Planetary Energies for Individuals for May 2023

Date Posted: April 30, 2023

Although it’s very difficult to predict the influence of planetary energy on a given individual without referring to his or her birth chart the following is intended only as a general guideline. For confirmation, however, you must refer to your birth chart. Based on the assessment of planetary strengths or weaknesses in your birth chart, placement of planets in your Gochar (transit) and ninefold Gochar (transit) chart and the current operating planets, the following may be applicable

Pluto-Rahu ninefold trine (and Pluto-Ketu sextile) (April 28 – May 10)

If in your Gochar (transit) chart either Pluto or one of the lunar nodes is active and if Pluto is favorably positioned with respect to lunar nodes in your natal chart expect a very favorable time. Such positive events will be related to the affairs signified by the houses these planets occupy or aspect in your natal chart. For example, if the seventh house is involved, expect a new and positive development in relationship area, or business partnership, or success in capturing the audience if you deal with masses. If eleventh house is involved it may financially prove to be a very rewarding period. 

On a collective level, this is a good period for economy. This period is also good for progress in technical fields (new innovations and discoveries) and religious reconciliation.

Pluto-Neptune ninefold quincunx (April 30 – May 21)

If you have quincunx, square, or opposition of Pluto with Neptune in your birth chart and in your Gochar (transit) chart either of these planets is active then they are likely to experience a subtle setback due to deceptive surroundings around you.  Such quincunx can become a very strong force in creating an illusion and, as a result, confusion around and within you. It can become very difficult to stay cool, and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it except by not venturing out into anything new and bear with the current situation with a grin. 

On a collective level, outbreak of violence and terrorist activities in Russia, Ukraine, Middle east likely, especially in Syria, Iraq, Israel and Palestine region. Also, the occurrences of natural as well as man-made calamities are likely. Some of the east-European countries, Russia, and China may experience political as well as social turmoil.

Saturn-Rahu ninefold quincunx (May 13-19)

The Saturn-Rahu ninefold quincunx transit is not favorable for those who have this quincunx in their birth charts. In addition, if the lunar node Rahu (or Ketu), or Saturn is currently active in your Gochar (transit) chart, then you might want to consider taking extra precautions in areas affected by these planets as indicated in your natal chart.  The affected people should avoid taking any kind of risk at any cost during this period.  Such quincunx can make things so miserable and difficult for you that you are never going to forget them in your life. Staying low key is certainly the way to go.  Avoid any new ventures and postpone the matters that you want to begin till this period is passed. 

On a collective level, Russia or China may experience social or political unrest. Also, in the United State for the Republican Party and republicans it may prove to be prudent to stay on guard during this period.

Uranus-Rahu ninefold quincunx  (May 17-22)

If in your birth chart Uranus is in the direct quincunx with the lunar node Rahu, and if any one of these two planets are active in your Gochar (transit) chart, then you might want to consider taking extra precautions in your professional and financial areas during this period and be prepared for unwanted surprises and obstacles.  This quincunx can become dangerous, and ruin your plans and bring about the unexpected disaster in every which way.  In short, during this period you have been tested. If you have very strong and positively placed lunar nodes and Uranus in your birth chart, then perhaps you need not worry.

On a collective level, the United States and in particular, the Republican Party is likely to run into some very difficult period. Also, USA and China may go through a crisis situation during this period.

Mars-Pluto Opposition (May 19-22)

This short period of 3 to 4 days is likely to be very frustrating for those who have Mars-Pluto opposition, conjunction or square in their natal charts. Typically this opposition is very unfavorable. Unexpected problems are likely to occur with astonishing speed and without any notice.  For those who have such opposition or conjunction in their birth chart, and if they have any one of these planets active through their current Gochar (transit) charts need to be on guard. Stay very low key, not make any new commitment, and avoid taking any sort of new risk. Also, experiences like a sudden incident of fire, or an accident involving explosive material are likely. 

