Monthly Global Predictions for September 2011

Date Posted: August 31, 2011

The important challenging planetary configurations for September include Rahu-Mars (Sept 1-2), Neptune-Mars (Sept 15-17) and Pluto-Mars (Sept 25-27) quincunxes, Saturn-Rahu (Sept 5-8) and Pluto-Rahu (Sept 18-28) ninefold quincunxes, Neptune-Rahu/Ketu (Aug 25 – Sept 18) and Neptune-Saturn (Sept 28 – Oct 2) ninefold squares and Saturn-Rahu (Sept 25-27) ninefold opposition.

The auspicious planetary configurations for September are: Saturn-Ketu (Sept 20-30) trine, Neptune-Saturn (Sept 4-8) and Pluto-Neptune (Sept 29 – Oct 22) ninefold trines, and Uranus-Saturn (Sept 10-14) ninefold sextile.

The quincunxes of Mars with Rahu, Neptune and Pluto will be responsible for violence in the Middle-East and North Africa, undesirable revelations of covert activities especially in Russia and China, and terrorism and violence in the Middle-East and Afghanistan region respectively. 

The ninefold squares of Neptune with the lunar nodes during the first eighteen days of the month will be the cause for increased covert activities around the world, more media deceptions, and social and political crisis in China, Russia, USA and the Middle-East region.  

The influence of Saturn-Rahu ninefold opposition during the last week of the month will be reflected in increased violence in the North African and Middle-East region.  The Republican party in the United States is likely to face new political challenges in defending its position against the democrats. 

The countries that are more likely to be affected during this month will be:  Russia, China, United States of America, Middle-East (Libya, Egypt, Syria, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Palestine and Israel) and European countries.

  • United States of America:    

President Obama and his administration:

President Obama’s operating planet Neptune has been opposing his natal Rahu since mid-July.  With Neptune in the seventh house of his progressive chart, it’s been a very challenging and deceptive environment around him, making it very difficult for him to deal with the current pressing issue: the economy.  The Neptune in the fourth house of his ninefold progressive chart may force him to deal with domestic issues, such as homeland security and immigration. However, with Jupiter in Aries, the 9th house (11th from the eleventh) house of his progressive chart, he will continue to be amiable, and will continue to slowly but surely inch towards to successfully lead the country towards progress.

The Country:

During the first half of September, the influence of the Neptune-Rahu/Ketu ninefold squares will be clearly reflected in the churning of presidential republican hopefuls with more confusion. However, by the fourth week (September 21 or so) after a series of dramatic twists and turns, a clear picture may begin to emerge about the possible republican front runner. The manifestation of Neptune-Mars and Pluto-Mars quincunxes will be reflected in economical uncertainty and possibly in natural and man-made calamities (extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, wildfires, heat wave, earthquakes, unfortunate man-made incidents etc.). 

·        Russia:  The first eighteen days of September are very challenging for Russia from political perspective, and it will be reflected in her domestic as well as international political stability. During the same period, the natural or man-made calamities will be on rise.  However, during the last twelve days of the month, things are likely to return to a more stable condition with economic growth and political stability. 

·        Europe:  During the first three weeks of September covert activities, political unrest and occurrences of natural or man-made calamities will be on rise. The deception will continue to play an important part in European politics during the same period, and perhaps it will be reflected in continued economical crisis in Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain. The period of  September 20-28 is positive for the continent from the economical growth and political stability standpoint. Most of the things that went haywire during the first half of the month are likely to return to normal.

·        China, Japan, and Pacific-rim countries:  As noted successively since last few months, Japan’s recovery from the nuclear disaster due to the earthquake has been sluggish and it will take till the middle of September for Japan to recover from the nuclear disaster and return to normal life. During the second half of the month, the economic growth in China, Japan and Pacific-rim countries will look more positive. For China, the first half of the month is certainly not positive, as she will be mired in political and economical instability.

·        Middle East:  The Rahu-Mars and Pluto-Mars quincunxes will be responsible for violence and chaotic situations in Middle East. The ninefold squares of Neptune with the lunar nodes during the first eighteen days of the month will be the cause for increased covert activities and more violence in  Middle-East region.  

·        Religion:  The influence of the Neptune-Jupiter ninefold square during the last week of the month will be reflected in religious challenges that religious authorities will be forced to deal with.  

·        Natural and Man-made Calamities:  The natural calamities like extreme weather conditions, wildfires, hurricanes, heavy rains, air crashes as well as man made accidents are more likely to occur on September 1-2, 5-8, 15-17 and 25-27.

      Earthquakes: Based on the new earthquake prediction model, the earthquake(s) of magnitude 7 or higher, if occur, are likely to occur on September 4, 6-8, 14-17 and  26-30.

     While man-made calamities may manifest themselves in terrorism, unrest, violence, accidents, and air crashes, the natural calamities are likely to include extreme weather conditions such as severe cold winters, and equally intensive droughts, hurricanes or typhoons, thunderstorms, earthquakes and fires.