Monthly Astrological Insights for May 2022

Date Posted: April 30, 2022

Continued Russian-Ukraine War and Senseless Killing

The month of May continues to carry the unprecedented effects due to the energy of Capricorn Pluto, Saturn’s entry in Aquarius on April 28 and the simultaneous Pisces ingress of Neptune and Jupiter. Some of the manifestations of these energies will be reflected in the continued Russian-Ukraine war and senseless killing, unsettling political climate in the USA, Europe and other areas of world and dangerous climatic conditions around the globe. Ironically at the same time, our collective subtle march towards spiritual growth not only remains unabated but gets accelerated.  

In my opinion, until Saturn completely leaves sidereal Capricorn (about April 2023) Ukraine conflict is not going to go away.  More or less the same period also likely applies to Covid 19.  Until Saturn returns to Capricorn mid July 2022, it may seem that Covid-19 is on its way out, but although not very intense, it is likely to stay with us till April 2023.

Other significant planetary events that might affect us more at individual level for May includes Mercury turning retrograde (May 10 – June 3) and a total lunar eclipse on May 15/16 which will be visible in Europe, Middle East, Africa, the North and the South American continents, and parts of Western Asia.

Saturn’s brief entry in sidereal Aquarius (April 28 – July 14)

Saturn briefly enters sidereal Aquarius on April 28, and stays in Aquarius till July 14, and then returns to Capricorn for the rest of the year. 

Aquarius being the air and fixed sign, Saturn’s energy has strongly been reflected in the continuous changes in ideology of the leading nations of the world. In addition, Philanthropists, philosophers, scientists and reformers will shape the future of the world. Those who have Saturn in Aquarius (Saturn return) in their natal charts have already been experiencing Saturn’s energy as their lives being transformed to a new settings due to a drastic change (mostly) in their perception of the world.

In my opinion, despite a painful period of frustration due to unexpected changes in life, it’s going to be an exciting period for those who have dominant Saturn in their birth chart and have Aries, Taurus, Virgo and Sagittarius as their natal ninefold (Navamansha) ascendant. 

Retrograde Mercury (May 10 – June 3) 

On May 10, the planet Mercury becomes retrograde in sidereal Taurus. It will stay retrograde in Taurus till June 3. Typically retrograde Mercury means anxieties, communication breakdowns, unexpected delays, frustrations, missing deadlines, unforeseen obstacles and disappointments in daily chores. Retrograde Mercury in Taurus means more frustrating periods for working people, farmers, young couples, and females in general. This is not a good time to start a new project or venture, but rather reflect on what’s been done so far. Also, this is the best time to cleanup that closet and do other chores that you have been postponing due to lack of time. 

In addition, if you have dominating Mercury in your birth chart and if Mercury is currently as your active planet then you are more likely to experience the pronounced effects of retrograde Mercury during this period with respect to matters signified by the house it’s currently transiting through in your Gochar (transit) chart. 

A Total Lunar Eclipse (May 15/16)

A total lunar eclipse occurs on May 16, approximately during the hours of 1:30 to 6:30 GMT.  This eclipse will be visible in Europe, Middle East and Africa, the North and the South American continents and parts of Western Asia.

This eclipse is important since the Sun and Moon will be within 3 degrees from Rahu and Ketu respectively, and will last for about 4 to 6 hours. The eclipse will occur with the Southern or descending node Ketu, in the sidereal zodiac sign Libra and the ascending node Rahu in Aries. Consequently this eclipse, according to Vedic astrology, is likely to be unfavorable for those who have sidereal Aries or Libra rising or Aries or Libra as moon sign. 

For those who have the lunar nodes in conjunction with either Sun or Moon in their natal charts, should watch-out.  It’s probably not a good day. Take extra precaution and avoid any sort of new activity or new venture during the eclipse.

On world scene, Europe, Middle East, Western Africa, the United States, Canada, South America, Mexico and Pacific island region including Hawaii, might experience undesirable events.

Neptune’s Entry in Sidereal Pisces

One of the extraordinary planetary events of 2022 is the transit of the modern planet Neptune from the sidereal zodiac sign Aquarius to the next zodiac sign Pisces. Although it is going to be in Pisces for only about 5 months in 2022, Neptune being the spiritual planets of our solar system that deal more with heart than mind, it will certainly affect the matters related to Pisces in a significant way. 

Pisces being a water and mutable sign ruled by Jupiter, some of its significant characteristics are: divine, fruitful, fertile, emotional, honest, outspoken, religious, spiritual, nonviolent, polite, modest, moody, affectionate, hermit, psychic, water, compassion, love, heart connection, non-verbal communication and introvert. These qualities complement very well with qualities of Neptune that include: spiritual, intuitive, divine, psychic, magical, highly emotional, moody, clairvoyant, inspiration, imaginative, love, compassionate and mystical. 

