Technical Analysis-Basis for April 2004 Predictions

Date Posted: March 31, 2004

The predictions analysis is based on the following important ninefold planetary configurations (within 3 ninefold degrees or 1/3 regular degree orb) for this month. 

Saturn-Jupiter ninefold opposition (April 29 – May 4)

Pluto-Rahu ninefold opposition (April 8-23)

Neptune-Uranus ninefold opposition ( Mar 14 – Apr 10)

Neptune-Saturn ninefold quincunx (Apr 24 – May 2)

Saturn-Rahu ninefold quincunx (Apr 22-26)

Uranus-Jupiter ninefold quincunx  (Apr 18-26)

Saturn-Jupiter ninefold quincunx  (Apr 2-6)

Neptune-Ketu ninefold trine (April 16-24)

Pluto-Neptune ninefold trine (April 16 – May 9)

Uranus-Rahu ninefold trine (April 11-17)

Neptune-Rahu ninefold sextile (April 16-24)

Uranus-Ketu ninefold sextile (April 11-17)

Uranus-Pluto ninefold sextile (April 7-19)

Pluto-Ketu ninefold conjunction (April 8-23)

The important regular planetary angles (within 1 degree orb) for this month are as follows:

Saturn-Jupiter sextile (April 23 – May 10)

Other important information pertaining to this month is as follow:

On April 7, Mercury becomes retrograde in the sidereal zodiac signs Aries and with its retrograde motion it enters (or returns to ) Pisces on April 23.

On April 13,  Sun enters the sidereal zodiac sign Aries.

A solar eclipse occurs on April 19.

On April 27, Mars enters the sidereal zodiac sign Gemini.

On April 4 the retrograde ninefold Jupiter enters Leo and on April 7 the ninefold Saturn enters Aquarius.