Monthly Astrological Insights for October 2023

Date Posted: September 30, 2023

As we enter October, on the very first day three planets transit in their respective next sidereal zodiac sign. Mars enters in sidereal Libra, Mercury in sidereal Virgo and Venus in sidereal Leo.  Because they all enter in the next successive sidereal zodiac sign at the same time, it’s an important planetary event. And the energy of which will be felt by most of us in our personal lives.  Depending on the natal ninefold (Navamansa) ascendant, strength of the planet in the natal chart, and if the planet is active in the transit (Gochar) chart, the energy of that planet will be reflected in the events that unfold as we navigate through October. 

For instance, if Mars is favorable in your natal chart and currently active, and is transiting through the 10th house of your transit chart, it’s going to be a very successful month for you at the work place or in your profession or career.  Similarly the outcomes of energy of Venus and Mercury can be felt depending on their placements in natal chart, active or not in the transit chart, and favorability of the house they transit through.

As a result, for most of us, the month of October is certainly going to be very eventful and perhaps memorable.  For few of us it’s going to be spectacularly rewarding or painfully challenging; and for most of us a noticeable mix of simultaneously challenging and rewarding.

Collectively the most important planetary event for October is the annular solar eclipse (ring of fire) that occurs on October 14. It will be visible in the North, Central and South America.  On world scene, North, Central and South America may experience undesirable happenings during 4 to 6 week period following the eclipse.

On personal level, according to Vedic astrology, this eclipse is likely to be unfavorable for those who have sidereal Libra rising or Libra as moon sign. 

Venus, after turning direct in September, hasn’t yet reached her average speed. Therefore, for those who are affected by the energy of Venus through their transit charts may have to wait till October 20.  Last couple of months, it has been reiterated in this column, that — “It also means the entertainment industry personnel (Hollywood) such as actors, screen writers, directors, producers, etc. may see their strike extended through October 20”.  As it turned out, few days ago the writers/actors etc., has reached agreement with the industry giants to settle the strike.  It is expected that in next few weeks everybody will go back to work and restore the shows and movie productions.

As far as slow moving planets are concerned, most of them (Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter) are retrograde.  As a result, it’s a period of churning, turmoil, stepping back, introspection and change in all aspect of our personal life but also collective life.  The collective life includes world affairs, politics (high probability of government shutdown in the United States), media industries, religions, war and warlike climate and mass communications. For republican politicians and the Republican Party, October may prove to be very trying and difficult.

Annular Solar Eclipse (October 14)

An annular solar eclipse occurs on October 14 approximately during the hours of 15:00 to 21:00 GMT.  This eclipse will be visible in continents of North, Central and South America. For the United States it (the annular) will begin in Oregon at 9:13 am PDT and will end in Texas at 12:03 pm CDT. Partial eclipse begins around 11 am EDT and ends at about 5 pm EDT. The duration of the annular part of the eclipse is about 214 minutes.

This eclipse is important since the Sun and Moon will be within 5 degrees from Ketu, the Southern or descending node in the sidereal zodiac sign Libra. Consequently this eclipse, according to Vedic astrology, is likely to be unfavorable for those who have sidereal Libra rising or Libra as moon sign. 

For those who have the lunar nodes in conjunction with either Sun or Moon in their natal charts should watch-out.  It’s not a good day!  Take extra precaution and avoid any sort of outdoor activity requiring you to get out of house during the time of eclipse.

On world scene, North, Central and South America may experience undesirable happenings during 4 to 6 week period following the eclipse.

Retrograde Venus—Relationship challenges? 

On July 23, Venus turned retrograde in sidereal Leo. With her retrograde motion she returned to Cancer on August 7. Then on September 4, she became direct.  However, her speed returns to its average speed not till October 20. It also means the entertainment industry personnel (Hollywood) such as actors, screen writers, directors, producers, etc. may see their strike extended through October 20.

Typically during the Venus retrograde period, expect the divorce rates to peak, fighting between spouses to intensify, and delays, frustrations, and misunderstandings to take a center-stage in domestic matters.  The retrograde Venus in Cancer means social reformers, health care providers, care givers, charities; mothers with babies, pregnant women are likely to be challenged.