On the world scene, likelihood of a sudden outbreak of undesirable happening and possibilities of both natural and man-made calamities are real. The countries that are most likely to be affected during this period would be the Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine and Israel, and the United States.

Uranus-Saturn ninefold sextile (May 21 – June 12)

Uranus-Saturn ninefold sextile is going to be favorable for you if these planets are favorably placed in your natal chart. Expect monetary as well as power gains, promotions and improved prestige in professional and social fields.  The idea that you always wanted to pursue but somehow could never get started….now is the time to follow that dream. However don’t neglect your family during this busy time. You will distinctly notice and feel the positive energy flowing through you during this period.  It’s time to jump in and enjoy this period.

On a collective level, religious activities all around the world are likely to expand with new vigor and energy and conservatives will find ways to compromise with liberals on sticky issues. Democrats and Republicans will agree on more matters than the ones they disagree.  This is a good time to get those lingering bills passed in U.S. Congress and Senates. China and Russia are likely to experience some mild setbacks in their foreign policies, especially the ones that deal with the United States.

Mars-Rahu and Mars-Ketu Squares (May 24-26)

During these few days, Mars makes square to each of the lunar nodes. Typically these squares are very unfavorable and unfortunate in general.  For those who have such squares in their birth charts, and if they have any one of these planets being active through the Gochar (transit) charts, they need be careful. The best thing to do is to lay low key, not make any new commitment, and avoid taking any sort of risk.  

On the world scene, both natural and man-made calamities causing destruction and loss of lives during these days are likely.

Rahu-Jupiter conjunction (Ketu-Jupiter opposition) (May 24-30)

While Rahu-Jupiter conjunction is likely to temporarily favor orthodox and ultra conservative religious authorities, it also is going to sow seed of self-destruction for those authorities (Guru Chandal Yog).  Some sort of religious upheaval or conflict is likely to surface during this period.  

For those who have favorable Rahu-Jupiter aspect in their birth charts are likely to see some positive changes occurring in their lives during this period.  However, for those who have lunar nodes squaring with the Jupiter are likely to face some rough times during this period.

On a collective level, besides its influence on religion as stated above, Rahu-Jupiter conjunction may become responsible in slowing down social progress, humanitarian efforts, and charity work.  The morality, in general, is likely to take a backseat.  

Pluto-Uranus ninefold square (May 26- June 4)

On an individual level, if in your birth chart Pluto makes a square with Uranus, and if either of these planets is currently active in your life via your Gochar (transit) chart, then you are very likely to be affected by this square.  Depending on the houses these planets occupy in your birth chart, you are going to have a sudden and a totally new and a very unpleasant experience in that particular field. Be ready to face this unwanted experience. Stay alert and try not to start a new venture that requires taking risk. It’s like you are on a business trip or company assignment and you are immediately called off or caught in a situation that you find very difficult if not impossible to get out. 

At a collective level, the Pluto-Uranus ninefold square could bring a unique change in the way the current US administration deals with other nations with respect to its war against democracies and also with its domestic matters. There will be a transformation of political strategy that might become responsible of a change in the current political agenda, and foreign policy matters of this administration as the planet Pluto with its tremendous energy has a power of irreversibly transforming the field of politics to a new level or setting with a new set of norms. Expect some serious issues that the current administration could get tangled with.

Mars-Saturn quincunx (May 31 – June 3)

Mars-Saturn quincunx can be responsible for a situation of tension and friction. For those who have such quincunx in their birth charts, and if they have any one of these planets active in their  Gochar (transit) chart, then they certainly need to be careful in dealing with the surroundings around them. Perhaps simply lay back and do nothing.  If you must involve in an unwanted but unavoidable situation, be extra careful and try to minimize the damage. Experiences like fire burns, rape, accidents, loss of precious things, and monetary disasters are real possibilities.

On the world scene, a short term but very intensive friction between India and Pakistan is likely. Terrorism and violence, especially in Israel-Palestine area will be on rise. Outbreak of an undesirable event and strong occurrences of both natural and man-made calamities are real possibilities.