Monthly Prediction for November 2000

Date Posted: October 31, 2000 

During this month, the favorable ninefold trine between Uranus and Neptune will continue to provide the excellent environment for economic expansion via scientific discoveries and inventions, and also for merger and acquisitions in the financial world. However, ninefold squares between Saturn and lunar nodes (Rahu and Ketu) exerting their influence until the November 17, and the squares between Uranus and lunar nodes which begin on November 25 and last through December 4 will likely exert far more negative influence creating unfavorable and detrimental atmosphere for world politics and economy.  Based on October results the influence of the negative forces manifesting due to ninefold squares are likely to be far more serious in nature, thus, probably easily outweighing the favorable positive forces of Uranus and Neptune ninefold trine. As a result, it seems that a period of extreme volatile activities in world of politics, economics, and religion can not be ruled out. 

The Ketu-Jupiter opposition is likely to cause some tension in religious world. The Uranus-Saturn ninefold opposition will likely to show us a potential conflict between the United States and Russia as well as between the United States and China.  In addition, the latter opposition may likely to intensify a battle of ideology between liberals and conservatives in the United States. Overall, November very well may turn out to be a month of world tension and uncertainty in areas of politics, religion, and economy.

The current Middle East crisis are likely to continue until November 17 or so due to negative influence of Saturn-Rahu and Saturn-Ketu (Rahu and Ketu are lunar nodes) ninefold squares far outweighing the favorable influence of Uranus-Neptune ninefold trine.  Therefore, its more likely that these squares may manifest in a very negative force and create unfavorable climate for both political and economical conditions all around the world. 

·        United States: The first week of November suits just fine for Clinton Administration. However, it would be heavily involved in dealing with international affairs such as Middle East violence, international terrorism, and perhaps Euro-currency crisis. The second week activities are likely to be dominated by the national elections. Around November 19, some kind of serious political crisis are likely to occur that would involve Russia as well as China with the United States. To top it all expect some additional problems surfacing around November 25 for Clinton administration as well as for the country.  Setbacks in foreign policy with Russia and China during the last week of the month are likely. Also, during November 19 through December 4 period, Mr. Clinton might want to consider taking extra precaution in whatever he does and deals with. The same precaution is also likely to hold for the president-elect.  It’s not exactly a positive period for the country’s leader.

Saturn-Rahu and Saturn-Ketu ninefold squares are not very positive for the republic Party. The influence of these squares is going to last through November 17.  Therefore, I’m not very optimistic about republicans making gains in seats for both House and Congress. However, I’m not sure if they would lose their current majority in either House or Senate. Overall it doesn’t look positive for the Republic Party to gain seats in House and Senate this time.

As far as the presidential election is concerned, it appears that Democrats have a better chance of winning.  I must confess that due to lack of confirmed birth information I have not analyzed birth chart of either of these candidates. But based on the planetary configurations, especially the ninefold square between lunar nodes and Saturn (Saturn due its conservative nature signifies Republic Party) Republic Party is likely to perform poorly. It may be possible that Bush can win election if his current operating cycle is  influenced by planet such as Uranus or Jupiter.  

Update November 3, 2000

For presidential election prediction with analysis please check out the presidential election prediction page.

Democrats are likely to gain seats in both the House and Senate. As far as Gore’s victory is concerned without analyzing his birth chart it’s difficult to predict if he is going to win the election.  But overall, democrats have a lot better odds to win over republicans.

·        Russia: Saturn-Rahu and Saturn-Ketu ninefold squares, and Uranus-Saturn ninefold opposition occurring in the later half of the month may lead to a severe crisis situation both economically and politically. However, Neptune-Saturn ninefold sextile may provide some relief during November 18-23 period. In general, Russians are likely to face severe setbacks in pursing their current economic expansion efforts. As pointed out earlier, expect some political tension between USA and Russia during the second half of the month.  

·        China, Hong Kong, and Pacific-rim countries:   On a political level, China is very likely to face severe challenges in resolving political and economic issues at home. The newly improved relationship between USA and China is likely to go a bit sour during the second half of the month.  But from economic standpoint, the entire pacific-rim region, China, Japan, and Hong Kong are likely to face serious problems.

·        Europe:  This month is likely to turn out to be probably the worst month for Europe.  In addition to already existing euro currency crisis, emergence of tensions and some sort of chaos is likely to manifest during the first half of the month.  Second half of the month may see some recovery and perhaps some positive developments to relieve some of the difficult situations. A situation is likely to develop during the last half of the month causing some friction between the United States and Europe.

  • Indian Subcontinent:  The relationship between India and Pakistan is likely turn for worse during the first three weeks of November.  It’s possible that later in the month United States may get involved as a mediator or broker to handle the dispute between the two countries.

·        Religion:  The month of November may go down in history as one of the most challenging and difficult month of the year 2000 for world religious activities. The latter half of the month is going to see some serious crisis developing in the religious world especially in the continent of Europe and Middle East. During November 25 through December 4 period, very drastic changes are likely to occur as friction between conservatives and liberal religious personalities rise.

·        Natural and Man-made Calamities: Until November 17, Saturn-Rahu, and Saturn-Ketu ninefold squares are likely to be responsible for natural calamities occurring all around the world. In addition, Saturn-Jupiter, and Uranus-Rahu and Uranus-Ketu squares are likely to add fuel to the fire. Pretty much the entire month (except few days) is likely to be prone to natural as well as man made calamities. The first half month is likely to see these calamities happening more in Europe, Russia, Middle East area while the second half more in the both American continents. While the man-made calamities may manifest in terrorism, unrest, violence, and accidents, the natural calamities are likely to include extreme weather conditions such as severe cold winters in the northern hemisphere, and equally intensive droughts in the southern hemisphere; and thunderstorms, earthquakes, fires, and natural accidents.

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