If you have a dominating Venus in your birth chart and if Venus is active via your transit chart then you are more likely to experience the energy of the retrograde Venus during August 8 – September 4 and then the full recovery might take until after October 20.

Painful yet a period of tremendous opportunity for personal transformation—Pluto-Lunar nodes square

The Capricorn Pluto continues to make squares with the Aries Rahu (and the Libra Ketu) within a degree that lasts through September 2. But not until beyond three degrees square separation, the energy of these squares becomes fully inoperative. That means till mid –October. From the material destruction as well as painful material life experiences standpoint, the Capricorn Pluto’s energy still gets several fold magnified due to square aspect with the equally explosive and tremendously karmic north lunar node Rahu.

As a result, collectively, the Ukraine-Russia war likely continues in the current phase where both sides likely to endure severe human casualties as well as destruction of material wealth.  With the continued retrograde Neptune’s transit in Pisces, Russia will likely to go through an incredible change with internal power and political struggle with Putin continue to lose his grip on Russia as an autocrat. Ukraine is likely to continue gain grounds despite human casualties and destruction.

For the United States, for politicians, reporters and media industry personnel, this is a period of turbulence and turmoil. Especially for the republicans and the Republican Party, this month may prove to be very trying and difficult.

For religions, the Pluto-Rahu square spells a big change.  It’s a period of pain, yet it’s a great opportunity for transformation.

On an individual level, if you have Pluto and the lunar nodes oppositions, square, quincunxes or conjunctions in your natal chart and they are placed in unfavorable houses in the natal chart, you are more likely to feel this intensive energy of material destruction and/or psychological and emotional breakdown during July and August. If you have this unfavorable aspect in your natal chart, you are very likely to experience-“Why me? Or why it’s happening to me?” the questions that have no logical answers. However, if you endure this difficult period with grin it may prove to be a blessing in disguise as the energy of the square aspect help you transform to new level of understanding your own life bringing you closer to the center of stability.

Retrograde Saturn in sidereal Aquarius

On June 18 Saturn turned retrograde in sidereal Aquarius and will continue to be retrograde till November 4. The retrograde Saturn means it’s time to slow down and pause and take a stock of or reflect on what has been going on in life in general.

Aquarius being the air (intelligence) and fixed (perseverance) sign, Saturn’s energy will likely be strongly reflected in the scientific research that deal with information technology (Artificial Intelligence) helping  us collectively to bring us together at a phenomenal rate leading to a new level of understanding of this world as a part of the process of our spiritual growth.

Thus, philanthropists, social reformers, philosophers, scientists, spiritual leaders (not religious leaders) and peace-makers will shape our world with better clarity and purpose.

On the downside, some of the prominent social media, news media and internet related companies likely to go under and replaced with new companies as a part of Saturn/Pluto’s transformation process.

Those who have Saturn in Aquarius (Saturn return) in their natal charts have already been experiencing  retrograde Saturn’s energy as their lives get transformed to a new settings due to a drastic change (mostly) at mental and psychological levels. In my opinion, despite a painful period of frustration due to unexpected drastic changes in life, it’s going to be an exciting period for those who have dominant Saturn in their birth chart and have Aries, Taurus, Virgo and Sagittarius as their natal ninefold (Navamansha) ascendant. 

Retrograde Neptune’s transit in sidereal Pisces

After being retrograde, Neptune returned to Pisces on February 15, 2023 and continues to transit through Pisces for the following 13 years (till mid 2036). Neptune being the spiritual planets of our solar system that deal more with heart than mind, it will certainly affect the matters related to Pisces in a significant way. 

Pisces being a water and mutable sign ruled by Jupiter some of its significant characteristics are: Divine, fruitful, fertile, emotional, honest, outspoken, religious, spiritual, nonviolent, polite, modest, moody, affectionate, hermit, psychic, water, compassion, love, heart connection, non-verbal communication and introvert. These qualities complement very well with qualities of Neptune that include: spiritual, intuitive, divine, psychic, magical, highly emotional, moody, clairvoyant, inspiration, imaginative, love, compassionate and mystical. 

