world scene, sudden outbreak of an undesirable happening,  possibilities of both natural and man-made calamities are likely. The countries that are most likely to be affected during this period will be: the United States of America, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine and Israel.

Pluto-Rahu and Pluto-Ketu ninefold squares (Oct 21-29)

The squares of Pluto with the lunar nodes are generally have tendencies to destroy the present setting of life and transform it into a totally new one. Those who have better placed lunar nodes and with their auspicious connection with Pluto are likely to adapt well to this new change and move to their next level of evolution, while others are likely struggle and may find the change unbearable. Perhaps the best way to deal with this situation is to stay alert and extremely cautious in dealing with your surroundings that affect you. Avoid taking any new risk during this period.  And probably be prepared for situations that are going to get worse before they get better with new direction in life. Staying low key is certainly the way to go.  Avoid any new ventures and postpone the matters that you want to begin till this period is passed. 

On a collective level, a new wave of renewed violence between Israel and Palestinians, in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as outbreak of terrorism around the world during these nine days are real possibilities.

Uranus-Saturn ninefold sextile (Oct 18 – Oct 26)

Uranus-Saturn ninefold sextile is going to be favorable for those who have these planets favorably placed in their natal charts.  Expect monetary as well as power gains, promotions and improved prestige in professional and social fields.  The ideas that you always wanted to pursue but somehow could never get started….now is the time to follow that dream. However don’t neglect your family during this busy time. You will distinctly notice and feel the positive energy flowing through you during this period.  It’s time to jump in and enjoy this period.

On a collective level, religious activities all around the world are likely to expand with new vigor and energy, conservatives will find ways to compromise with liberals on sticky issues. Democrats and Republicans will agree on more matters than on the ones they disagree.  This is a good time to get those lingering bills passed in U.S. Congress and Senates. China and Russia are likely to experience some mild setbacks in their foreign policies, especially the ones that deal with the United States.

Jupiter’s transit in the sidereal zodiac sign Libra (September 27)

On September 27, Jupiter left (sidereal) Virgo and entered the next zodiac sign, Libra.  Jupiter’s transit from one zodiac sign to the next occurs, on average, once a year. Libra being a cardinal, moving and air sign ruled by Venus, Jupiter in Libra has a tendency to enhance intellectual capacities for those who have well placed and connected Venus and Jupiter in their birth charts.   For one thing material prosperity around the worlds is likely to be expand. (It must be noted that despite Jupiter’s positive influence on world material prosperity, effects of other planets should be taken into account to assess the net result or effect). Judicial systems around the world are likely to become focus of public scrutiny, and as a result, implementation of positive changes within the existing system are likely.   In addition, the influence of contemporary philosophers on society will shape the future direction of our social evolution through the philosophical and metaphysical debates. In general, Libra Jupiter is known to be responsible for justice and fairness. So from that perspective expect some positive human right related changes during this period and welcome the Jupiter’s entry in Libra.

On individual levels, for those who have dominant Jupiter in their birth charts and have Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Aries, or Gemini as their natal ninefold ascendant are likely to experience a very positive twelve months period beginning September 27.

Pluto’s temporary return to the sidereal zodiac sign Scorpio (May 28 – Nov 28)

One of the important planetary events of this year is the transit of the modern planet Pluto from the sidereal zodiac sign Scorpio to Sagittarius. It first occured on January 28. Pluto stayed in Sagittarius till May 28, and then with its retrograde motion returned to Scorpio and will stay in Scorpio till November 28. After November 28, 2005 it will remain in Sagittarius for the following 14 to15 years (till February 2020).  Although it’s going to be in Sagittarius for only about 4 months before it returns to Scorpio, Pluto being the planet of transformation will certainly affect the matters related to Sagittarius in a big way. The drastic changes in our collective moral and religious perceptions are certainly going to be manifested in the way we never experienced before by Pluto’s transit in Sagittarius. This era (next 15 years) will be remembered as the period of religious revolution.  The way we have been used to deal with religions will no longer be our norms.  Although it’s very likely that some of the world religions will either become obsolete or transformed into other forms the religious or moral codes will be greatly influenced by our collective spiritual experiences. And in that sense a subtle but most effective transformation of world religions during this unique era of 15 years is likely to take us to a level where the norms solely based on spiritual experiences will dictate and guide our lives with new level of understanding. 

During its temporary return to Scorpio (May 28 – Nov 28) the natural as well as man-made disasters will be on rise, the Palestine-Israel region will lot more of violence and terrorism.  The insurgency in Iraq will escalate, and in general, the world becomes more anxiety-stricken.  

On individual level for those who have Scorpio ninefold ascendant should become careful and prepare for a period of a potential turmoil, especially if Pluto is a dominant planet in your birth charts.