Monthly Global Predictions for June 2011

Date Posted: May 31, 2011

A total lunar eclipse occurs on June 15, approximately during the hours of 17:30 to 23:30 GMT.  This eclipse will be visible in entire Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Indian subcontinent, Russia and Western China.

This eclipse is important since the Sun and Moon will be within one degree from the lunar nodes, Ketu and Rahu respectively, and therefore, it will last for a long time (6 hours). The eclipse will occur with the Southern or descending node Ketu, in the sidereal zodiac sign Gemini (zero degree Gemini) and the ascending node Rahu in Sagittarius (zero degree Sagittarius). Consequently this eclipse, according to Vedic astrology, is likely to be unfavorable for those who have sidereal Gemini or Sagittarius rising or Gemini or Sagittarius as moon sign. 

For those who have the lunar nodes in conjunction with either Sun or Moon in their natal charts, should watch-out.  It’s not a good day!  Take extra precaution and avoid any sort of outdoor activity requiring you to get out of the house.

On world scene, the European countries, Russia, Middle-East, Africa, Indian Subcontinent and western Chinese region are likely to be affected with undesirable events.

In addition to the lunar eclipse, the important challenging planetary configurations for June include Uranus-Rahu (June 1-8) and Neptune-Saturn (June 22 – July 7) ninefold oppositions, Rahu-Mars (June 10-12) and Pluto-Mars (June 27-29) quincunxes and Neptune-Mars (June 20-22) square.

And the auspicious planetary configurations for June are: Uranus-Saturn (May 25- June 6), Neptune-Rahu (May 27 – June 7), Saturn-Ketu (June 3-16) and Pluto-Rahu (June 16 – July 9) ninefold trines;  Neptune-Uranus (June 1-24) ninefold sextile and Neptune-Jupiter (June 3-12) sextile; and Saturn-Jupiter (June 5-8) ninefold conjunction.

The Uranus-Rahu ninefold opposition will be reflected in new short term political challenges that the Democratic party and the Obama administration are likely to face.

The Neptune-Saturn ninefold opposition will be responsible for behind the scene international dealings and covert activities especially in Russia, Europe, Middle East and China. And these acts will later may manifest into worldwide crisis (violence, unrest, etc.).

The quincunxes of Mars with Rahu and Pluto are likely to become cause for natural and man-made calamities all around the world.

During the entire month, the auspicious ninefold trines and sextiles will be responsible for scientific advances and technological breakthrough in areas of biotechnology, medicine, high tech and communication sciences. These trines and sextiles will also be responsible for worldwide economic growth.  The Saturn-Jupiter ninefold conjunction is positive for religious activities.

The countries that are more likely to be affected during this month will be:  The USA, Russia, China, European countries and Middle-East (Libya, Egypt, Syria, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Palestine and Israel).  

  • United States of America:    

President Obama and his administration:  

President Obama’s operating planet Neptune continues to be in trine with his natal Venus, and therefore, he is likely to enjoy better political atmosphere both at home as well as with international leaders.  Meanwhile the transiting Uranus trines his natal Mercury and sextiles natal Moon, reflecting successful international diplomacy and good times with his family. In addition, with Jupiter’s entry in Aries, his progressive Jupiter enters the 9th house (11th from the eleventh) house of his progressive chart. As a result, he is likely to gain prestige, fame and goodwill from public. However, the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu will be squaring his natal Mars during the second half of June. And that means, during that period he will be faced with new political challenges at home. Overall, the month of June is likely to turn out to be a good month for him and for his administration. 

The Country:

During the first week of June, the influence of the Uranus-Rahu ninefold opposition will be reflected in new short term political challenges that the Democratic party and the Obama administration are likely to face. Then during the last week of the month (June 22 – 30) the Republican Party and their potential presidential nominees are likely to experience a political bumpy ride where deception might play an important role.  During the last week of month, religious leaders (evangelists) may come under serious pressure from public. From the standpoint of economical growth and advances in scientific and technological area, the month looks to be absolutely fabulous. Uranus-Saturn and Saturn-Ketu ninefold trines  and Neptune-Uranus sextile are favorable for country’s economic growth, and scientific advances and technological breakthrough in areas of biotechnology, medicine, high tech and communication sciences will make the headline news. Neptune-Jupiter sextile will manifest itself in the form of spiritual awakening during the first twelve days of the month.

·        Russia:  Except for the last week of June, the entire month looks to be positive for Russia, and it will be reflected in her economic growth, political stability and improved relationship with the world including the USA.  However, during the last week of the month, political crisis and social unrest are likely, and natural or man-made calamities will be on rise. 

·        Europe:  The entire month (except the last eight days of the month) are positive for the continent from the economical growth and political stability standpoint.  Occurrences of natural or man-made calamities will be rare. During the last eight days of June, however, natural and man-made calamities and political covert activities will be on rise. The deception will play an important part in European politics during the last week of the month.

·        China, Japan, and Pacific-rim countries:  As noted successively since last few months, Japan’s recovery from the nuclear disaster due to the earthquake will continue to be sluggish and it will take till the middle of September for Japan to recover from the nuclear disaster and return to normal life. The first three weeks are absolutely fabulous for the entire region (China, Japan, Korea and other pacific rim countries) from economical progress standpoint. The financial markets will continue to grow. 

·        Middle East:  The social unrest that began since the beginning of the year will continue unabated across the region during the entire month with notable positive results from democratic evolution standpoint. The Libyan crisis will see its finality with the dictator Gadhafi stepping down or fleeing the scene during the first half of the month. The Neptune-Saturn ninefold opposition will become responsible for behind the scene activities, covert activities and subsequently a coupe like atmosphere for nations which are going through the transformation to democratization.

·        Religion:  The influence of the auspicious Neptune-Jupiter sextile will be reflected in spiritual growth with positive change all around the world. The orthodox and dogmatic ideas are likely to be swept away by the newly born spiritual force.

·        Natural and Man-made Calamities:  The natural calamities like extreme weather conditions, wildfires, hurricanes, heavy rains, air crashes as well as man made accidents are more likely to occur during June 10-12, 20-22 and 26-30.

      Earthquakes: Based on the new earthquake prediction model, the earthquake(s) of magnitude 7 or higher, if occur, are likely to occur on June 10, 13, 15, 19, and 25-30.      While man-made calamities may manifest themselves in terrorism, unrest, violence, accidents, and air crashes, the natural calamities are likely to include extreme weather conditions such as severe cold winters, and equally intensive droughts, hurricanes or typhoons, thunderstorms, earthquakes and fires.