As a result, a subtle and slow change in our collective moral and spiritual perceptions is certainly going to be manifested in the way we never experienced before. This era (next 13 years) will be remembered as the period of spiritual inspiration and transformation. Interestingly, this era also complements well with the era of Pluto’s transit in sidereal Capricorn (a sign ruled by spiritual Saturn) that runs in parallel during the same time. The way we have been used to deal with religions will no longer be our norms.  Our moral codes will be greatly influenced by our collective spiritual experiences. And in that sense a subtle but most effective transformation of world morality during this unique era of the next 13 years is likely to take us to a level where the norms solely based on spiritual experiences will dictate and guide our lives with new level of understanding.  

Pisces, being the sign for poets, musicians, singers, monks, religious leaders, spiritual leaders, nurses, nuns, social workers, caregivers, saints, psychics, actors, sailors and ship captains, these respective fields will go through significant transformations. And these transformations will be reflected in the new norms of morality and ethics, expansion of our collective psychic abilities and mystical experiences keeping in line with steady progress in our ability to directly perceive truth. Also, creativity in areas of music will likely complement our spiritual progress. 

In scientific and technological areas, a lot of drastic changes and emerging new ideas coupled with mystical experiences will find their way into innovations and discoveries.  However, it will be the first time the scientific and technological research will be more focused in areas that will bridge the gap between the science and morality. The likely areas of research will be in spiritual healing, and life-force related activities, looking for ways to tap new sources of energy without disturbing global climate (recent news about the possibility of harnessing energy from nuclear fission and minimizing the usage of fossil fuels will very likely be materialized in next 13 years). The return to the holistic and Ayurvedic practices and alternate medicines are also very likely. The availability of inexpensive generic drugs for those who cannot afford the expensive brand name drugs is becoming reality. A new wave of philosophers and philanthropist with their new perspectives on living, in general, will certainly transform our world in next 13 years with a new level of understanding of life.

On the downside, the religious leaders and social reformers may tend to form cults and spread cult like activities, rise in organized religion scandals, deceptive activities under the disguise of promise of spiritual experiences are likely to be on rise in certain parts of the world.  The scandals of the secretive collaboration between the medical doctors and pharmaceutical industries will continue to be exposed.  The increase usage of mind altering drugs, disregard for social and to some extent moral responsibility, rise in mental disorders, and losing the touch with reality are some of the likely symptoms of the negative side of Neptune. One of the prominent fall-outs of the Piscean Neptune will be a significant decline of authoritarian regime’s influence around the world.  Russia, China and other authoritarian regimes will continue to lose their hold as they face the forces of our collective spiritual transformation.

On individual level for those who have water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) as their ascendant in their natal ninefold (Navamansh) chart should get ready for a brand new and long lasting (13 years) cycle of change, especially a very pronounced cycle for those who have Neptune as a dominant planet in their birth charts. The changes that might occur would be very subtle and would deal with new or renewed interest in spirituality, openness, psychic abilities to perceive truth, divine experiences, transformed perceptions and beliefs, and the way of living.  

Russian-Ukraine war and senseless killings

The intensity of Russian-Ukraine war has been steady at a remarkable speed with both sides incurring severe human tolls and destruction of wealth. The war continues with Ukraine likely gaining more ground. Going forward, Putin is likely to be consumed by the dealing with the uprising in Russia. Until the Russian president Putin loses his grip and becomes powerless this war is not going to end and so will be killings of innocent civilians.

President Biden’s challenges in October

For President Biden, October continues to be mostly a month filled with full of challenges, obstacles, pain and difficulties.

As for this month, with Saturn’s major and intermediate cycles and Ketu (only up to Oct 6) and (after Oct 6) Venus sub-cycles, the planets that fall in the constellations ruled by Saturn and Ketu become active. They are: Pluto, Venus and Sun for the entire month and Rahu only until Oct 6.

Presently the transiting Pluto is going to be in the 4thhouse, and in the 5th house of his ninefold transit chart. However, Pluto’s motion becomes direct on Oct 11. Therefore, after October 11, despite being nonstop challenged by his adversaries, he still will very slowly (at a better pace since Pluto turns direct on Oct 11) continue to pave his way by figuring out the political solutions.

