Monthly Prediction for June 2000

Date Posted: May, 31st 2000 

The month of June, particularly during the first half of June, is going to be predominantly influenced by Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.  As a result, expect tensions rising between liberals and conservatives, young and old, new and old in almost all areas, and all around the world.  The countries that are more likely to be affected would be Russia, China, and Europe.   In addition, controversial religious issues are more likely to gain momentum during this month.  

United States: The month of June is going to be filled with brisk activities, especially in the political and economical fields.  In politics, issues that going to shape November elections will start gaining momentum with lot of controversies. In social field, tension between the young and old generation is likely to stay at an alarming rate.  June 1 through 10 period is likely to be reasonably favorable for the Clinton administration from politics standpoint. However, on a personal level, Mr. Clinton may want to take it easy for a while, especially during the second half of the month.

The Republic party is likely to face some real challenges even with in republicans.  But overall, the party is likely to come together, and do fine during the later half of the month.

Democrats are likely to enjoy their popularity at least during first two weeks of June.  However, later in the month, it’s likely to face some real challenges.

Russia: The month, in general, doesn’t look too bad for Russia.  June 1 through June 5 period seems very favorable.  June 8 through June 26 expect some sort of crisis situations, but somehow, the country is likely to come out of it stronger with positive reforms.

China, Hong Kong & Pacific-Rim countries: Except for the period of June 1 –2, and June 4 – 8 (mostly the first week), the month of June is likely to prove to be the month of crisis, especially in economical and political areas.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see tensions escalating to very high level between China and Taiwan.  The last week (June 21 – June 29) is likely to bring some disastrous results in the region.

Europe: In general, Europe is likely to have the least problems in the economical and political areas compared to other continents.  Good period begins on June 3 and continues through June 14, and then again June 25 through June 30.

Religion: The periods of June 1- 2 and June 18-21 are likely to see some positive activities in the religious world.  However, in my opinion, religious controversies are likely intensify during this month, especially in the second and fourth week.

Natural Calamities: The likelihood for natural calamities to occur in the pacific-rim region, China, Hong Kong, and Russia is more than other regions of the world. The likelihood of that happening is from June 8 to June 25. These natural calamities may include extreme weather conditions, droughts, thunderstorms, earthquakes, fires, and natural accidents.

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