Monthly Prediction for April 2000

Date Posted: April, 1st 2000 

In general, the month of April is likely to prove very dynamic with very positive political as well as economical development around the world.Major discoveries and inventions are likely to dominate news in the high technology and biomedical fields during the first three weeks of the month.

United States:Except for the period of April 4 through April 12, seems like the United States (Clinton administration) is poised to enjoy real favorable period (particularly excellent from April 12-26) in handling both domestic as well as foreign matters. Emergence of a political crisis at the White House during April 4 through April 12 period is likely. However, expect some positive development between Russia and USA as well as between China and USA during the first three weeks of the month.

Although the Republic party is likely to face some real challenges during the last week of the month, in general the month looks very positive for the party.

Except for the first ten days of April Democratic Party is likely to enjoy a favorable period.

Russia:Except for few days (April 5-7 and April 17-18) the month of April looks very positive for Russian politics and economy.Except greater political stability in Chechnya and other affected areas and development of more positive environment for peace and prosperity during this month.

China, Hong Kong & Pacific-Rim countries:In general expect some positive development leading to favorable relationship between China and Taiwan.

India-Pakistan:Expect some development between these countries during April 27 through April 30.

Europe:In general, Europe is likely to enjoy the month with least disruption in political area and continued economical expansion.

Religion:Some religious upheaval is likely during April 3 through April 5, and April 15 through April 18.