As for Venus, the entire month Venus being in the 11th house of his transit chart, he will be enjoying good family time, political success and prestige.

From the Sun’s energy point of view, until October 17, he will continue to be more worried, restless and might face disappointment. After October 17, his challenges will be more about his health.  He might face unforeseen political setbacks, delays and perhaps humiliation.

Thus, in summary, October continues to be mostly a month filled with full of challenges, obstacles, pain and difficulties.

Global Insights……..

The important challenging planetary configurations for October include:  Rahu-Mars (Oct 4-6) opposition; Uranus-Mars (Sept 30 – Oct 2), Neptune-Mars (Oct 5-6) quincunxes; Neptune-Uranus (Sept 2 – Nov 1) ninefold quincunx; Pluto-Mars (Oct 8-10) square; Neptune-Rahu/Ketu (Sept 10 – Oct 5) and Uranus-Jupiter (Oct 20-26) ninefold squares.

The energy of the Rahu-Mars (Oct 4-6) opposition maybe reflected in both the natural and man-made calamities causing destruction and loss of lives, and perhaps a passing away of an international level political leader.

The energy of the Uranus-Mars (Sept 30 – Oct 2) quincunx may be distinctly reflected in natural and man-made calamities, especially in the United States of America.

The energy of Neptune-Mars (Oct 5-6) quincunx may become responsible for a rise in covert activities among leading nations. Possibilities of natural as well as man-made calamities are also very likely during this period.

The manifestation of energy of the Neptune-Uranus (Sept 2 – Nov 1) ninefold quincunx may be reflected in a sudden change in relationship between USA and Russia for worse. Advances in science and technology through innovations, inventions, and discoveries may become stagnant.

As a result of energy of the Neptune-Rahu/Ketu (Sept 10 – Oct 5) ninefold squares, secret activities all around the world are likely to accelerate including political covert activities. Social confusion and chaos in countries like Russia and China is a real possibility.

The energy of the Pluto-Mars (Oct 8-10) square may become responsible for violence in the Middle-East region and natural and man-made calamities.

The manifestation of the energy of Uranus-Jupiter (Oct 20-26) ninefold squares maybe reflected in the challenges that the world religious leaders likely to face. Those who are willing to be open minded and ready to listen and act on new and fresh ideas, are the ones that going to be responsible to transform our religious world to a new level. Others are going to fade away with time. 

The important auspicious planetary configurations for October include: Uranus-Rahu (Sept 14 – Oct 4) ninefold trine, Pluto-Saturn (Sept 29 – Oct 13) and Pluto-Rahu (Oct 17-27) ninefold sextiles.

The manifestation of the energy of the Uranus-Rahu (Sept 14 – Oct 4) ninefold trine may be reflected in scientific breakthroughs in the form of discoveries and inventions in fields of medicine, artificial intelligence and high technology.

The energy of the Pluto-Saturn (Sept 29 – Oct 13) and Pluto-Rahu (Oct 17-27) ninefold sextile may be reflected in a good period for European economy. This period is also good for progress in technical fields (new innovations and discoveries) and religious reconciliation.

The countries that are more likely to be affected during this month are:  Ukraine, Russia, China, the Middle East Region, the United States and Europe.

Natural and Man-made Calamities……..

The natural calamities like extreme weather conditions, wildfires, hurricanes, heavy rains, snow storms, air crashes as well as manmade accidents are likely to occur almost through the entire month, more specifically, during Oct 1-10, 26-30.

Earthquakes:Based on a new Earthquake prediction model (the work is still in progress), the earthquake(s) of magnitude 6.9 or higher, if occur, are likely to occur on following dates and Times and possible locations: Earthquake Predictions 2023.  Please note that these hourly predictions refer to the Universal time (GMT).

While man-made calamities may manifest themselves in terrorism, unrest, violence, accidents, and air crashes, the natural calamities are likely to include extreme weather conditions such as severe cold winters, and equally intensive droughts, hurricanes or typhoons, thunderstorms, earthquakes and fires