Monthly Global Predictions for November 2005

Date Posted: October 31, 2005

In November, both natural and man-made disasters are very likely, especially during November 5-10 and Nov 15-23 periods. However, at the same time,  material prosperity all around the world will be reflected in economic expansion. And progress in technology through scientific discoveries and innovations will also dominate the news. The major planetary configurations for November are: difficult Mars-Ketu regular and secretive Neptune-Saturn ninefold quincunxes; deceptive and deadly Mars-Neptune and ferocious Mars-Saturn regular squares; favorable Saturn-Rahu and Uranus-Jupiter trines and Pluto-Uranus ninefold and Saturn-Ketu regular sextiles. In addition, Mars continues to be retrograde through the entire month, and Mercury and Saturn turn retrograde on November 14  and 22 respectively. While quincunxes and squares are negative and challenging planetary forces (natural and man-made calamities) the positive and favorable trines and sextiles (world stability and material prosperity) will compensate for the negative influence of quincunxes and squares.

The planet Mars in Aries will stay retrograde till December 10. Since the fire sign Aries is ruled by Mars the influence of retrograde Mars will be significantly felt both individually as well as collectively. For one thing the fire related disasters (both natural and man-made) are more likely to occur during its retrograde period.  In addition, frequency of suicide bombings, terrorism, and fighting reflecting personal revenge and cruelty will be very high. In particular, engineers, designers, construction workers, people who work in military, leaders, managers and like are likely to be more affected than others. On collective level, a rise in political tension among developed nations and destruction of wealth due to natural calamities or man made accidents are more likely. Other possibilities include escalation in a warlike climate, and of course, increased covert activities among developed nations. 

The other planetary configurations that may play significant roles in influencing November are Neptune-Rahu and Neptune-Saturn ninefold quincunxes.

The countries that are likely to make headline news are:  Europe, Iraq, Middle Eastern countries including Israel and Palestine, India and Pakistan, and USA.

  • United States of America:    

President Bush and his administration:  

Although Pluto’s trine with his natal Venus will continue to help president Bush maintain his focus on his political agenda and achieve some results, especially the ones that deal with domestic issues, the entire month will prove to be negative and stressful for him. Also, during the same time he needs to take care of his health and personal safety as stationary Neptune will continue to quincunx his natal Sun. In addition, Saturn’s transit through his natal Mercury and Pluto will not only put pressure on him from health standpoint but also, he will have trouble staying focused as he will continue to be under extreme emotional and mental pressure. During the second half of the month as Rahu quincunxes his natal Mars he is likely to become abrasive in his behavior, especially with his administration. Also, during the same period, Mars will square his natal Pluto and Mercury causing him to be more prone to be disagreeable and dissatisfied with his advisors and cabinet members.   

As his ninefold Saturn will be transiting his second house of his progressive chart, at personal level, he will be under tremendous stress due to family matters and finances.

Pretty much the entire month will prove to be challenging for Bush administration in dealing with domestic crisis such as the CIA leak investigation and with post Iraq war issues, and Israel-Palestine conflict.

The Country:

The retrograde Mars, Mars-Ketu quincunx (Nov 15-24), Mars-Neptune (Nov 5-10) and Mars-Saturn (Nov 15-23) squares will certainly be responsible for defense and military related news or undesired happenings involving military.  The military activities in Iraq and Afghanistan are likely to increase. The dissatisfaction of American people with Bush administration will be on rise during November 15-23 period and will be clearly reflected in the poll.

The Uranus-Jupiter trine (Nov 22 – Dec 2) is very positive for the country. In general, people are likely to be more jubilant during this period either due to a good news or positive economy. 

For the Republic party November 14 -18 period will certainly prove to be extremely difficult as it will be forced to deal with the current domestic political challenges without the blessings from the Bush administration. Again media deception as well as political deception will play major part as the events unfold. In addition, during November 15-23 period a direct visible friction between senior party leaders and the Bush administration will likely to dominate the news.

Although the democrats are likely to keep low profile most through the month, the second half, and especially the Nov 22 – Dec 3 period will be very positive for them as they are likely to make significant political gains over their republican rivals.

·        Russia:  During November 5-10, a possibility of an execution of  political secret plans exists that may significantly impact the political future of Russia.  The third week (Nov 14 – 18) will certainly prove to be challenging for Putin administration in dealing with deceptive political situations. Also, during November 15-23 period an eruption of violent activity or a social unrest causing a serious political instability can not be ruled out. 

·        Europe:  The positive influence of Saturn-Rahu trine will be reflected in economic expansion and general well being of public all over the Europe. However, Mars-Saturn square may manifest in terrorism or attempts of suicide bombings during the Nov 15- 23 period. In addition, during the same period events of natural calamity are likely.

·        China, Japan, and Pacific-rim countries:  The first week for China is not positive. Covert activity possibly related to internal politics will be at its peak and it may influence the political future of China. Also the second half of the month will be difficult for China as the political party will be forced to deal with domestic challenges requiring to quell the social uprising. Despite these challenges the economic growth for the region will continue to be phenomenal. 

·        Religion:  Except the second week (Nov 7 -10) of the month religion and religious leaders are likely to enjoy the month.  The last week is really good for religious activities, especially for those in the United States. 

·        Natural and Man-made Calamities:   Mars-Ketu quincunx, Mars-Saturn and Mars-Neptune squares will be responsible for both the natural and man-made disasters. While Mars-Saturn (Nov 15-23) and Mars-Neptune (Nov 5-10) squares are likely to manifest in the form of violence, suicide bombings, and fire related natural disasters in Europe, Middle East and Asia, the Mars-Ketu (Nov 15-24) quincunx is likely to be responsible for chaotic situation, especially in Middle East region. Thus, the periods of both natural and man-made calamities are: Nov 5-10 and Nov 14-24. During these periods an occurrence of an earthquake in region of Asia that include Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or India is likely. A possibility of a strong hurricane hitting the gulf coast of the United States during the same period is also likely.

     While man-made calamities may manifest themselves in terrorism, unrest, violence, accidents, and air crashes, the natural calamities are likely to include extreme weather conditions such as severe cold winters, and equally intensive droughts; hurricanes or typhoons, thunderstorms, earthquakes and fires.