Monthly Global Predictions for November 2001

Date Posted: October 31, 2001

For the world as a whole and the United States in particular, November doesn’t look too bad. October was dominated with the news of anthrax attacks and bombing in Afghanistan to destroy terrorist and Taliban air bases. But positive changes in November will help the world to return to stability, and in particular, the United States will see the light of success in this war against terrorism and invisible enemy with some very positive breaks.

The major planetary configurations that are likely to be dominant during November are: Uranus-Pluto ninefold trine (Nov 11-Dec 9), Pluto-Ketu and Uranus-Ketu ninefold trines (Nov 25 – Dec 2), Neptune-Saturn sextile (Nov 9-18), Pluto-Saturn direct as well as the ninefold opposition (October 18 – Nov 4), Neptune-Mars (Nov 4-7), and Uranus-Mars (Nov 25-28) conjunctions. While the last two configurations are likely to be responsible for man-made negative (terrorist type) activities and natural accidents, the influence of first four configurations (trines and sextiles) will far outweigh in counteracting and possibly nullifying the negative force by providing favorable and positive energy for the world stability. 

The friction between the Israelis and Palestinians will continue dominating the news until Nov 4 due to Pluto-Saturn direct opposition. But later in the month (Nov 11-Dec 9) I expect that friction to reduce, and possibly USA getting involved in improving the relations between the Israelis and Palestinians. 

  • United States: For Bush administration, the month certainly looks lot better than the previous one. Until November 4, it will be hectic and possibly frustrating. However, beginning Nov 11, the administration is likely to be successful in tracking down and possibly capturing the main figures that were responsible for the terrorist activities.  In general, from November 11 onwards it’s a very good period for the United States as well for those who deal with technological research.  Expect some new important technological breakthrough after November 11.  Also, after November 11, due to a positive involvement of USA as a broker in providing a meaningful solution to Israel and Palestinian on their ongoing conflict, expect some decreased friction between those two countries. On a downside, after November 24, a possibility of sudden outbreak of a new (domestic or international) conflict affecting the United States of America can not be ruled out.  Or it could be a man-made intentional accident (not as bad as the ones on September 11) or a mishandling incident by the US government.

·        Russia:  In general, except for the first week, the month looks very positive for Russia to handle the domestic issues and make some political gains in international affairs. Dealings with USA will yield positive results for Russia in the latter half of the month.

·        China, Hong Kong, and Pacific-rim countries:  For China, until November 8, the political picture may seem a bit shaky and gloomy. However, beginning November 9, China is likely to make some good political progress on both the domestic and the international fronts. 

·        Europe:  November may prove to be positive month for Europe, especially the last week of the month. The dealings with the USA will be very positive.. 

·        Religion:  Pluto-Jupiter ninefold square (Nov 25-29) may provide the religious fanatics to act weirdly in the name of their religion creating some unpleasant situation possibly leading to warlike climate or terrorism. 

·        Natural and Man-made Calamities:  The emergence of natural or Man-made calamities during November are likely to happen during Nov 1-7 and Nov 25-28. Otherwise the month is likely to turnout to be relatively calm.

      While man-made calamities may manifest themselves in terrorism, unrest, violence, and accidents, the natural calamities are likely to include extreme weather conditions such as severe cold winters in the northern hemisphere, and equally intensive droughts in the southern hemisphere; and thunderstorms, earthquakes, air crashes and fires.