Unconventional Uranus

November 17, 2004

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were discovered in last few centuries–in the 18th century, Uranus, in the 19th century, Neptune, and in the 20th century, Pluto. Dane Rudhyar calls them ambassadors of the Galaxy. They act as catalysts for transmitting the influence of the cosmic power from beyond our solar system. In light of a dramatic increase in the speed of human evolution in last few centuries, these planets represent the process of repolarization and universalization of consciousness. As a result, human beings have become increasingly receptive and ready for experiencing the cosmic energies. These planets may be considered as “transformers” for the release of intense cosmic energies for human beings to receive. Before their discovery they represented latent possibilities of transforming human consciousness, but after their discovery they have become an integral part of the human consciousness. With the awareness of their existence, their influence on the humanity as a whole has become so pronounced that it resulted in the accelerated growth of human evolution as well as of our collective mind.

Following is a list of adjectives and nouns that, in general, describe characteristics of Uranus.

Intelligent, dynamic, speedy, precise, intense, extremely powerful and strong (in comparison, if the Mercury is wind, the Uranus is a tornado), accurate, revolutionary, fond of change, independent, whimsical, unconventional, unorthodox, fearless, unsteady, moody, arrogant, crazy, unpredictable, secretive, masculine, stubborn, agile, mysterious, intuitive, sudden, drastic, quick, eccentric, ambitious, passionate, selfish, pioneer, strange 

Newness, powerful imagination, accurate logic, deductive reasoning, (the mercury’s knowledge is like a starlit night, the Jupiter’s knowledge is a moonlit night, while the Uranus’s knowledge is a lightning rod in the night!), inspiration, motivation, big ego, homosexual tendencies, freedom

Science, technology, modern engineering, high technology, super highway, interactive television, telecommunications, wireless communication, cellular phones, air travel, explosives, nuclear weapons, missiles, uranium, radium, atomic energy, bombs, poisonous gas, x-rays, hypnotism, mesmerism, occult, astrology, modern medicine

Scientists, research fellows, reformers, liberals, magicians, fanatics

Divorce, separation, horrible accidents, terrible natural disasters, murders, explosions, arsenals, destruction, electric chair

Paralysis, hysteria, delusion, electrical shock, central nervous system

It must be recognized that what follows is very general information about Uranus in a natal chart and should be considered as a starting point for analyzing a chart. Consideration of disposition of all other planets with respect to the houses and the zodiac signs and their inter-relationships through mutual aspects and angles are essential before arriving at a final conclusion. 

 House Disposition

First House:   Uranus in the first house creates an unique personality .  The person acts and behaves in a totally unconventional manner.  He is moody, absolutely unpredictable, and appears to be totally disconnected.  He seems unsure, whimsical, but very brilliant.  He is an unorthodox, very independent, self-centered, and self oriented.  He has a tremendous stamina and energy, very dynamic and quick in action.  He loves to overpower people in a very subtle way.  He is fearless, confident, impatient, and perhaps imprudent.  He may be bald, mischievous, and exhibits childlike behavior.  In association with the Sun, Saturn, or Mars, the dark side of his personality gets intensified.  He meets serious accidents, fails miserably in his endeavors, and likely to have serious burns or get hit by explosives.  On the other hand, Uranus with auspicious planets like Mercury or Jupiter, his research faculties get fully activated; he then solves very difficult and mysterious problems in a very short time.  He is shrewd and an excellent planner. First house Uranus usually puts him in a divorce situation at least once in his life.

Second House: The Second house Uranus means financial turmoil and instability.  The person incurs unexpected and sudden losses and expenditures.  He is likely to be perceived as a bad mouthed, and bashful.  With Mercury in the second house, Uranus in the second usually makes him a strong critic.

Third House:  A person is likely to be blessed with a tremendous intellectual and thinking power by the third house Uranus.  Excellent grasping power accompanied by a sharp analytical mind, extreme curiosity, and photographic-memories are typical characteristics of the third house Uranus.  With Mercury or Jupiter in the third house, he is likely to achieve remarkable feats in the areas of scientific research and like.  The person loves mystery solving.  He travels far away places.  His handwriting is likely to be weird.

Fourth House: The person with Uranus in the fourth house of his natal chart is likely to be miserable in his life.  He has trouble getting along with his family members, and with his mother, in particular.  He is very stubborn, often tends to lose his temper, and perhaps very accident-prone.  He doesn’t stay at one place for a long time, and he changes his job frequently.

Fifth House:   This house provides proper nourishment for Uranus’s intellectual capabilities.  Uranus all by itself is probably not that effective in this house. But with Mercury or Jupiter either in the fifth house or in the trine, Uranus makes the person extraordinarily brilliant.  For scientific research, inventions, and discoveries he is most ideally suited.  The rapid technological growth is only possible with the planets like Uranus or Pluto acting as a catalyst for Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus. He pursues challenges of unfolding the mysteries of the universe. He has a strong interest in mystical things.  He may develop gambling tendencies, and perhaps lose a lot of money in gambling or betting.  For women, Uranus alone in the fifth house indicates a miscarriage, or problems at the time of delivery.

