Monthly Prediction for December 2000

Date Posted: November 30, 2000

The month of December (especially after December 5) is expected to bring much needed relief to the world of politics and economy. The planetary configurations that are likely to influence most through this months are:

Favorable ninefold trine between Uranus and Neptune. It will continue to provide the excellent environment for economic expansion via scientific discoveries and inventions, and also for merger and acquisitions in the financial world. 

However, ninefold squares between Uranus and lunar nodes (Rahu and Ketu) exerting their influence until December 4, and the square between Saturn and Neptune which begins on December 18 and last through December 25 will likely to exert strong negative influence creating unfavorable and detrimental atmosphere during the respective period for world politics and economy.  Based on October and November results the influence of the negative forces manifesting due to ninefold squares are likely to prove to be serious in nature. 

Favorable trine between the lunar nodes and Pluto occurring on December 14 and lasting through December 20 is likely to bring the end to the current US presidential crisis. Even before that a trine between Uranus and Jupiter occurring on December 8 may become responsible for paving the way to the finality of the presidential election. 

Overall, it seems that a period of extreme uncertainty and volatile activities in world of politics and economics (especially for the USA) that the world had experienced most through November, and still continue experiencing it is likely to come to end somewhere in the second week of December. 

The Pluto-Jupiter square is likely to cause uproar in religious world during December 18 through 22. The Uranus-Saturn ninefold quincunx may pose some difficulty for Clinton administration in handling international policies during December 21 through December 25.

Saturn-Neptune square will likely to cause a potential political as well as economical crisis for both Russia and China during December 18 through December 25.

·        United States: The first week of December is very likely to create serious difficulties for Clinton administration in dealing with both international matters and domestic presidential election outcome crisis .The conjunction between Pluto and Sun occurring on December 4 is likely to make that day very eventful possibly reaching a climax.  However, December 5 onward, the Clinton administration can expect to breath a sigh of relief as the outcome of presidential crisis is likely to become clear. 

Around December 21, a possibility of serious political crisis are likely to occur that would involve Russia and (or) China with the United States. Setbacks in foreign policy with Russia and China during the same period are likely. Also, until December 4, Mr. Clinton might want to consider taking extra precaution in whatever he does and deals with. The same precaution is also likely to hold for the president-elect since until December 4,  it’s not a positive period for the country’s leader.

As far as the presidential election crisis outcome is concerned, in my opinion, it is very likely to come to end by December 14, or even as early as December 8. However, there exists a potential (about 35 to 40 percent possibility) that somehow the crisis may get dragged on through Christmas holidays.

  For presidential election prediction with analysis please check out the presidential election prediction page where updates are provided when necessary.

·        Russia: Saturn-Neptune ninefold square, and Uranus-Saturn ninefold quincunx  occurring in the later half of the month (December 18 through December 25) may lead to a severe domestic crisis situation both economically and politically. As pointed out earlier, expect some political tension between USA and Russia during the second half of the month.  

·        China, Hong Kong, and Pacific-rim countries:   During December 18 through December 25 China is likely to face crisis in resolving political and economic issues at home.  But from economic standpoint, the entire pacific-rim region, China, Japan, and Hong Kong are likely to experience downturn.

·        Europe:  After December 4, Europe can expect to look forward to some positive development in resolving economical and political issues.  Euro currency crisis is likely to end.   A crisis situation is likely to develop during the last half of the month causing some friction among European countries.

·        Religion:  December 7 through December 12  period is likely to be favorable for world religious activities. The latter half of the month, especially December 18 through December 22 is likely to see some crisis developing in the religious world especially in the continent of Europe and Middle East. 

·        Natural and Man-made Calamities: Until December 4,  Uranus-Rahu and Uranus-Ketu squares are likely to be responsible for natural calamities occurring all around the world. In addition, Saturn-Neptune square may cause both man-made accidents and natural calamities especially in the pacific-rim area and Russia during December 18 to December 25 period. Other than these two specified periods, the rest of the month is pretty much trouble free. While the man-made calamities may manifest in terrorism, unrest, violence, and accidents, the natural calamities are likely to include extreme weather conditions such as severe cold winters in the northern hemisphere, and equally intensive droughts in the southern hemisphere; and thunderstorms, earthquakes, fires, and natural accidents.

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