Monthly Prediction for January 2000

Date Posted: January, 1st 2000

In general, the first month of this millennium is likely to prove to be very eventful!

United States: Seems like the United States (Clinton administration) is likely to face a challenging period through the first part of January (probably till January 16) in handling domestic as well as foreign matters. Also, the Democratic Party is likely to go through some kind of crisis during the same time. January 21 through the end of month, however expect some real positive and beneficial period for the Republic Party. The last two days of the month are very positive for the entire country.

Russia: January 3 through January 25 period is likely to be a time of turmoil with a series of secretive and covert activities (peaking around January 19 through January 25) in Russian politics.

China, Hong Kong & Pacific-Rim countries: Not a good period for China for most of the month. Expect some likelihood of political changes leading to chaos. Trouble in Hong Kong from January 19 through January 26 is likely.

Europe: Europe is going to enjoy the positive period at least through Jan 8.

General: Until January 16 natural calamities and disasters (Earthquake, flooding, etc.,) are possible.

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