Sixth House:   This is not a good house for Uranus to reside.  The person may be mentally unstable; at times he may experience a memory loss.  He is likely to run into health related problems, especially the ones that deal with brain.  With Mars in the sixth house he is likely to have a serious illness, bad fire burns, accidents with electricity. With Rahu or Mercury in the sixth house, he could become possessed.  From the profession or job (tenth house) standpoint, the Uranus is really helpful to him by encouraging and supporting the tenth house related activities.

Seventh House: The significance of having the Uranus in the seventh house is similar to that of Mars in the seventh, except with Uranus the results get dramatically intensified.  The spouse is likely to be an unorthodox, whimsical, and moody.  The marriage is not on a sound footing.  A constant fight and frustration is likely to exist between the spouses.  Also, he is likely to have a challenging relationship with his superior at work.  His competitors are likely to have an edge over him.  In court battles, he is likely to be defeated.  With a planet like Mars or Saturn in the seventh house, he is likely to experience a series of relationships and a handful of divorces in his life.  With Venus in the seventh house, an extra marital affair is a good probability.

Eighth House: Uranus alone and particularly near the cusp in the eighth house is a bad news. The person is likely to experience financial setbacks, run into serious accidents, get involved with undesired people, and end up in misery.

Ninth House:  Uranus in the ninth house means overseas travel, visiting far away places, and in some cases migrating to a far away country. The person is likely to have a deep interest in nature, astrology, occult, magic, and mystical things.  With his brilliant scientific mind he is very capable of pursuing scientific research leading to major discoveries, and inventions.  His fertile imagination can be positively utilized in applied research to create new products and device efficient methods for industrial manufacturing.  From religion standpoint, he is likely to be either a neutral or an atheist. He may have his own unorthodox philosophy.

Tenth House: “Constant change in job or profession” is the key significance of this Uranus.  With an auspicious planet either in conjunction or in trine with Uranus, the person move up the career ladder amazingly fast.  He is extremely independent; highly open minded, and always willing to try new things.  He works very hard to reach his goal.  He is very diplomatic, professional, and shrewd.  In association with an unfavorable planet in the tenth house, however, he ends up spending a good part of his life in facing the obstacles with very little or no success.

Eleventh House: This Uranus makes the person’s financial situation very unstable.  He doesn’t quite get along well with his friends.  With an auspicious planet in the eleventh house, he is likely to experience a financial windfall.  The person is likely to have friends or deal with people of different cultural background.

Twelfth House:  Expect continuous financial problems.  Also, the person is likely to experience traumatic situations in his life.  Shame in public, social embarrassment, and insulting treatment are some of the possibilities for him to go through in his life. He is likely to be associated with wrong people.

Zodiac Sign Disposition

Aries:           Independent, energetic, ambitious, forceful, impulsive, active, dynamic, inventive, blunt, argumentative, loves to travel, ruthless

Taurus:        Stubborn, determined, self-willed, persistent, suspicious, jealous, poor money management, sudden monetary loss and gains

Gemini:        Intuitive, eccentric, original, ingenious, scientific, inventive, unconventional, frequent travel, natural attraction towards mysticism, aspiring clairvoyant

Cancer:       Emotional, sensitive, psychic, restless, impassionate, separation, loss of land and real estate property, nervous indigestion

Leo:             Adamant, determined, industrious, forceful, rebellious, extremely independent, daring, invention, journalism, sports

Virgo:          Very intelligent, eccentric, scientific, original, independent, researcher, science or engineering professor, mathematician

Libra:           Modern art, unusual artistic ability, fond of occultism, intuitive, beautiful personality, hasty, attached to partner; when afflicted sudden separation, enmity, rivalry, opposition, worries, depression, domestic problems

Scorpio:      Forceful, ruthless, persistent, concentration, focused, shrewd, diplomatic, secretive, rebellious, extremely self-centered, inventive, explosives, firearms, violence, bombs

Sagittarius:   Imaginative, inventive, religious, occult, philanthropist, erratic, eccentric, higher education, adventurous, progressive, entrepreneur, overseas travel, ambassador

Capricorn:    Perseverance, entrepreneur, ambitious, scientific, logical, serious, responsible, executive, public figure

Aquarius:     Intuitive, friendly, sincere, independent, inventive, sharp, very intelligent, associations, societies, clubs, corporations, modern communications

Pisces:         Occultism, mystical and psychical research, psychiatrist, spiritual, unsteady, unexpected misfortune, scandals, hostile, opposition, suicidal tendencies