Monthly Global Predictions for September 2002

Date Posted: August 31, 2002

The month of September is going to be influenced by positive planetary forces, making the world a bit more peaceful than what has been lately, with visible signs of declining violence and natural or man-made accidents. Pluto-Neptune and Uranus-Rahu ninefold trines will primarily be responsible for increased world stability and prosperity augmented with political breakthroughs and peaceful solutions in international politics pretty much during the entire month. However, during the third week of the month (Sept 16-23) the likelihood of an eruption of terrorist activity in the Middle East (Israel and Palestine) and/or Kashmir (India and Pakistan) is high, resulting in more bloodshed and loss of human lives. In addition, a social or political unrest in Russia as well as in China can not be ruled out.

Major planetary configurations that are going to influence news around the world in September are: Neptune-Saturn ninefold opposition (September 9-24), Uranus-Pluto ninefold square (Sept 24-Oct 11), Pluto-Mars (Sept 20-23) and Rahu/Ketu-Mars (Sept 16-20) squares, Pluto-Neptune (Sept 10-Oct 6), Uranus-Rahu (Sept 3-Oct 5) ninefold trines, and Pluto-Saturn (Sept 5-18) ninefold sextile. While the squares and oppositions are expected to be detrimental for world stability, the favorable ninefold trines and sextiles will certainly dominate the world events with more stability and prosperity mostly through the entire September.

The countries that are likely to dominate media are: Russia, China, Israel, Palestine, United States, and some Middle-East countries . Technological areas are likely to experience significant progress via inventions and discoveries. Religious activities around the world will experience positive progress. 

  • United States of America:  Uranus-Rahu trine alone will change the general pessimistic future outlook, giving hope to Americans that good days indeed lie ahead. Although during the third week of the month (Sept 16-23) likelihood of accidents and sudden unfortunate happenings is high, overall the month is going to be filled with more good news than bad. Bush administration will be successful in handling both the domestic and international crisis at least through the first three weeks of the month. The relationship between Russia and USA (particularly Bush administration) may become sour during the second and the third week of the month.

President Bush is likely to announce his plans to dethrone Saddam Hussein in Iraq during the last week (Sept 24 onwards) of the month. However, he must be careful in dealing with his allies, and based on his current progressive chart, I think he is very likely to abandon his idea of taking Saddam Hussein’s regime out sometimes in October or November. If not, he is destined to face a very challenging and frustrating fall and possibly winter with a failed mission. From health standpoint, it would be prudent of him to take extra care of his health and safety during this month. 

Except for the third week of September Republic Party is likely to enjoy political edge over democrats. Although the differences between the democrats and republicans seem diminishing, this time republicans are likely to make more progress in gaining public confidence. 

·        Russia:  September is going to be very important month for Russia.  Despite a likelihood of social or political unrest Putin administration will have no difficulty in bringing back the political or social stability with a proper resolution. The economic progress will continue unabated. The relationship between Russia and USA (particularly Bush administration) may become sour during the second and the third week of the month.

·        China, Hong Kong, and Pacific-rim countries:  A possibility of political unrest in China can not be ruled out. However, China will continue to enjoy a period of prosperity despite recent flooding and other natural calamities. Pacific-rim region (particularly Japan and Korea) will also do well economically.. 

·        Europe:  For the entire continent September is likely to be dominated with a series of secretive political events or covert operations. There will be a lot more action behind the scene at least during the second and the third week of the month. 

·        India and Pakistan:  For the subcontinent the period of September 16-23 is not favorable from peace and stability standpoint. The tension along the border and cross-border terrorism is likely to rise causing the concern for a potential threat of nuclear war between these two countries. 

·        Religion: The month looks great for religious activities all around the world, especially in Europe and the United States. 

·        Natural and Man-made Calamities:   September is likely to witness the diminished rate of natural and man-made accidents. More accident prone period, in my opinion, will be September 16-30 affecting mostly Israel, Palestine, India, Pakistan, and USA along with some of the other Middle Eastern countries.

      While man-made calamities may manifest themselves in terrorism, unrest, violence, and accidents, the natural calamities are likely to include extreme weather conditions such as severe cold winters, and equally intensive droughts; and thunderstorms, earthquakes, air crashes and fires.