As a result, a subtle and slow change in our collective moral and spiritual perceptions is certainly going to be manifested in the way we never experienced before. This era (next 14 years) will be remembered as the period of spiritual inspiration and transformation. Interestingly, this era also complements well with the era of Pluto’s transit in sidereal Capricorn (a sign ruled by spiritual Saturn) that runs in parallel during the same time. The way we have been used to deal with religions will no longer be our norms.  Our moral codes will be greatly influenced by our collective spiritual experiences. And in that sense a subtle but most effective transformation of world morality during this unique era of 14 years is likely to take us to a level where the norms solely based on spiritual experiences will dictate and guide our lives with new level of understanding.  

Pisces, being the sign for poets, musicians, singers, monks, religious leaders, spiritual leaders, nurses, nuns, social workers, caregivers, saints, psychics, actors, sailors and ship captains, these respective fields will go through significant transformations. And these transformations will be reflected in the new norms of morality and ethics, expansion of our collective psychic abilities and mystical experiences keeping in line with steady progress in our ability to directly perceive truth. Also, creativity in areas of music will likely complement our spiritual progress. 

In scientific and technological areas, a lot of drastic changes and emerging new ideas coupled with mystical experiences will find their way into innovations and discoveries.  However, it will be the first time the scientific and technological research will be more focused in areas that will bridge the gap between the science and morality. The likely areas of research will be in spiritual healing, and life-force related activities. The return to the holistic and Ayurvedic practices and alternate medicines will be significant. A new wave of philosophers and philanthropist with their new perspectives on living, in general, will certainly transform our world in next 14 years with a new level of understanding of life.

On the downside, the religious leaders and social reformers may tend to form cults and spread cult like activities, rise in organized religion scandals, deceptive activities under the disguise of promise of spiritual experiences are likely to be on rise in certain parts of the world.  The scandals of the secretive collaboration between the medical doctors and pharmaceutical industries will be exposed. The increase usage of mind altering drugs, disregard for social and to some extent moral responsibility, rise in mental disorders, and losing the touch with reality are some of the likely symptoms of the negative side of Neptune. 

The influence of the Neptunian energy will be reflected in profound changes that are likely to occur in authoritarian countries like Russia and China in next 14 years. The authoritarianism will be challenged and people in power of authority are likely to lose their power in coming years. In addition, the organized religions will likely to be come under tremendous pressure to abandon their norms that have been the hindrances in transforming our humanity to universal love. 

On individual level for those who have water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) as their ascendant in their natal ninefold (Navamansh) chart should get ready for a brand new and long lasting (14 years) cycle of change, especially a very pronounced cycle if Neptune is a dominant planet in your birth charts. The changes that might occur would be very subtle and would deal with your new or renewed interest in spirituality, openness, psychic abilities to perceive truth, divine experiences, transformed perceptions and beliefs and the way of living.

The simultaneous ingress of Jupiter and Neptune in sidereal Pisces

On April 13, Jupiter entered sidereal Pisces and it will be in Pisces for the rest of the year. Interestingly, around April 15, Neptune also entered sidereal Pisces. The combined impulse of spiritual planets Neptune and Jupiter will certainly be felt around the world as the world spiritually further transforms with a greater speed.

The simultaneous ingress of two most benefic planets, Jupiter and Neptune in sidereal Pisces as they conjunct within a degree during April 13-22 was a most remarkable and profound spiritual planetary event for 2022.  Since Neptune takes about on average 168 years to circle around the zodiac, such configuration occurs once every 170 to 180 years.

Pisces is a water and mutable sign. It’s ruled by Jupiter, and according to western astrology it is also ruled by Neptune.  Both Neptune and Jupiter are friends and love water signs.  In Vedic astrology both are considered benefics and visionary. While air signs exclusively deal with mind, the water signs are considered to be directly connected to heart.  Because the impulses arising from heart are most natural and spontaneous (not clouded by judgmental and prejudiced mind) the path to spirituality is more direct and natural. 

The energy of both Pisces Jupiter and Pisces Neptune is the source of universal love and compassion. Their impulses stem from heart and not from mind. Therefore, it transcends the barriers of race, religion, cultures and others which are created by man to ultimately reach universal love and compassion for all living beings. This energy will be reflected in work activities of poets, musicians, singers, philosophers, healers, spiritual leaders, social workers, nurses, teachers, saints and even in work-activities of ordinary people who are unaware of this beautiful energy. 

President Biden’s challenges in May

President Joe Biden’s current Dasa cycles are: Jupiter major, Rahu intermediate and until May 5th the sub cycle of Sun, and then the Moon’s sub cycle. The planets in the Nakshatras (constellations) ruled by Jupiter are: Jupiter and Mercury; in the Nakshatras ruled by Rahu are: Mars and Ketu; in the Nakshatras ruled by Sun are Uranus and Neptune and in the Nakshatras ruled by Moon is Saturn. Thus, the activation of energies of Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Ketu for the entire May and that of Uranus and Neptune till May 5 and then Saturn’s energy till the end of May are expected to be reflected in President’s present activities and actions. 

