It's All in Timing

Are you curious about what lies in your immediate and distance future? Most of us are. In fact because we are uncertain about our destinies and because we difficulty finding explanations for the highs and lows in our lives, we often feel out of control, desperately in need of the sense of security for which we have been striving since birth. Now that sense of security may be easily within reach with the first comprehensive guide to the Eastern approaches to Astrology written in English. It’s All in Timing is a starting point for the Westerner interested in astrology. This book provides the necessary background information on astrology as a mathematically and scientifically based practice. Starting from our solar system’s astrological significance, the book explains the zodiac, and the houses in a horoscope before revealing horoscope casting procedures, the house-planet connections, horoscope analysis and interpretation techniques, and the application of the unique “Ninefold Progression” technique for prediction developed by the author. 

Using the horoscope of President Richard M. Nixon, the book clearly illustrates the method providing the reader with further understanding and firm grasp of the techniques involved. Astrology can lead to a better understanding of your potentials and limitations, and how you can make both work for you. It can also improve your chances of making the best life choices and setting the right life goals. When considering astrology as a means of personal guidance and a way of confirming events already planned, using the information revealed in It’s All in Timing is a fun and rewarding experience, as well as an opportunity to achieve the sense of well-being that comes with personal security.

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