Monthly Prediction forMarch 2000

Date Posted: March, 1st 2000

In general, the month of March is likely to see very positive political as well as economical development around the world.  Some major discoveries and inventions are very likely to be announced in the high technology and biomedical fields during March 18 – March 31.

United States:  Seems like the United States (Clinton administration) is poised to enjoy real favorable period for most part of March (particularly excellent from March 10-31) in handling both domestic as well as foreign matters. Expect some positive development between Russia and USA as well as between China and USA during latter half of the month.

Republic party is likely to continue experience the period of transformation set in motion since February 23 (see the February predictions) with Mr. McCain’s victory in Michigan to move the party to a new level. As a result Republic party is likely to face some real challenges and perhaps crisis during March 1 through March 11 period.

Except for the first week of March Democratic Party is likely to enjoy a favorable period.

Russia: First 11 days of March are likely to see some drastic but positive changes in Russian politics and economy.  The political stability in Chechnya and other affected areas is very likely to improve towards the end of March.

China, Hong Kong & Pacific-Rim countries: China and Taiwan crisis is likely to get serious during March 1 through March 3. However, come March 10, expect some positive development between those countries.

India-Pakistan: Clinton’s visit to India is likely to be successful.  Expect some positive development in trade relations between the USA and India.

Europe: In general, except for the first week of March, Europe is likely to enjoy the month with least disruption in political area and continued economical expansion.

General: Some religious upheaval is likely during March 1 through March 4, and March 15 through March 18.

Personal: On a personal level until March 15 (when the retrograde Mercury becomes direct) the business and academic professionals, scientists, professors, teachers, counselors, etc are likely to face frustrating and unexpected delays, inefficiencies, and aggravations. Incidences such as traffic violations, speeding tickets, and in general minor but irritating trouble with law would escalate during the first half of March. Saturn’s entry in the ninefold sidereal zodiac sign Libra may cause swing in public moods affecting our social life.