Technical Analysis-Basis for June 2002 Predictions

Date Posted: May 31, 2002

The predictions analysis is based on the following important ninefold planetary configurations for this month.

Ketu-Saturn ninefold opposition (June 5 -8)

Uranus-Jupiter ninefold opposition (June 10 -12)

Jupiter-Pluto ninefold quincunx  (June 27 – 28)

Pluto-Saturn ninefold quincunx  (June 13-17)

Jupiter-Uranus ninefold quincunx  (June 25-26)

Pluto-Jupiter ninefold trine (June 13-14)

Ketu-Jupiter ninefold trine (June 19-20)

Neptune-Ketu ninefold trine (June 10-28)

Jupiter-Pluto ninefold square (May 30 – June 2)

Neptune-Saturn ninefold square (June 22-27)

Uranus-Saturn ninefold square (June 9-14)

Jupiter-Ketu ninefold square (June 6-9)

Jupiter-Rahu ninefold square (June 6-9)

Jupiter-Saturn ninefold square (June 6-15)

Neptune-Saturn ninefold sextile (June 1 -4)

Neptune-Rahu ninefold sextile (June 10-28)

Rahu-Jupiter ninefold sextile  (June 19 -20)

Neptune-Jupiter ninefold conjunction (June 19-21)

Rahu-Saturn ninefold conjunction (June 5 -8)

The important regular planetary angles for this month are as follow:

Pluto-Saturn opposition (May 19 – June1)

Ketu-Saturn opposition (June1-12)

Pluto-Rahu opposition (June 30)

Pluto-Mars opposition (June 10-23)

Pluto-Jupiter quincunx (May 19 – June1)

Rahu-Saturn conjunction (June1-12)

Other important information pertaining to this month is as follow:

While on June 9 the planet Mercury becomes direct in the sidereal zodiac sign Taurus, the planet Venus enters the sidereal zodiac sign Cancer.

 Uranus becomes retrograde on June 3.

On June 15,  Sun enters the sidereal zodiac sign Gemini. 

On June 24, while the ninefold Saturn enters Virgo, the ninefold Rahu enters Cancer (and the ninefold Ketu enters Capricorn), and the ninefold Jupiter enters Taurus on June 4 and Gemini on June 19.

On June 10 a total solar eclipse occurs during the hours of about 19:00 to Midnight GMT.  It will be visible in the both North and the South continents of America, Hawaii, Eastern Asia, Indian Subcontinent, and Eastern portion of the Mid-East, and part of Australia.  It will be also be visible in area in the entire northern hemisphere with latitude higher than 50 degrees or so.  This solar eclipse has far more significance since in addition to Sun and Moon, the mighty planets Saturn and Pluto will be with the lunar nodes.

On June 24, a partial and much weaker lunar eclipse occurs during the hours of 19:00 to 21:00 GMT. It will be visible in Europe, South America, and Eastern part of USA.