Influence of planets on Individuals for September 2020

Date Posted: August 31, 2020

Although it’s very difficult to predict the influence of planets on a given individual without referring to his or her birth chart the following is intended only as a general guideline.  For confirmation, however, you must refer to your birth chart. Based on the assessment of planetary strengths or weaknesses in your birth chart, placement of planets in your current progressive regular and ninefold charts, and the current operating planetary cycles the following may or may not be applicable.  

Retrograde Jupiter (May 15 – September 13) 

Jupiter became retrograde in sidereal Capricorn on May 15 and with its retrograde motion returns to Sagittarius on July 1, 2020. It remains retrograde in Sagittarius until September 13.  

While in Capricorn, being a cardinal and earth sign ruled by Saturn, Jupiter in Capricorn (despite debilitated in Capricorn) has a tendency to enhance material prosperity. But during its retrograde period in Capricorn and given the Pluto’s presence in Capricorn, the rate of destruction of material wealth is likely to be more significant.

For those who have a well placed Jupiter in their birth charts and if Jupiter’s period is currently in operation, such people are likely to feel the deceleration in their progress.  Remember it’s only temporary!  Need to put more energy in to whatever you do to achieve what you need to achieve.

On the world scene, particularly in religious world, “confusion” will dominate and things are likely to move at much slower rate.  The world economy may experience a slower growth.

Retrograde Saturn (May 11 – September 29)

Saturn became retrograde on May 11 in sidereal Capricorn, and is going to stay retrograde till September 29 in Capricorn.  For those who have a well placed Saturn in their birth charts and if Saturn’s period is currently in operation, then they are likely to experience slow progress. Best way to deal with retrograde Saturn is to put more energy in to whatever you do to work towards your goal.

On the world scene, generally, the projects that deal with expansion are likely to either stay on hold or experience sluggish progress.  In religious world, things are likely to move at frustratingly slow rate.  In the political arena what may seem like progress will turn out to be a disaster.

Saturn-Rahu quincunx (July 25 – Sept 16)

The Saturn-Rahu quincunx is a challenging aspect for those who have such quincunx in their birth charts. In addition, if the lunar node Rahu (or Ketu), or Saturn is affecting you via your Gochar (transit) chart, then you might want to consider taking extra precautions in areas affected by these planets as indicated in your natal chart.  Such people should avoid taking any kind of risk at any cost during this period.  Such quincunx can make things so miserable and difficult for you that you are never going to forget them in your life. Staying low key is certainly the way to go.  Avoid any new ventures and postpone the matters that you want to begin until this period is passed. 

On a collective level, Russia or China may experience social or political unrest. Also, in the United State for the Republican Party and republicans including for the republican president, it may prove to be prudent to stay on guard during this period.

Uranus-Jupiter ninefold sextile (Sept 4-10)

This auspicious sextile is good for all world religions as well as for people who are engaged in activities that help us expand morally, socially as well as materially.  

For those who have well placed Jupiter and Uranus in their birth chart (conjunction, trine, sextile, opposition) are likely to experience very positive energy during this period.  People involved in the religious activities are likely experience a sudden boost in their daily activities, and religious authorities are going to be well recognized by societies.

On a collective level, religious, academic, and social fields are very likely to enjoy the new and positive changes occurring in their respective fields.

Pluto-Neptune ninefold quincunx (Sept 8 – Oct 8)

For those who have quincunx, square, or opposition of Pluto with Neptune in their birth charts, and for those whose Gochar (transit) chart is influenced by either of these planets are likely to experience a subtle setback due to deceptive surroundings around you.  Such quincunx can become a very strong force in creating an illusion and, as a result, confusion around and with in you. It can become very difficult to stay cool, and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it except by not venturing out into anything new and bear with the current situation with a grin. 

On a collective level, outbreak of violence and terrorist activities in Middle east likely, especially in Syria, Iraq, Israel and Palestine region. Also, the occurrences of natural as well as man-made calamities are more likely. Some of the east-European countries, Russia, and China may experience political as well as social turmoil.

Mars-Saturn square (Sept 26 – Oct 2)

Mars-Saturn square, for no apparent reason, changes a perfectly normal and healthy situation in to the one with a lot of tension and friction with new challenges. For those who have such square in the birth charts, and if any one of these planets are influencing them through the current progressive cycles certainly need to be on guard. If you must involve in an unwanted situation, be extra careful and try to minimize the damage. Experiences like fire burns, rape, accidents, loss of precious things, and monetary disasters are real possibilities.

On the world scene, a short term but very intensive friction between India and Pakistan is very likely. Terrorism and violence around the world, especially in Iraq and Israel-Palestine area will be on rise. Outbreak of an undesirable happening, and occurrences of both natural and man-made calamities are strong possibilities.