Monthly Prediction for May 2000

Date Posted: April, 30th 2000 

The month of May is perhaps the most significant month in last twenty years as we are headed towards the most important Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in sidereal zodiac sign Aries. In addition, both Jupiter and Saturn are going to be in square with Uranus during most of this month.  Furthermore, during May 8 through May 13, six planets (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Sun) along with Moon are going to be moving within less than 20 degree of the zodiac.

As a result, during the month of May expect a lot of major events occurring around the world and especially in the United States.  These events are likely to prove to be the most dominating and affecting the history of the political and economical world.  Some of these events, especially the ones that deal with politics, may turnout to be scary and tragic.

United States: In general, most of the month is likely to prove to be very strenuous for the United States, especially in the political and economical fields.  In politics expect heightened tensions between democrats and republicans, conservatives and liberals.  In social field tension between the young and old generation is likely to increase at a phenomenal rate.  May 5,6,7, 20 and 21 are likely to be reasonably favorable dates for the Clinton administration from politics standpoint.  Rest of the month, however, is likely to prove to be very challenging for the Clinton administration, especially from May 10 to 15, and May 25 to 30. The Elian Gonzalez case may take some weird turn.

The Republic party is likely to face challenges in steering its national agenda.  Expect some controversy brewing between the young newcomers and the old dogs of the party during this month.

Except for the first week of May Democratic Party is likely to face some real crisis.

Russia: The month doesn’t look too bad for Russia.  Except for few days (May 3-7 and May 14-17) the month of May looks reasonably OK for Russian politics.

China, Hong Kong & Pacific-Rim countries: This part of the world is likely to face some serious crisis during May.  Except for the last week of May, this region is likely to experience political and economical instability.

Europe: In general, Europe is likely to undergo some severe changes in the economical and political areas.  But the intensity of such changes is not going to be as severe as that in the United States, and in the pacific-rim region.

Religion: The periods of May 1- 3 and May 29-31 are likely to see some positive activities for most of the world religions. However, some religious controversy is likely to surface and intensify during the middle of the month.

Natural Calamities: The likelihood for natural calamities to occur are far higher during this month of May, especially during May 5 through May 12, and May 17 through 24.  These natural calamities may include extreme weather, earthquakes, and natural accidents.

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