With Libra as his ninefold (Navamansh) ascendant, the neutral Jupiter will in the 6th house of his Gochar (transit) chart and favorable Mercury in the 8th for the entire month. Mars will be challenging till May 16 and then favorable for the rest of the month.

Given the transit (Gochar) chart dispositions of his active planets his adversaries may get strengthened to block his efforts for carrying out his agenda. Also, it may prove to be politically very stressful time for him. However, the 8th house Mercury in his transit chart will successfully overcome the challenges brought up by his adversaries and restore his confidence in governing the country.

During the first half of May, Mars is looking to be challenging from the health standpoint (mostly due to unprecedented stress level) and dealing with international political challenges followed by much needed relief in the second half of the month as he gets empowered by success at home and abroad.

Until May 5th he will continue to have success in dealing with international crisis. However, after May 5th his focus will be shifted from the international crisis to domestic issues as he will be forced to deal with political confusion and his stalled agenda.

Overall, his performance for May is going to be similar to that of April, but with a noticeable shift in his focus from the international to domestic agenda. And his popularity slowly but surely likely to trend upward.

Global Insights……..

The important challenging planetary configurations for May include: Pluto-Neptune (May 13 – Jun 4) and Neptune-Rahu (May 22-30) ninefold quincunxes; Neptune-Uranus ((April 19 – May 11) and Neptune-Saturn (April 29 – June 18) ninefold squares; Neptune-Mars (May 17-19) conjunction and Uranus-Saturn (March 20 – May 30) ninefold conjunction.

The manifestation of the Pluto-Neptune (May 13 – Jun 4) ninefold quincunx will likely to be reflected in an ongoing violence in Ukraine and an outbreak of violence and terrorist activities in the Middle East, especially in Israel and Palestine region. Also, the occurrences of natural as well as man-made calamities are likely. Some of the east-European countries, Russia, and China may experience political as well as social turmoil.

The energy of the Neptune-Rahu (May 22-30) ninefold quincunx means a strong possibility of a social or economic turmoil in Russia and China. Covert activities around the world may find a new momentum (but because of Neptune’s secretive character we may never know) with regard to terrorism and other international conflicts.

The manifestation of the Neptune-Uranus (April 19 – May 11) ninefold square may be reflected in a sudden change (either positive or negative) in relationship between USA and Russia (and countries of former Soviet Union) and magnificent advances in science and technology through innovations, inventions, and discoveries.

The Neptune-Saturn (April 29 – June 18) ninefold square doesn’t bode well for China and Russia from the economy and social stability standpoint.

The Neptune-Mars (May 17-19) conjunction may become responsible for heightened covert activities around the world. China and Russia are likely to experience some drastic changes in their political arenas influencing the psyche of these nations at a deeper level.

The manifestation of the Uranus-Saturn (March 20 – May 30) ninefold conjunction maybe reflected in social or political turmoil in the United States, Russia or China.  Tensions between the USA and Russia as well as between USA and China are likely to grow.


The important auspicious planetary configurations for May include Pluto-Uranus (May 7-17) and Pluto-Saturn (May 15 – June 8) ninefold trines and Pluto-Jupiter (May 1 -8) sextile; Pluto-Rahu (May 20 – June 5) ninefold sextile.

The energy of the Pluto-Uranus (May 7-17) ninefold trine will be reflected in an extraordinary time for technological discoveries and inventions.  Expect some new important technological breakthroughs during this month. For the United States, in general, this month is going to be remarkably successful month.

The Pluto-Saturn (May 15 – June 8) ninefold trine may become responsible for a good period for European economy. This period is also good for progress in technical fields (new innovations and discoveries) and religious reconciliation.

The manifestation of the Pluto-Jupiter (May 1 -8) sextile is likely to be reflected in positive changes in religious and academic and to some extent social fields. Initial reaction to the change might appear to be a bit confusing and perhaps chaotic, but majority of us are going to embrace this new wave of change and are likely to enjoy it.

The energy of the Pluto-Rahu (May 20 – June 5) ninefold sextile may become responsible for growing world economy and progress in technical fields (new innovations and discoveries) 

The countries that are more likely to be affected during this month are:  Russia, Ukraine, the United States, Europe, China and the Middle Eastern countries, especially Israel and Palestine region.

Natural and Man-made Calamities……..

The natural calamities like extreme weather conditions, wildfires, hurricanes, heavy rains, snow storms, air crashes as well as manmade accidents are likely to occur during May 1-7, 13-31.

Earthquakes: Based on a new Earthquake prediction model (the work is still in progress), the earthquake(s) of magnitude 6.9 or higher, if occur, are likely to occur on following dates and Times: Earthquake Predictions 2022.  Please note that these hourly predictions refer to the Universal time (GMT).

While man-made calamities may manifest themselves in terrorism, unrest, violence, accidents, and air crashes, the natural calamities are likely to include extreme weather conditions such as severe cold winters, and equally intensive droughts, hurricanes or typhoons, thunderstorms, earthquakes and fires