September 30, 2021

Monthly Astrological Insights for October 2021

October is likely to bring some relief from the on going anxiety filled and stagnant atmosphere that we have been collectively experiencing for a long time as three major planets become direct during October. Pluto becomes direct on October 7th, Saturn on October 11th and Jupiter on October 18.  In addition, the retrograde Mercury becomes direct on October 19. The picture of the slow pace of the economic growth and the stalled progress on economic and political activities in getting things accomplished is likely to change to a new brisk period reflecting the beginning of a period with a new set of priorities.  The world financial markets are likely to witness very high volatility and the world political landscape is likely to drastically alter as some of the allied nations switch their partners.

As far as Covid-19 related challenges are concerned they are not likely to go away or met for at least until Saturn leaves sidereal Capricorn. Saturn first temporarily leaves Capricorn during April 2022 but then via its retrograde motion returns to Capricorn in July 2022 to remain in Capricorn through the end of 2022.

Lastly, although it won’t intensify till December, the manifestation of the energy of the Pluto-Uranus square will slowly likely to be reflected in rising violence, higher frequency of the occurrence of natural and man-made calamities and the period filled with fear and uncertainties. 

For sky watchers: 

Presently the bright, big and brilliant Jupiter in the South eastern sky (North eastern sky in the Southern hemisphere) after the sunset provides a spectacular display along with Saturn, being on the right side of Jupiter from west to east direction (about 10 deg arc) and beautiful and bright Venus in the South western sky (North western sky in the Southern hemisphere). Until the end of 2021, all these three planets continue to be visible after the dusk, appearing slowly moving from west to east along the ecliptic.  Enjoy them!  It’s a wonderful energy as two of these three planets (Jupiter and Venus) are benefics.


Retrograde Mercury (Sept 27 – Oct 19) 

On September 27, Mercury became retrograde in sidereal Libra. It will stay retrograde in Libra (until Oct 2) and then in sidereal Virgo till October 19. 

Typically retrograde Mercury means anxieties, communication breakdowns, unexpected delays, frustrations, missing deadlines, unforeseen obstacles and disappointment in daily chores. Retrograde Mercury in Libra means more frustrating periods for entertainers; movie producers, directors, actors; musicians, singers, artists, etc.,. And the retrograde Mercury in Virgo means more challenging periods for entrepreneurs, scientists, business people, designers, decorators, etc.,  This is not a good time to start a new project or venture, but rather reflect on what’s been done so far.  Also, this is the best time to cleanup that closet and do other chores that you have been postponing due to lack of time.

In addition, if you have dominating Mercury in your birth chart and if Mercury is currently as an active planet, then you are likely to experience the pronounced  effects of retrograde Mercury during this period with respect to matters signified by the house it’s currently transiting through in your Gochar (transit) chart.

Jupiter’s return to the sidereal Capricorn  (Sept 15 – Nov 20) 

On Sept 15, 2021 Jupiter with its retrograde motion returned to Capricorn and will stay in Capricorn till November 20, 2021.

While in Capricorn, being a cardinal and earth sign ruled by Saturn, Jupiter in Capricorn has a tendency to enhance material prosperity of those who have well placed and well connected Saturn and Jupiter in their birth charts while others likely to experience their prosperity diminish. In general, transit of Jupiter in Capricorn is positive from material prosperity standpoint. It must be noted that despite Jupiter’s positive influence on world material prosperity, influence of other planets should be taken into consideration to assess the net effect for an individual based on his or her natal chart. In general, the Capricorn Jupiter is known to be responsible for world economic expansion.

For those individuals  who have dominant Jupiter in their birth charts and have Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, Cancer, or Virgo as their natal ninefold (Navamansa) ascendant are likely to experience a very positive period.

About President Joe Biden and his challenges…….

For President Joe Biden, October may prove to be a less challenging than the previous month and a bit better month as he will dealing multi trillion dollar budget deal that progressive democrats want to pass and border refugee crisis. Nonetheless, it will still be a very difficult month for him.

Given the transit (Gochar) chart dispositions of his active planets,  Jupiter will be neutral to slightly favorable for him to be successful in achieving his goals: dealing with multi trillion dollar budget deal, Afghan refugees and the border crisis, continued Covid-19 (Delta Variant) nationwide vaccinations efforts, global humanitarian vaccine drive, providing help to needy nations, infrastructure bill, voting right bill etc. He is likely to get stuck in achieving most of these goals.  

Mercury continues to be unfavorable for him for the entire month and it will be reflected in strenuous and stressful situation in dealing with media as well as his adversaries. He is likely to be seen as a failure and being humiliated. His popularity will continue to be in the declining mode for a short term, although not that as severe as it was in September.

