Monthly Global Predictions forJanuary 2012

Date Posted: December 31, 2011

The important challenging planetary configurations for January include ninefold squares of Uranus-Jupiter (Jan 8-23) and Uranus-Rahu/Ketu (Jan 23-30); and Saturn-Jupiter (Jan 30 – Feb 4) ninefold quincunx.

The auspicious planetary configurations for January are: Neptune-Saturn (Dec 22 – Feb 2) trine, Pluto-Rahu (Jan 24-30) ninefold trine, and Pluto-Jupiter (Dec 18 – Jan 23) ninefold sextile.

The Uranus-Rahu and Uranus-Ketu ninefold squares may become responsible for terrorist activities in the United States besides the volatile region of the Middle-East (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Israel and Palestine) and North African region. Also, these squares may challenge President Obama and his administration for dealing with foreign matters that might require taking extra precautions.

The manifestation of the Uranus-Jupiter ninefold square may be reflected in challenges that world religious leaders are likely to face, particularly those challenges will be more pronounced in the United States. The  religious leaders, who are willing to be open minded and ready to listen and act on new and fresh ideas, are the ones that going to be responsible to transform our religious world to a new level. In addition, the Saturn-Jupiter ninefold quincunx may become responsible for added challenges in carrying out their existing agenda in light of today’s changing spiritual needs.

The manifestation of Neptune-Saturn trine will be reflected in positive period for Russia and China. Also, most of the technological areas are likely to make significant progress via inventions and discoveries. Spiritual and religious activities are likely to impart positive energy and create a very healthy atmosphere around us. 

The Pluto-Rahu ninefold trine will be responsible for a good period for economy. This period is also good for progress in technical fields (new innovations and discoveries) and religious reconciliation.

Pluto-Jupiter ninefold sextile is likely to manifest itself in changes in religious and academic and to some extent social fields. Initial reaction to the change might appear to be a bit confusing and perhaps chaotic, but the majority of us are going to embrace this new wave of change and are very likely to enjoy it.

The countries that are more likely to be affected during this month will be:  United States of America, Russia, China, European countries and Middle-East (Libya, Syria, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Palestine-Israel region).

  • United States of America:    

President Obama and his administration:

President Obama’s operating planet Neptune has been opposing his natal Rahu since mid-July, 2011 and will continue opposing his natal Rahu till January 20, 2012.  With Neptune in the seventh house of his progressive chart, it has been a challenging and deceptive environment that he has been dealing with, making it difficult for him to deal with the current pressing issues: the economy, international dealings, and deficit.  The Neptune in the fourth house of his ninefold progressive chart will force him to deal with the domestic issues, such as homeland security and immigration. Furthermore, the ninefold Saturn will conjunct the ninefold Neptune in the fourth house making it extremely challenging for him to deal with domestic political issues during the second half of January when Saturn becomes an operating planet for him. In addition, after January 17, Mars becomes an operating planet for him, and Mars being in the first house his progressive chart and becoming retrograde on January 24, his patience will be tested to its limit as he will be forced to deal with political challenges that will put him not only on defensive but those challenges will annoy and irritate him a great deal.  However, with Jupiter in Aries, the 9th house (11th from the eleventh) of his progressive chart and in the 11th house of his ninefold progressive chart, and Pluto’s trine with his natal Pluto, he will still be able to inch towards success in leading the country to progress.

The Country:

The ninefold squares of the lunar nodes with Uranus are not positive for the country during the last week of the month, and their manifestations are likely to be reflected in natural accidents and man-made calamities during that week. The Uranus-Jupiter ninefold square may become responsible for challenges that religious leaders must face in promoting their agenda. On a positive note, the influence of Neptune-Saturn trine will certainly be reflected in positive period for most of the technological areas, as those areas are likely to make significant progress via inventions and discoveries. Also, the month of January may turn out to be a positive month for republican leaders and the republic party.

·        Russia:  The manifestation of Neptune-Saturn trine will be reflected in positive period for Russia during the entire month.

·        Europe:  Except for the last week of the month (Jan 23-30), the month looks to be positive for Europe from the economical growth and political stability standpoint. During the second and the third week of the month, religious leaders may come under pressure to defend their activities as people are likely to question their agenda. The positive influence of Neptune-Saturn trine will be reflected in sense of security, well being and general happiness.

·        China, Japan, and Pacific-rim countries:  For China, the manifestation of Neptune-Saturn trine will be reflected in political stability and economic expansion.  Except for the third week of the month, the entire month looks to be favorable for the region from economical growth standpoint. During the third week of the month, occurrences of natural calamities or man-made accidents are likely. 

·        Middle East:  Except for the last week of the month, the month of January may prove to be relatively less violent and more peaceful than other times for the region. The auspicious Neptune-Saturn trine may prove to be boon for the region from the moral transformation and economical growth standpoint. The religious leaders will certainly come pressure and unless they modify their norms to meet the current social and moral needs they will become less relevant. The Uranus-Rahu/Ketu ninefold squares may become responsible for violence and unrest in Middle East during the last week of the month. 

·        Religion:  The challenging influence of the Uranus-Jupiter ninefold square will test the will of the religious leaders around the world.  The present way of looking at the religion to find the meaning for life will certainly go through a period of transformation. 

·        Natural and Man-made Calamities:  The natural calamities like extreme weather conditions, wildfires, hurricanes, heavy rains, air crashes as well as man made accidents are more likely to occur during January 23-30.

      Earthquakes: Based on the new earthquake prediction model, the earthquake(s) of magnitude 7 or higher, if occur, are likely to occur on January 3, 6-7, 9-10, 12-13, 15, 19, 21-23, 28 and 31.

     While man-made calamities may manifest themselves in terrorism, unrest, violence, accidents, and air crashes, the natural calamities are likely to include extreme weather conditions such as severe cold winters, and equally intensive droughts, hurricanes or typhoons, thunderstorms, earthquakes and fires.