Monthly Global Predictions for June 2003

Date Posted: May 31, 2003

It seems that world events during June are primarily going to be influenced by Neptune-Jupiter, Neptune-Uranus and Pluto-Ketu oppositions along with the detrimental squares of Mars with the lunar nodes, and Uranus-Mars conjunction. As a result, while Neptune-Jupiter opposition provides support for world stability and peace, violent and terrorist activities around most part of the world, especially in the Middle-East, Western Europe, and United States will be the manifestation of Pluto-Ketu opposition, Rahu/Ketu-Mars squares, and Uranus-Mars conjunction.

The planetary configurations that will influence world events in June are summarized below:

Direct Opposition: Jupiter-Neptune; Ninefold Oppositions: Pluto-Ketu, Neptune-Uranus

Trines: Saturn-Mars, Pluto-Jupiter,Uranus-Saturn; Ninefold Trine: Saturn-Ketu, Neptune-Rahu, Uranus-Ketu, Rahu-Jupiter

Squares: Rahu/Ketu-Mars

Ninefold Sextiles: Saturn-Rahu, Pluto-Saturn

Direct Conjunction:  Uranus-Mars; Ninefold Conjunctions: Pluto-Rahu, Uranus-Saturn

The countries that are likely to make headline news are: United States, Russia, China, Western Europe, Israel and Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Middle eastern countries including Iraq

  • United States of America:    

President Bush and his administration:  

It seems that the slow and long term influence of Pluto transiting directly opposite President Bush’s natal Uranus and the lunar node Rahu has been creating anxieties and frustrations for the administration, and despite intensive efforts that have been underway the administration has yet to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and prove a link between the Saddam Hussein’s regime and al-Qaeda. Also, recent rise in suspected Al-Qaeda activities that manifested into simultaneous suicidal bombings in the compounds (where mostly westerners live)  in Saudi Arabia, and other places like Casa Blanca have put added pressure on the administration to deal with increased terrorism despite their expectation of decreased terrorist activities against USA due to Iraq war.

Recently Pentagon (May 30) has admitted that so far, despite their very frustrating and laborious efforts to find the Weapons of Mass Destructions in Iraq, they have not found anything that would back the administration’s claim and the sole reason to go to war.  Defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld now seems to suggest that Iraq probably destroyed the chemical and biological WMD before the war began. If administration doesn’t find WMD it will have hard time maintaining its credibility in future when dealing with international matters. Also, British Prime Minister Tony Blair has already facing severe criticism in Britain, and particularly with in his own party for going to war based on false intelligence. 

For Bush administration June 11-14, and June 21-26 may prove to be trying periods.  Although on going efforts of building Iraq may seem to indicate that progress is being made, the upheaval against US arm forces that are occupying (to stabilize) the region by frustrated as well as fanatic local Iraqis is likely to take place during this month, especially during the second and the fourth week.  For President Bush, personally the good news is his ninefold Saturn leaves ascendant of his ninefold progressive chart on June 7 to enter the second house. And since he is being influenced by Saturn’s cycle he can expect some relief in areas of personal health and safety after June 7 (Until June 7, he should take care of his health and personal safety). However, Mars’s entry in sidereal Aquarius (his  fourth house of his ninefold chart) and conjunction with Uranus (especially during June 21-26) means he is very likely to face new crisis (domestic as well as international) that deal (most likely) with terrorist activities against US interest at home (fourth house) and abroad. In general, it seems President will have his hands full dealing with rising terrorism against United States during this month. 

The Country:

Neptune-Uranus ninefold opposition seems to indicate that subtle changes are very likely to take place in US politics and social life from now through mid-August. These changes are likely to manifest themselves with painful drastic and abrupt changes in social and political environment on a short term basi. But in the long run they will turn out to be positive for the country.

The most of June, especially during June 21-26, is a period of anxiety for most of the country. Relationships between United States and Russia, and United States and China will likely to stay either neutral or get worse (latter’s more likely).  Natural as well as manmade calamities will be on rise during this period. While for the Republican Party The first two weeks are difficult and challenging to counteract their opponent’s charges, the third week of June is certainly not good for democrats as they would have tough time in maintaining an unified voice of the party due to political warfare among the democratic presidential hopefuls. 

·        Russia:    It’s likely that Russia may experience a political or social crisis during the last two weeks. The relationship with USA (particularly with Bush administration) is likely to stay as it has been (neutral) if not get worse. In domestic affairs some key covert operations are likely to be failed and exposed.

·        Europe:  The period to watch is when Mars squares with the lunar nodes (June 11-14).  Violence and terrorism during this period is more likely. Other than that, relatively, month doesn’t look too bad for the continent.

·        China, Japan and Pacific-rim Countries:  Except for the third week of June the month looks to be fine for China. During the third week the region’s economy is likely suffer due to either domestic or international crisis. 

·        Religion:  The world religions are likely to come under pressure for reforms. Those religious leaders, who are willing to be open minded and ready to listen and act on new and fresh ideas, are the ones that going to be responsible to transform our religious world to a new level. Others are going to fade away with time.  In addition, world religions in general, and religious leaders in particular, may experience themselves having to go through crisis that demand changes. In other words, the orthodox religious leaders may come under social and moral pressures to change the way they handle their responsibilities. 

·        Natural and Man-made Calamities:   More or less the entire month is likely to be very susceptible for these calamities to occur all around the world. The violence and terrorism related activities are more likely to occur during June 11-14 and June 21-26 mostly in Israel-Palestine area and also against US (embassies and consulates) interests abroad.

      While man-made calamities may manifest themselves in terrorism, unrest, violence, and accidents, the natural calamities are likely to include extreme weather conditions such as severe cold winters, and equally intensive droughts; and thunderstorms, earthquakes, air crashes and fires.