In addition, the active Mars (till October 21) will be extremely challenging for him as he will be severely attacked and accused by his critics on a daily basis; and then after October 21, he might be dealing with minor to moderate health issues.

More importantly, the continuation of the opposition of the transiting Uranus to his natal Mars will test his ability to govern.  It is likely to be a very painful experience for him, especially, the energy of the transiting Uranus opposing his natal Mars is likely to force him to be more confrontational, the act that he always like to avoid. However, the opposition of the transiting Saturn to his natal Pluto might impart a very subtle and favorable energy that will help him navigate through this challenging October despite ongoing crisis.

Overall, October may turn out to be a slightly better month than September. And he is likely to come out stronger than before in the following few months. 

Global Predictions……..

The important challenging possibilities for October include: 

Aug 8 – Oct 4:  A unique change in the way the current US administration deals with other nations with respect to its international agenda, and also with its domestic matters. (This has been clearly reflected in current Afghanistan crisis–getting Americans out of Afghanistan safely, and providing the asylum to the frightened Afghans, especially girls and ladies, also some quick flip flops for the third booster covid-19 shot guidelines by the CDC, and change in strategy to deal with the migrants at the border etc.). Thus, there has been a transformation of a political strategy that has become responsible of a change in the current political agenda, and foreign policy matters of the Biden administration as the planet Pluto with its tremendous energy has a power of irreversibly transforming the field of politics to a new level or setting with a new set of norms. Expect some more serious issues that the Biden administration continues to get tangled with.

Sept 26 – Oct 8: A new wave of violence in Afghanistan, Syria, Israel and Palestine region, as well as outbreak of terrorism around the world during these days.

Oct 1 – Nov 13A difficult period for the United States, and in particular for the Republican Party and republicans. Also, USA and China might go through a crisis situation during this period. 

Oct 2-26An outbreak of violence and terrorist activities in the Middle east, especially in Syria, Afghanistan, Israel and Palestine region. Also, the occurrences of natural as well as man-made calamities are more likely during this period. Some of the east-European countries, Russia, and China may experience political as well as social turmoil.

Oct 5-7Natural and man-made calamities around the world, especially in the United States of America.

Oct 8-22: A social or political turmoil in USA, Russia and China as well as tensions rising among these nations.

Oct 16-17:  An outbreak of covert activities among leading nations and possibilities of both natural and man-made calamities all around the world.

The important auspicious possibilities for October include:

Sept 8 – Oct 3 A positive period for Russia and China. Also, most of the technological areas are likely to make significant progress via inventions and discoveries. Spiritual and religious activities are likely to impart positive energy and create a very healthy atmosphere around us.

The countries that are more likely to be affected during this month are:  The United States, Russia, China and the Middle Eastern countries-Afghanistan, Israel and Palestine. (astrological details)    

Natural and Man-made Calamities……..

The natural calamities like extreme weather conditions, wildfires, hurricanes, heavy rains, snow storms, air crashes as well as man-made accidents are more likely to occur -made accidents are more likely to occur during Oct 1-23.

Earthquakes: Based on a new Earthquake prediction model (the work is still in progress), the earthquake(s) of magnitude 6.9 or higher, if occur, are likely to occur on following dates and Times: Earthquake Predictions 2021 Please note that these hourly predictions refer to the Universal time (GMT).

While man-made calamities may manifest themselves in terrorism, unrest, violence, accidents, and air crashes, the natural calamities are likely to include extreme weather conditions such as severe cold winters, and equally intensive droughts, hurricanes or typhoons, thunderstorms, earthquakes and fires.

Planetary Energies for Individuals  

Uranus-Rahu ninefold opposition (and Uranus/Ketu conjunction)  (Oct 1 – Nov 13)

If in your birth chart Uranus is in the direct opposition with the lunar node Rahu, and if any one of these two planets are active now via your Gochar (transit) chart, then you might want to consider taking extra precautions in your professional and financial areas during this period. Staying low key is certainly the way to go.  This opposition can become dangerous, and ruin your plans and bring about the unexpected disaster in every which way.  In short, during this period you have been tested. If you have very strong and positively placed lunar nodes and Uranus in your birth chart, then perhaps you need not worry.

Mars-Neptune Quincunx (Oct 16-17)

This short period is likely to be very frustrating for those who have Mars-Neptune opposition, quincunx, square, or conjunction in their natal charts. Typically this quincunx is very unfavorable from the point of view of being deceived or becoming victim of a scam or scheme. Usually one does not notice problems until it’s too late. For those who have such quincunx, opposition or conjunction in their birth charts, and if they have any one of these planets influencing them through the current progressive cycle need to be on guard and absolutely not take any risk whatsoever. Stay very low key and do not make any new commitment. Also, unwanted experiences involving external forces, such as ghost or spirit, or a victim of a voodoo experiment are very possible.  For more click here